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August 6, 2014 Updates

Mike Miller and James Jones came to Cleveland to help LeBron James win an NBA title. They hope Ray Allen joins them. Miller and Jones were introduced Wednesday by the Cavaliers, who remain interested in signing Allen, the most prolific 3-point shooter in league history. Jones, who won two NBA titles as James' teammate in Miami, said he recently spent time with Allen in Connecticut. Jones said he would love to play with Allen again, but doesn't know if the 39-year-old will play another season. USA Today Sports

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July 28, 2014 Updates

Hours from NBA players voting for a new union executive director, the National Basketball Players Association's executive committee had a strong message to deliver. The search to replace Billy Hunter, who has fired during All-Star weekend in Houston in 2013, was thorough, according to NBPA secretary-treasurer James Jones "The search process was extremely efficient, extremely thorough and timely," Jones told USA TODAY Sports. "Not only did we have an expanded search committee input and involvement, we had had the opportunity for our players to engage in the interviews with a high-level of focus. USA Today Sports

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July 9, 2014 Updates

David Aldridge: Sources indicate the Cavs are also in pursuit of free agent James Jones, who can stretch the floor--& just happens to be LeBron favorite. Twitter @daldridgetnt

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January 28, 2014 Updates

Dime: Can you talk about the team chemistry? You guys are always having the most fun it seems whether it is with the nickname the Heatles, spending holidays together, the epic Harlem shake video. Mario Chalmers: It is just the type of team we are. We are brothers and have a family atmosphere. Everyone contributes some way or another. Dime: Funniest Person on the team and why? What is the funniest thing they did? MC: We are all funny but if I had to say someone it would be James Jones. He is always cracking jokes on someone. Dime

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Heat forwards James Jones and Rashard Lewis also were defrauded by Zafar and suffered undisclosed losses, but neither is pursuing claims against the team. Fine said Miller “has good feelings for the organization. He just feels like they should accept their share of responsibility for this situation.” Miami Herald

August 29, 2013 Updates

I know Glen “Big Baby” Davis said he was going vegan. John Salley: I had that conversation with Big Baby the year after they won the championship. (Imitates Davis’ voice): “Man, stop, you gotta be kidding me! Yadda yadda.” Then, he realized what it was. Do you know any other NBA players who have gone vegan, other than Big Baby Davis? John Salley: James Jones is vegan. ESPN.com

August 25, 2013 Updates

Caught in the middle was Jones, who had to deal with fellow executive-board members on Wednesday but also has to deal with LeBron in coming months. "LeBron's points were valid," Jones said upon his South Florida return. "He said the union had been in turmoil, had taken steps backward. The first step moving forward was reclaiming the union, which we did." To a degree, Jones said James accomplished plenty just by speaking up. "Make no mistake about it, our union has been a mess," Jones said. "It has been in turmoil. The general consensus of the players, not individual bodies, but the overall body, was that the union has lost touch with what its goal and mission was, and that the players weren't engaged. And we wanted to reactivate their enthusiasm." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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