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May 24, 2013 Updates

With the Pacers seriously depleted, Jones got his chance. He went on to play well enough the rest of that season to get a three-year, $8 million contract from Phoenix in the summer of 2005. Jones is still in the NBA as a 10-year veteran for the Miami Heat. The Heat are facing Indiana in the Eastern Conference finals, the farthest the Pacers have advanced since they made the East finals in Jones’ rookie year before being decimated the next following season. “I was a benefit for me,’’ Jones said in an interview with FOX Sports Florida about getting his first real NBA opportunity due to the brawl. “I was stuck behind some very good talent in Indiana and with the suspensions I had an opportunity to play, and I played well, which I expected and it kind of propelled me the rest of my career.’’ FOXSports Florida

Jones was at the scorer’s table ready to check in for some mop-up time when the brawl erupted. He feared for his safety as fans began throwing objects. "You had things coming at you from the upper deck," said Jones, who said he was nearly hit. "Lots of stuff. Water bottles. Coins. Batteries. Just all those things. Guys were already scattered, but our team security did a great job of collaring us and NBA security ushered (Jones and some other players) into the locker room before it really got out of control." FOXSports Florida

May 23, 2013 Updates
April 11, 2013 Updates

To hear LeBron James tell it, Chris Andersen converting his first 3-pointer in more than four years hardly was a shock Tuesday at AmericanAirlines Arena against the Milwaukee Bucks. James said he's seen it in practice from Birdman, when Ray Allen, James Jones, Shane Battier and Mario Chalmers are testing their 3-point range on game days. "They start shootaround out with knockout," James said of the drill when you attempt to make a shot before the person in line in front of you converts. "Ray, J.J., Shane, Rio and Bird. Bird has been in the finals before, I don't know if he has ever won one before, but he has been in the final with all those great shooters." Andersen's conversion at the shot-clock buzzer lifted him to 3 of 25 from beyond the arc over his career. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

February 24, 2013 Updates

For tenth year veteran forward James Jones, the 2011 three-point contest champion, another championship ring on his mantle could possibly signal the end of his playing career. Jones has battled injuries throughout his career but says he’s fine physically. Ultimately, the decision to hang up the high tops may come down to a desire of going out on top. “I feel good this year,” Jones told HOOPSWORLD. “I’m not playing as much, so physically I feel good. I feel better than I have the last couple of seasons. Right now I‘m concerned with winning a championship this year and if we win it this year [retirement] will be a great conversation to have.” HoopsWorld

Jones nearly retired last summer but ultimately decided to remain in Miami. Jones, who has a player option for the 2013-14 season, said retirement, was truly a serious consideration after the HEAT won the title in 2012. “There was,” Jones said confirming the retirement reports from last summer. “Last year it was a serious consideration. It was one of those things where you understand that you’re at your peak and physically after a grueling season like that your mind tells you a lot of things but your body speaks to you differently. So after having a summer to recover and heal from my various injuries, I felt good physically and I wanted to give it another chance.” HoopsWorld

February 21, 2013 Updates

At All-Star weekend, LeBron James made his presence felt in places other than the arena. One such place was a meeting room, where James, according to reports from The New York Times, turned in a “spectacular” performance “cross-examining” lawyers who had prepared an audit of activities related to embattled Players Association executive director Billy Hunter — with that performance playing some role in Hunter’s firing. Which raised a question: How did James, with all his other endeavors, find the time to educate himself on the issues? “Me and J.J talked about it,” James said, referring to the team’s union representative and Players Association secretary James Jones. “I’ve also been reading a lot of articles. My team does a good job of sending me e-mails of what’s been going on, and I try to stay on it as much as I can. I’m not as far in it as J.J. is, but I’m far enough to know what I’m talking about, the situation that was going on. So it’s my opinion, and I felt like my opinion needed to be heard.” Palm Beach Post

February 1, 2013 Updates

James Jones talks more trash than anyone on the Heat, but not to opposing players. Jones lets his teammates have it nearly every day the Heat plays a game. Ever since the Heat’s first road game of the season, a small group of the team’s reserves have played a series of three-on-three before games. For the most part, the teams remain the same for every pregame session: veterans against nonveterans. It’s during these games that Jones lets the young bucks have it. Miami Herald

January 4, 2013 Updates

The law firm also will make recommendations for addressing what it found to be a lack of player involvement in union practices and business. Among the procedural changes to be recommended will be that each team must have at least one player representative and an alternate, and that no player without a current NBA contract will be permitted to serve on the executive committee, CBSSports.com has learned. Of the nine current members of the executive committee, only four -- Chris Paul, James Jones, Matt Bonner and Roger Mason -- are in the NBA. "That could be one of the positives that comes out of this," one of the people briefed on the outcome said. "The players will be more involved." CBSSports.com

December 30, 2012 Updates
October 14, 2012 Updates
October 13, 2012 Updates

At least one other Heat reserve will soon be following Harris and Pittman to Peak. James Jones has agreed to a contract with the shoe compay, according to a source, and is set to sign a contract next month. Jones is currently under contract with Nike. Udonis Haslem is currently in negotiations with Peak and could announce a deal soon. He's also in talks with Nike and Li-Ning, Dwyane Wade's new shoe sponsor. Battier, who has worn Peak shoes for most of his career, was the first player in the NBA to wear the shoes. Miami Herald

October 1, 2012 Updates
July 12, 2012 Updates
June 25, 2012 Updates

Chris Bosh: “I’m sure I’ll be playing a lot more five. It’s kind of cool because I can say, ‘I’m the starting center for NBA champions.’’’ When Bosh said, that he changed his voice in a funny manner Heat held team a party Sunday with James Jones as roast-master. Jones' zingers for Mario Chalmers included: "Mario, we love all your technical fouls at all the wrong times." "Mario, we love your two early fouls." "Mario, we love how you call a play and then forget it by the time your dribble across midcourt." Sulia

If he refuses, he risks being castigated as someone who turned his back on the people that helped make him a success. Heat sharpshooter James Jones said he's routinely asked for four and five-figure loans. One came from someone whose brother went to school with his cousin. "I tell anyone who asks, 'Just look at me as the bank,'" said Jones, a Miami native who spent the last four of his nine NBA seasons with the Heat. "If the bank wouldn't give you the money, then I'm not going to, either." ESPN.com

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