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The proposal, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press, was dated to be delivered to union executive director Billy Hunter on Friday. At least some of the people who will be in the NBPA meeting said Sunday they had not yet seen the offer, creating more than a little confusion over what exactly is on the table. "We haven't asked for anything more than what we had," Miami Heat player representative James Jones said Sunday. "We understand the times. We understand the economy. We just want a fair deal where both sides are bearing the weight of the present times and with an eye on the future of the game of basketball." ESPN.com

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A person familiar with the situation told The AP that Wade called an hourlong meeting with players after the FIU game to discuss the lockout. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because talks were to remain private, saying Wade, Chris Paul and Miami Heat player representative James Jones answered questions about the status of negotations. The person also said Wade has taken “a more active role” in talks about a new labor deal of late and that he urged players to be “informed rather than accept any deal.” Washington Times

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Jones' future is doubly cloudy: Not only is he locked out, but he chose to become a free agent last month, which means he might not necessarily be back with the Heat when play resumes. The league's owners and players did not agree on a new collective bargaining agreement before the most recent one expired June 30, prompting the lockout. Because the sides are billions of dollars apart, there's already talk of worst-case scenarios for the coming season. "Typically right now guys would be back in the gym preparing for next year, and that's not a possibility because the owners decided that they didn't want us there," Jones said. "It's definitely real, and we're so far apart that it's tough to really see anything besides today. And today they're unrelenting, and they don't want us there. So until they decide they want to engage us, we'll be locked out. And it's tough because we're basketball players and we want to play. And the fans, I'm sure, want to watch us play." MSNBC.com

He said he's not necessarily worried or angry about what looms ahead in labor talks, but acknowledged that he, like all players, needs to be realistic while the sides work out the business of basketball's future. "They're holding fast to what they want and what they've asked for," Jones said, speaking of owners. "We've made some concessions and agreed to move it in the right direction. But moving in the right direction isn't enough. They want it all." Some players already have discussed finding deals with international teams until the lockout is over. Jones isn't thinking about that option — yet. "I'm an NBA player," Jones said. "But at the same time, basketball is my livelihood. If an opportunity presents itself, I'll go. But my priority is getting a deal done." MSNBC.com

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Saying he merely was looking to "find the best situation for me," Miami Heat forward James Jones confirmed Wednesday to the Sun Sentinel that he has decided to opt out of the 2011-12 season on his contract. Jones, however, stressed that the decision was not in response to being benched for the final nine games of the playoffs, including all six games of the NBA Finals, which the Heat lost to the Dallas Mavericks. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

I reached Jones shortly after. didn’t envision Jones exercising his right to freedom for three reasons: 1. Pat Riley said he expected Jones to come back. 2. Jones is a local guy. He grew up in Dade, attended college at the University of Miami, and has a house (and a family) in Broward. After considering retirement last offseason, due to lingering wrist issues, he turned down a better offer from Boston and returned. 3. Jones is the Heat’s union rep. He’s far more educated than any of his teammates about the labor issues. And while he’s not necessarily risking any money — another team could sign him for the minimum, whatever that turns out to be — he must know that a large payday in the current climate is remote as well. So he would be taking the chance of the Heat moving on without him. Palm Beach Post

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There’s been speculation that Jones’ toe injury, suffered early in the Chicago series, has been keeping him out, but Spoelstra and Jones both made it clear Saturday that he’s healthy enough to play. Spoelstra said he chose House because of “the speed, quickness” on the floor for Dallas. “I probably could have gone either way,” Spoelstra said. “I have no reservations throwing James in there either. At that point, we were playing without Dwyane, so I went with Eddie.” Palm Beach Post

House missed both his attempts, but Spoelstra liked the fact that the veteran reserve took them, coming in cold. Jones’ take? “I understand what Coach is doing,” Jones said. “This is a very close series. We’re very evenly matched, and the guys who have been playing have been playing well. So if it’s not broken, you don’t fix it. Coach knows I’m ready and guys know throughout the course of this game, and when called upon, you have to respond.” Palm Beach Post

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They might be small and inexpensive or large and valuable. No occasion is needed to spur these moments of disarming generosity. Nor do they come with the expectation of public thanks or reciprocation. This, it seems, is just part of being a teammate of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. "Those two," says Heat backup forward James Jones, "are special." Might be an iPod or a pair of headphones. Might be a box of sneakers or a flashy warmup suit. "Things that guys like us use," Jones says on the eve of the NBA Finals. "Special gifts," says Juwan Howard, the Heat's oldest player. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

There have been times this season when the Heat has traveled north and one of the younger players has failed to pack appropriately. Soon, a package will appear in that player's locker with a scarf and a beanie. "Just small things that make a difference," Jones says, "just to let us know and to express their gratitude." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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Chris Perkins: James Jones' left foot in walking boot. Torn tendon 2nd toe. Did it Game 1 of this series. Said can play if needed. Twitter

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