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April 20, 2012 Updates

Dwyane Wade had a good quote on James Jones ejection: “I didn’t see it. (But) I didn’t see Noah walking away holding anything. You see a player get hit and he’s talking right back, you don’t think it’s quote, unquote, vicious, from what they said. But it was their (the refs’) call to make and they made the call.’’ Sulia

April 2, 2012 Updates

I brought my theory to someone with a much more refined basketball mind than my own, Shane Battier, who raised some interesting counterpoints. LeBron at the point could work for stretches, he said, but playing that way consistently would test Miami's bench -- and LeBron's physical stamina. Also, such a lineup requires a 3-point shooter to space the floor. Ideally, that would be Mike Miller, who is currently listed as "questionable for the rest of his natural life" with another injury. "For us, I think we'd have to be fully healthy with Mike Miller," Battier said. "I think he's sort of the key to that lineup. We could do it now, but I think our depth would be tested. With Mike Miller, I think we're a little more flexible with another handler. We could do it with James Jones to a lesser extent. That would entail somewhat of a shift in the rotation." CBSSports.com

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February 13, 2012 Updates
February 3, 2012 Updates
January 28, 2012 Updates

When the league and union finally came to an agreement on how to settle their revenue differences, it's almost as if they then plotted how to soak every least bit of revenue out of fans. A competition driven schedule? Not this season. A money-driven schedule? "It came down to that," said Heat forward James Jones, secretary-treasurer of the National Basketball Players Association. "You don't get paid unless you play games. And having already missed a good portion of the season, the players felt that it was up to each individual player to be professional and maintain a level of conditioning and health and strength so that we can play as many games as possible." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"I mean 66 games is a lot of games," Jones said. "However, those guys that properly prepared are in better condition and those guys that didn't are struggling a little right now." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

December 28, 2011 Updates

The Miami Heat have released a 2011-2012 introduction video set to the tune of Kanye West's "All of the Lights". It's pretty incredible and almost defies explanation, but we'll give it a shot anyway. The one-minute spot features LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and company bouncing their hands and shaking their moneymakers as psychedelic graphics spin around them. Wade is dressed in a white suitcoat, James a green sweater, and Bosh dons a striped sweater. Things get cooky when Shane Battier shows up in double popped collars, James Jones in a scarf, Mike Miller in a jean jacket and cargo shorts. The Heat dancers also make a mandatory appearance. There are goofy faces, shoulders that are dusted off and some flexing. It ends with the tagline, "Let's Go Heat." This baby has it all. CBSSports.com

December 9, 2011 Updates

The Heat agreed to re-sign wing James Jones and point guard Mario Chalmers on the heels of adding wing Shane Battier and center Eddy Curry on Thursday. The final details of all the contracts are being worked out but the Heat are believed to be able to structure the deals to allow them to make all the signings without having to use the amnesty clause on Mike Miller. ESPN.com

In a phone interview Friday morning, Jones said that he turned down more lucrative offers in order to agree to a three-year contract with the Heat. He will be at training camp today. While he did not reveal which teams offered his an opportunity, he did say that mega-deals around the league impacted his available options. “I had to make pretty much a gut-wrenching decision,” said Jones, who decided Thursday night. “It was a very complex situation but, at the end of the day, I came to the conclusion that being here was the best place for my me, and the best thing for my family.” Palm Beach Post

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December 5, 2011 Updates
November 13, 2011 Updates

The proposal, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press, was dated to be delivered to union executive director Billy Hunter on Friday. At least some of the people who will be in the NBPA meeting said Sunday they had not yet seen the offer, creating more than a little confusion over what exactly is on the table. "We haven't asked for anything more than what we had," Miami Heat player representative James Jones said Sunday. "We understand the times. We understand the economy. We just want a fair deal where both sides are bearing the weight of the present times and with an eye on the future of the game of basketball." ESPN.com

October 13, 2011 Updates
October 9, 2011 Updates

A person familiar with the situation told The AP that Wade called an hourlong meeting with players after the FIU game to discuss the lockout. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because talks were to remain private, saying Wade, Chris Paul and Miami Heat player representative James Jones answered questions about the status of negotations. The person also said Wade has taken “a more active role” in talks about a new labor deal of late and that he urged players to be “informed rather than accept any deal.” Washington Times

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