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May 21, 2013 Updates

McCandless said White will field NBA offers this offseason. The 30-year-old is still valued for his versatile defense and transition game. He earned the nickname "Flight" years ago for his Olympic-caliber jumping ability. "He's going to have NBA interest, for sure. I know that," McCandless said. "More teams like him today than liked him this time last year. More teams feel like he can help." ESPN.com

However, McCandless said White won't hesitate to return overseas, where he spent five years (2007-12) before signing with the Knicks for the veteran's minimum of $854,389. White also has a strong allegiance of fans in Europe. McCandless said if White wants to make the most money, he'll continue on his previous international path, which could take him to China. Contracts in China, where White could land, are typically higher than European contracts by the month because the season is shorter. ESPN.com

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Update: The Tallahassee Democrat's Corey Clark notes that since there were 36 missed dunks and only 15 successful ones the competitors managed to shoot less than 30 percent from the field in a slam dunk contest. Deadspin.com

He was considered by many All-Stars as the favorite in the event. Kobe Bryant said on Twitter that White was his pick to win. Dwight Howard, who won the dunk contest in 2008, said he hoped White and the Indiana Pacers’ Green, who also participated in Saturday’s event, would have another entertaining battle. “I’ve been wanting to see him in the dunk contest for a long time,” Howard said of White. White said he had not practiced his dunks all week. “We had a practice yesterday and I didn’t do it,” he said Friday. “I just came in and shook hands. I have to save my energy.” New York Times

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James White won't jump over a car, a couch or even Iman Shumpert's flat top in the slam dunk contest. But he said this will be one of the best contests ever, despite everyone being skeptical with the underwhelming field of dunkers. "I think it's going to be real good because it's going to be a battle," White said. "You just have to have people who actually want to do it. They're excited to do it. I think that's what we have this year." Sulia

February 8, 2013 Updates

And while the 30-year-old swingman's far from a household name, he's planning on changing that by bringing a loaded arsenal to Houston, as he told SLAM's Kicks blog: K1X: Did you prepare for it? Or do you know which dunks you’re going to do? James White: To be honest, I never practice dunks. I just do whatever comes to my mind. K1X: But when do you decide what you want to do? Do you decide in mid-air? Granted, you do have a little bit of time up there. JW: [Laughs] I have a general idea of what I want to do when I take the ball and get ready to jump. Everybody knows that I have the dunks from the free throw line and all that stuff in my back pocket. I can always pull those out. I watch what my competition does in the dunk contest and then decide which of my dunks I will do. I have about five dunks where I’m absolutely certain that I will get a 50 on those. So it’s just a matter of when to use which of those dunks. SLAM

While White respects Green, he doesn't believe anyone can bring to the table what he can. "Whatever I do is going to be new. It's not going to be seen in the NBA dunk contest," he said. "You've seen it maybe on YouTube, but you haven't seen it on the NBA stage. You've seen windmills. Everything they do has to be with gimmicks, which is what's making it corny." ESPN.com

February 7, 2013 Updates

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