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November 3, 2013 Updates

I knew Sharman for nearly four decades and I never heard anyone say anything negative about the former Celtic great. In fact, his last sign of generosity, along with wife Joyce, was to set up a raffle of his 2010 Lakers championship ring to benefit various charities, such as: Toberman Neighborhood Center, Angel's Nest, Public Counsel, James Worthy Foundation, Lakers Youth Foundation, Providence TrinityCare Hospice Foundation, West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation and Xcel University. Click here for more information. FoxSportsWest.com

Worthy: "He was a very kind, helpful and generous man and even today it's hard to believe all his accomplishments. It's mind-boggling what this man did, not only in the game of basketball but in life as well. "And while Bill was one of the humblest men you'll ever meet, he was also tough. You don't have as much success as he did without being tough as nails. And he was so smart. I could go into his office just to say hello and I'd come out later with an education in life. He'd talk to me about finances, my personal life and just about anything else, and I always learned something from Bill. FoxSportsWest.com

October 16, 2013 Updates

Worthy played on the Lakers’ 1990-91 team that traveled to Paris for the NBA’s McDonald’s Open, a pair of back-to-back exhibition games against Limoges CSP of France and Joventut Badalone of Spain, but the trip went beyond just competing on the hardwood. The Lakers also snuck in visits to various landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Notre Dame cathedral and Moulin Rouge. “In training camp, you need to be really focused and you don’t need to be going to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa,” Worthy said following the Lakers’ 100-95 preseason loss Tuesday to Golden State at Time Warner Cable SportsNet’s studios in El Segundo. “You don’t need all those distractions. It was a tough trip getting there.” Redlands Daily Facts

October 3, 2013 Updates
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September 25, 2012 Updates

What about the Miami Heat? James Worthy: I would have to say Miami still has a little edge simply because they won last year. It will be so much easier for them to win again because they know how to do it. With them adding Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, they have tremendous scorers and three-point shooters off the bench. Then they also have the greatest player in the game with LeBron James. I give them the edge because they're defending champions. Los Angeles Times

September 13, 2012 Updates
July 16, 2012 Updates

The Times' Mike Bresnahan, among others, has reported the Lakers are part of this pursuit too, showing some openness toward acquiring Jason Richardson's contract if it results in Superman coming to L.A. But one prominent former Laker, "Big Game" James Worthy, argues that the Purple and Gold shouldn't waste their time. "I like Andrew Bynum," Worthy said recently at an appearance at Bell Gardens Intermediate School, sponsored by After School All-Stars Los Angeles and Metro PCS. "He's young and just as good as Dwight right now. He's getting better. Dwight ... to me, he's too much gab and too much talking. I'm old school. I want to see something done on the floor. He does all this media stuff, flip-flopping. You don't get respect from veteran players when you do that kind of stuff. They just want you to play. They want to see what you can do out there." Los Angeles Times

July 10, 2012 Updates

I spoke with McCallum about the book, his experiences covering the Dream Team for Sports Illustrated, and some of the greatest basketball players who ever lived: ROB MAHONEY: Isiah Thomas’ non-selection still strikes a chord with so many people and so many basketball fans – it’s kind of amazing how linked he is with the Dream Team lore despite not actually being on the team. What is it about that dimension of this story that makes for such compelling theater? JACK MCCALLUM: Well, one of the factors is that there wasn’t an amazing amount of controversy once [the Dream Team] got together. There weren’t complaints about playing time. There weren’t issues during the games. Chuck Daly did a fantastic job of managing the egos. We are a society — and certainly I’m part of it — that looks for controversy, and this is one of the few things you have to latch on to. The second thing is that Isiah has always been a lightning rod; it doesn’t matter whether he’s in the league or whether he’s out of the league, he’s always been a guy to whom attention has flown. I understand it, because Isiah was a great player. But James Worthy, he was a member of four championship teams or five championship teams, and there was never that [controversy] over him. NBCSports.com

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September 23, 2011 Updates

James Worthy had a helluva career. The big man from Gastonia, NC took home a title with the Tar Heels and became an intricate part of the Showtime Lakers dynasty during the ’80s. One of the most clutch players to ever lace ‘em up–you aren’t just given the nickname “Big Game James”–tune into NBA TV Monday night to witness greatness. SLAM

May 19, 2011 Updates

SLAM: Those 1980s Celtics teams were great, and you guys won three titles. But did you ever feel like you underachieved? That you had the talent to win even more than that? Kevin McHale: Nah. You know what? There was a guy Kareem, and a guy named Magic, and a guy named Worthy. They kinda got in the way a little bit, too [laughs]. They were really good. They were every bit as good as we were. And again, I tell this to people, in order to win you got to have a little bit of that good mojo luck going, where you’re not having injuries. SLAM

May 6, 2011 Updates

Former Lakers great James Worthy, who has been tapped by the NBRPA to recruit players to participate in the program, will host the press conference with Ray Lucas, the former Jets quarterback who says PAST saved his life by helping him overcome his painkiller addiction. Worthy said he'll have to convince needy retirees to put aside their pride and accept assistance. "A lot of guys don't like to talk about the issues you encounter when you retire," Worthy said. "You played at the top level, but you might only be one medical problem from losing everything." New York Daily News

October 9, 2010 Updates

PM: I got the chance to speak with legend James Worthy during the game. When I was shooting a free throw, he told me “Hey, I read your HoopsHype blog, and I like it” and I said “cool.” It’s great to have a Hall Of Famer who reads my blog and have a conversation with him during the game! Things like that, having legends like him to come to Barcelona and respect the way you play and you say is big. HoopsHype

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