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February 11, 2013 Updates

Shumpert knows he has had a difficult week. He has been trying to find his rhythm on the court and his niche with the Knicks. And, on Saturday night he became the subject of a trade rumor. The Phoenix Suns were said to be interested in making a deal for Shumpert, a second-year guard, in exchange for Jared Dudley and a possible first-round pick before the Feb. 21 trade deadline. Shumpert, who returned to the court less than a month ago after knee surgery last April, met with Coach Mike Woodson on Saturday. “He said don’t worry about it,” Shumpert said. “Rumors are rumors. I don’t really care. I just have to play ball. I can’t control that anyway. It’s nothing to worry about. I just have to go out there and play.” New York Times

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February 1, 2013 Updates

Jared Dudley, the Phoenix Suns' alternate player representative, told CBSSports.com that he's advising teammates and other players to read the report on Hunter and be prepared to take action at All-Star weekend. "I think it's time for a vote," Dudley said. "I think before, there was never a chance. I think because of what's going on, it's time now. It's like when we had to decide do we take the deal during the lockout or not take it? We voted on that and we had options. … I think now it's come to the point where guys, after taking a look at this information, should have an opportunity to vote: in or out." Dudley characterized the report's findings on Hunter as "shady," and said, "Stuff under the rug has been going on." "Any time the president and the union are colliding," Dudley said, "something needs to be checked up." CBSSports.com

The bigger question was how, and by whose motivation, the players would get organized and take the steps Tellem and others have requested. "I feel like guys feel like there is something wrong," Dudley said. "I just don't know if guys know how to take action and what is the process for doing that. ... The people like the Chris Pauls and the [Maurice] Evanses and the [Keyon] Doolings, you felt like they and Billy were so close and tight. If you had a problem, you'd feel like you go to them and then it goes right back to Billy." CBSSports.com

January 19, 2013 Updates

Source with a team interested in Rudy Gay: the Gay-for-Jared Dudley/Michael Beasley deal was leaked in order to generate more offers from around the league. The response when other GMs heard about the offer was, "Hey, we can do better than that." The Grizzlies, if they are going to move Gay, want a young SF on a smaller contract and a draft pick. Sulia

January 17, 2013 Updates

If the Grizzlies do trade Gay, don’t expect them to acquire a star player or even a high-potential rookie. The more likely scenario is Gay being traded for a package that includes several role players on short, reasonable contracts and possibly a draft pick. That’s why players like Jared Dudley of the Phoenix Suns and J.J. Redick of the Orlando Magic have been mentioned as realistic targets for Memphis. Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards was briefly mentioned as a possibility, but that was quickly shot down, which lines up with the idea that teams aren’t willing to move a star-in-the-making for Gay. HoopsWorld

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Phoenix is one team that hasn’t been mentioned much in trade speculation, but it’s believed the Suns would be more than willing participants, especially assisting in multi-player deals. They have zero untouchables, and word is, they plan to see what they might be able to get for the likes of forwards Jared Dudley and Michael Beasley, and even center Marcin Gortat. FOXSports Ohio

December 29, 2012 Updates

As a player, though, Dudley has found that by transforming into one of the league’s most prolific tweeters, he’s opened up a lot of opportunities. “I’m all about the debates and discussions, but it’s usually to show your personality off,” Dudley said. “It helps for if you want a life after basketball, like if you want to be a commentator. I’ve been involved with ESPN doing things, so it can definitely help you. “I think you can market yourself,” he added. “It’s like having a marketing company, but you’re doing it yourself. If you’re good at it, which I think I am, you can market yourself to be bigger than you are, make yourself more well-known than what your skill level is at times.” HoopsWorld

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November 26, 2012 Updates

Jared Dudley is “Mr. Average.” How is he supposed to take that? “I like it, but I don’t like it,” Dudley said. The meaning of nba.com’s annual declaration of a “Mr. Average” for the league is more statistical than analytical. Dudley was chosen as the NBA player who is closest to the league averages for height (6 feet 7), weight (222.8 pounds), age (26.98) and NBA experience (4.9). Dudley is 6-7, 225 and 27 years old with five full seasons. “When I was a kid, I wrote every small forward down that was an All-Star and I saw the average weight was around 220-230 and the height was between 6-7 and 6-9, and I said I have to get to that,” Dudley said. Arizona Republic

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