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Dudley said Phoenix will remain an attractive free agent destination, which could include him someday. “I would have zero problems with coming back to Phoenix to finish my career,” Dudley said. Arizona Republic

The Los Angeles Clippers' acquisition of J.J. Redick and Jared Dudley could impact whether Chauncey Billups and Matt Barnes return. Billups started all 22 regular-season games he played at shooting guard for the Clippers last season. Redick is expected to be the Clippers' new starting shooting guard with Jamal Crawford and Willie Green backing him up. Yahoo! Sports

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In Dudley's eyes, hiring Hornacek infuses the franchise with new energy, but also reaffirms a need to get back to team-first basketball. "I definitely believe [this hire is good for me]," said Dudley. "Not only me but the team, because when you get into the team concept we all do well. When you see the Spurs -- and I hate to use the Spurs because that's our rival -- but that's a team. They're successful for a reason. "Do they have stars? Yes. Are some of them aging? Yes, that happens. But from the role players, everyone has a job, everyone does their job." Arizona's Sports Page

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Jerry Stackhouse: Wow.. How's Cancun“@JaredDudley619: RT @mowilliams: Stackhouse might lead the playoffs in air balls. Smh ( he shot another one tonight?!!!)” Twitter

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Dudley did reiterate that the lack of communication between he and the coach isn't a bad thing. "You can't even say this is Lindsey's first year -- he's been on the job for what, two months," he asked. "He's got a lot of stuff thrown at him and and I'm one of things that 'hey, I'm not worried about Jared, Jared takes care of his business. Right now I'm worried about trying to change the culture to my style of coaching.'" Arizona's Sports Page

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Suns forward Jared Dudley told Markieff on Wednesday that there was a rumor Marcus was being traded before Thursday’s 1p.m. league deadline. Markieff called Marcus, not knowing that the Suns were the possible destination. “I’m super excited,” Markieff said. “It can’t get no better for me. This is what I definitely wanted from the beginning, to be the same as college. I’m just excited to be able to play with him again. Honestly, all of this has been a dream to me. God is blessing it to be better and better for me and him.” Arizona Republic

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