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He arrived in a July trade and embraced the adventure of a new city and the new situation that would have been difficult for many players to accept. Jarrett Jack actually liked the unknown. The season-long discovery process led to a decision. He wants to re-sign with the Warriors in the summer, even with the clear understanding he might be giving up the chance to start somewhere else for the certainty of a backup role to Stephen Curry at point guard in Golden State. Jack is so sure of it, he told NBA.com, that he has informed management and directed his agents to re-enforce the message that he is hoping to stay once he becomes a free agent in July. NBA.com

“That’s one of the reasons why I’m really trying to enjoy the moment right now,” he said Saturday with the Warriors holding a 2-1 lead over the favored Nuggets in the best-of-seven first round that continues Sunday night at Oracle Arena. “I’m appreciating everything that’s going on. In the summer, hopefully that process is a little bit further than we all want it to be. There are a lot of variables that go into making that decision. Hopefully, I can stay right here. I told my agent. I’m sure he spoke to the powers that be that I have desires to stay right here and help this franchise grow to the best of its ability. “I think it’s just a perfect marriage. My teammates, the camaraderie we have, I like my role. I like what I’m able to bring to this team. Could I go somewhere and it would be bigger, but we might not be playing for as much? I try to make it a perfect marriage. The economics, that’s going to take precedent at times, but you also want to be happy. That’s the most fulfilling thing I have playing on this team.” NBA.com

“I’ve been in that capacity before,” Jack said. “It doesn’t make or break or define the player that I am. Could I go somewhere else and [start]? Yeah. But I like who we have here. I like the role that I’m in and am comfortable in. If it’s able to work out, I would love to be back here.” NBA.com

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Jackson has been coy about how he'll replace Lee in the starting lineup and overall, but I've got to believe the Warriors are leaning towards going small (with Harrison Barnes moving to the 4 and Jarrett Jack into the starting lineup) for most of the game, whether that's to start the game or not. It's just the best way to get his better, faster players on the floor at the same time, and then Jackson can pinpoint when he wants to get Carl Landry in for some post scoring... and I'd think Jackson will have a quick trigger on Landry and Bogut playing together, since they don't seem like a real fit and they didn't play much in tandem this season. Contra Costa Times

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Jarrett Jack – Unrestricted Jarrett has been amazing all season for the Warriors and sources close to the process say they want him back next season and that the feeling is mutual. With that said, the Warriors have some $73 million in likely commitments, putting them over the expected luxury tax line unless someone like Richard Jefferson (owed $11 million) opts out of his deal. The Warriors will have Jack’s Bird rights, so they can do a deal with him and worry about luxury tax moves down the road, but there are some economic realities facing the Warriors that will be hard to overcome. If what’s being said around Jack and the Warriors is true, he’ll do a new deal in Golden State, but if the economics become silly, Jack could be a quality veteran acquisition in free agency. HoopsWorld

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Many NBA players identify themselves as Christians. But the Warriors feature one of the more devout rosters, and it has fed into their chemistry. Locker rooms are usually the NBA's version of man caves, chock-full of millionaires engulfed in lives of luxury. Comparatively, the Warriors are choirboys -- almost literally. "This is extremely rare," said guard Jarrett Jack, who just completed his eighth season with his fifth team. "Especially in the NBA. In college, you get to choose your school and your teammates. In the NBA, you're thrown into a team and you have to try and fit in." San Jose Mercury-News

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With everyone else focusing on Kobe Bryant's foot, Jarrett Jack took out his frustration on a referee. The Golden State Warriors guard was fined $25,000 for verbally abusing an official Friday at the end of a 118-116 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, the same game in which Bryant tore his left Achilles tendon. The NBA announced the fine Sunday. USA Today Sports

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The GSWs really only have one reliable dribble-play-maker, and that’s Jarrett Jack, and when he’s off, it doesn’t look pretty. They’re hoping Harrison Barnes can develop into a dynamic wing play-maker, and he has shown that ability in spots, but so far that has been hit and miss and mostly from the top of the key… and not as a passer. I’ve been told a few times by team sources that the Warriors know they could use an explosive offensive player, and that’s one of the reasons the Warriors were interested in Dion Waiters the last draft; Waiters is an erratic shooter, certainly not at the same level as Curry or Thompson, but he can get into the lane on his own and he’s dynamic with the ball. San Jose Mercury-News

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Q: What were your realistic expectations when you got traded to the Warriors? Jarrett Jack: With me, I'm never one to put ceilings on anything, because I think the best part about playing basketball and playing sports in general is the unknown. Who knows what can possibly happen? Nobody knows where you're gonna be at the finish line. Once I got familiar with the team and [spent time] around the guys, I thought we had a lot of people that were capable. A very deep team. This is obviously when Brandon Rush was healthy and looking at it from the standpoint that [Andrew Bogut] was going to play opening night, but I knew we had an opportunity to do something special if we could just change that mindset or that stigma that we're just a team that only plays offense. ESPN.com

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Warriors point guard Jarrett Jack’s status for Saturday’s rematch against the host Los Angeles Clippers is uncertain. Jack said he was lifting weights Thursday and hurt his right elbow. Said he felt tightness after doing some presses, and it was bad enough to keep him out practice on Friday. Contra Costa Times

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