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May 26, 2015 Updates

There is no debate that post-ups make up a shrinking portion of the scoring pie, though there is some debate about why that is. Only eight teams this season finished even 10 percent of their possessions2 with a post-up, per Synergy Sports. A decade ago, 22 teams hit that mark, and every team ended at least 7.5 percent of its trips with some kind of post-up. One-third of teams finished with a lower post-up share than that this season. Just about everyone agrees that fewer players are entering the league with any clue of how to operate with their back to the basket. “There are maybe two handfuls of guys who can post up anymore,” Kidd says. Players who don’t learn post skills at a lower level won’t get the leeway or practice time to develop them in the NBA, coaches say. “It’s probably the hardest part of offense to get good at,” says Steve Clifford, the Hornets coach. Grantland

The game looks gorgeous, but there is a nostalgia tugging at a generation raised on the shoulder-shaking artistry of Kevin McHale, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Michael Jordan: Has the league inadvertently killed the back-to-the-basket game? “We are losing a part of our sport,” Jason Kidd says. “The game is getting out of balance,” says George Karl, now coaching perhaps the league’s preeminent post-up brute. “But until we figure out a way to make the post-up more efficient, we’re not going back. You just can’t win throwing the ball into the post 60 times per game.” Grantland

May 23, 2015 Updates

ESPN is bringing back some of its vintage ‘This is SportsCenter’ commercials in honor of the 20 year anniversary of the campaign, including this one where Jason Kidd was still on the Dallas Mavericks and Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick hadn’t left the network. Of course now Kidd is the coach of the Bucks and Olbermann left, came back and got a new show on ESPN. Patrick has his own show on NBC Sports and SiriusXM Radio. No word what happened to the mascot who was directing air traffic in Bristol. For The Win

May 19, 2015 Updates

Jason Kidd and a huge fan of his celebrated the fan’s birthday — 14 years after Kidd was invited to his party. It all started back when Kidd was a player and Daniel Marks, now a basketball database manager for the Bucks, sent him a heartfelt fan note and invited him to his 10th birthday party. Kidd didn’t make it, but when Marks’ birthday rolled around this year it was a different story: The Bucks coach showed up. Marks’ mom celebrated the occasion with a cake that read: “Daniel after 14 years J Kidd can celebrate your birthday with you.” For The Win

May 14, 2015 Updates
May 10, 2015 Updates

We all know you from your first years in basketball and we know that you can shoot from a distance. Why did you attempt three-pointers so rarely this year? Giannis Antetokounmpo: “I didn’t shoot because coach Kidd didn’t want me to shoot! Ultimately, this was of great help! I understood that at this stage I have to start my offensive moves from deeper in the court. Three-pointers and lay-ups I attempted mostly in my first season in the NBA. Now I’ve already added a low post game and I’m at a very good level in drives. Within the season I added the mid-distance shot. Next season I’ll add the three-pointer too. I don’t have to start shooting a lot of three-pointers. From now on, when I’m free I’ll execute. When I decide to add an element to my game and I set that as a goal, I’ll manage it, without a doubt.” EuroHoops.net

May 5, 2015 Updates

Milwaukee should enter the summer with about $15 million in cap room, though Khris Middleton could start the three-day clock ticking on that room by signing an offer sheet with another team after the stroke of midnight on July 1. Middleton uses the same agency that represents Jason Kidd, and it’s possible he might hang out in free agency so the Bucks can strike. Grantland

May 2, 2015 Updates
May 1, 2015 Updates

"I wanted to congratulate the guys on a great year, not just a great series, but a great year," Kidd explained after the loss. "They're not a secret anymore, and they have to get better if they want to compete against the best. "That's it, you move on." Kidd said calmly. "There's no back-sliding, back-peddling. This group of young men played at a very high level. A lot higher than anybody thought they could and they believed that they could win game six. They just came up short." Brew Hoop

April 26, 2015 Updates

The play worked just as it had been drawn up, which head coach Jason Kidd credits to Dudley as much as he does to Bayless. "Everybody talks about the shot, but it is the guy who throws the ball in that has to have the nerve to throw that pass," Kidd said. "Duds made a heck of a pass. Bayless did the important thing by putting it in, but I think he sold the cut very well on Rose." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Kidd signed a three-year, $15 million contract to coach the Bucks after spending just one season as Brooklyn's coach. Edens and Lasry made their pitch to Kidd last summer and it has turned into a fruitful partnership. "We intend to have Jason here for the long term," Edens said. "We're very happy with him. And I think he's happy with the situation he has here. "This is the beginning of a very successful chapter in his life, and we're really glad to be a part of it." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

April 25, 2015 Updates
April 24, 2015 Updates
April 23, 2015 Updates

Kidd's elite credentials didn't grant him an exemption from being harshly criticized by the coach in front of his teammates during film sessions or practices. That's part of the business relationship Carlisle has with every player he coaches, from Dirk Nowitzki on down. Kidd, 35 years old with nine All-Star appearances at the time, found that hard to swallow. ESPN.com

The similarities are obvious. Like Kidd, Rondo arrived in Dallas as a point guard with two Finals trips, multiple assists titles, several All-Star appearances and dozens of triple-doubles on his resume, as well as a well-chronicled history of clashing with coaches. Carlisle, however, discourages the comparison. "It's just two totally different people and two totally different players," Carlisle said that night in his hotel suite. "I have full respect for what Rondo has done in this league. I have great respect for it, but it's apples and oranges to a very large degree. While there are similarities, there are way more differences." ESPN.com

April 21, 2015 Updates

Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer was named the NBA’s Coach of the Year, the league announced Tuesday. Budenholzer, in his second season with the Hawks, led the team to a franchise-record 60 wins and the top seed in the Eastern Conference. He guided the team to 38 wins and a playoff berth last season in his first year. The 22-win improvement garned him 513 points, including 67 first-place votes. The Warriors’ Steve Kerr was second with 471 points, including 56 first-place votes. Jason Kidd of the Milwaukee Bucks was third with one first-place vote and 57 total points. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

April 16, 2015 Updates

"Freedom of speech," said Jason Kidd, who left Brooklyn for the Milwaukee Bucks over the offseason. Asked if he saw the same problems, Kidd replied, "He was in the locker room. For us as coaches we're in a different locker room. So we're coming in pre-game, halftime, they spend a lot more time in that locker room than coaches. So that group of guys that played, to be 10-21 and find ourselves with 44 wins, someone has to care if you're going to turn it around that way. "I think sometimes when trades are made the beginning of the season on paper they look great. It just takes time. Sometimes the process by the media or outside influences or sources want it to be now. Sometimes it doesn't work that way." Booth Newspapers

April 15, 2015 Updates

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