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November 16, 2011 Updates

Thompson, a Sacramento Kings forward, remains out of a job and leaning toward playing elsewhere as the players’ union and team owners remain locked in a battle over revenue sharing. “It’s not looking too good. My confidence is not too high that we will play this year. There’s a lot of stuff going on. If we don’t have an NBA season then I will probably play somewhere overseas,” Thompson said. The Trentonian

October 20, 2011 Updates

Looks like lockout basketball in Sacramento coming closer to becoming a reality. Kings forward Donté Greene appeared on the Carmichael Dave Show and said the Goon Squad Classic is rounding into form. Who’s playing? He’s received commitments from Washington Wizards point guard John Wall and Houston Rockets point guard Jonny Flynn along with fellow Kings teammates Jason Thompson, Hassan Whiteside, Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins. Greene also has Twitter commitments from new rookie Isaiah Thomas and J.J. Hickson. The Kings forward is working on wooing Kevin Durant , Rudy Gay and soon-to-be rookie-sensation Jimmer Fredette to play as well. Cowbellkingdom.com

October 12, 2011 Updates

Earlier today, Kings fans tweeted at the Sacramento Kings forward about putting together a charity exhibition game in the Capital region. He took their message to heart and it appears Greene has plans in the works to host a game the weekend before Thanksgiving. Among the players who’ve declared their interest? Wizards point guard John Wall along with Greene’s fellow teammates Jason Thompson and DeMarcus Cousins. New King J.J. Hickson also says he’d like to play. Clippers center DeAndre Jordan, Rockets point guard Jonny Flynn, Lakers forward and Sacramento native Matt Barnes, teammates Tyreke Evans and Hassan Whiteside were also extended Twitter invites by the Kings forward. Cowbellkingdom.com

August 29, 2011 Updates
August 19, 2011 Updates

(Jason) Thompson on his third NBA season: “Every year I look at it as trying to have high expectations. I just think last year that I didn’t have the opportunity that I thought I would have coming into the season. Not saying that as an excuse or anything like that. But I just know I learned different things, knowing that you could control only what you could control. I was happy that even though that there were bumpy times in the season, I know that I felt like I took it in the right matter – didn’t put my head down or anything like that. And then I finished on a good note.” Cowbellkingdom.com

August 8, 2011 Updates

Dubi Pick: Sources keep revealing NBA names likely to join Macc Haifa. After Turiaf & Amundson, big man @Jason Thompson (Jason Thompson) may be coming to ISR Twitter

June 17, 2011 Updates

The Sacramento Kings announced on Thursday that forward Jason Thompson has suffered a bone fracture in his right big toe that will keep him off the court for at least a month. X-rays taken (Wednesday) at the UC Davis Sports Medicine Clinic revealed that Sacramento Kings’ forward Jason Thompson has a non-displaced sesamoid bone fracture in his right great toe. He will wear a walking boot for approximately four to six weeks, at which time Thompson will be re-evaluated. CBSSports.com

April 14, 2011 Updates
March 18, 2011 Updates

Adding to the uncertainty is that the Kings might move to Anaheim. Management wants a new arena in Sacramento and for the public to fund the majority of the cost, which is unlikely to happen. "(Leaving) would be devastating to people in Sacramento," Thompson said. "(Going to Anaheim) would be another transition. Who knows what happens with that?" phillyburbs.com

February 20, 2011 Updates

The tension has been palpable in California's Capital City, where even the highest-ranking team officials are unsure what might happen in the coming weeks. Numerous sources who have spoken to the Maloofs recently have been told that it was far from certain that the team would remain in Sacramento for next season and that relocating was certainly being considered. On Saturday night, Kings forward Jason Thompson tweeted about a possible move to Anaheim but the tweet was removed quickly thereafter. FanHouse.com

November 28, 2010 Updates

Landry overslept Saturday morning and missed most of the Kings' shootaround. Thompson starting made for the Kings' sixth different starting lineup this season. And though Thompson has excelled at times off the bench, Landry checked in with 4:37 left in the first quarter. Though Landry has excelled as a reserve in his career, bringing Landry off the bench isn't something Kings coach Paul Westphal figures to do on a regular basis. "I like Carl on the floor a lot," Westphal said." I like him in the starting lineup. It's an opportunity (Saturday) because of a bad alarm clock to see what this looks like." Sacramento Bee

November 26, 2010 Updates
November 22, 2010 Updates

There have been some rumors of the Kings trading Jason Thompson—one rumor for Atlanta’s Jeff Teague—as Thompson’s playing time has declined this season. One reason they postulate around the Kings for Thompson’s decline to averaging 5.4 points, less than half his career average, is his size 20 feet hamper his balance and footwork and lead to missed layups. Yes, he had those same size feet before when he was playing well, though this may also explain Will Perdue’s offensive problems. NBA.com

November 17, 2010 Updates

Geoff Petrie, who tried to pry Darren Collison from New Orleans before the former UCLA star was traded to Indiana, more recently inquired about Atlanta Hawks backup Jeff Teague, with Thompson reportedly part of the conversation. "It's the NBA," Thompson said after Tuesday's practice, in a matter-of-fact manner. "It's a business. It's kind of good when your name is floated out there. It means you're well -known, you're wanted. The story book is me ending my career here and winning some division titles and getting to the playoffs. But the book isn't finished yet, so you never know." Sacramento Bee

A superbly conditioned athlete at 6-foot-11 and 250 pounds, Thompson, 24, envisions himself as an emerging star in the chiseled mold of Karl Malone. Thompson's long-term goal is to lead the league in rebounding, and secondarily, to establish himself as a consistent interior scorer. His more immediate plan is reclaiming his lost playing time, and if that means earning minutes at small forward? He'll swallow hard. He'll be the good soldier. He'll try to earn minutes at small forward. Some within the organization have long maintained that Thompson is better suited away from the basket, relying more on face-up jumpers than power moves. Sacramento Bee

"I think Jason should use the backboard more often," said the Kings' second-year coach. "I think he's better off shooting one-legged layups instead of gathering with his feet too close together. That's an area (finishing) that he needs to improve on. We work with him on it, but it's hard to change your habits." Sacramento Bee

November 16, 2010 Updates

Thompson said the talk hasn't affected him. He has been the subject of speculation after falling on the depth chart to the point he's being used as a small forward and not his natural power forward spot. This season, he's averaging 15.6 minutes, well off last season's 31.4. Thompson is taking the talk in stride. "Until I hear it from Geoff, coach or guys who are reliable about the situation, it's just guessing or hearsay," he said. Sacramento Bee

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