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April 19, 2013 Updates

On Thursday, the Wizards cleaned out their lockers, said goodbye to their friends, signed some yearbooks and got ready to go home for the summer. Kevin Seraphin spent the day taking a tour of the city on his segway. (Fun fact: Seraphin bought the segway from JaVale McGee.) Washington Post

April 4, 2013 Updates

Thankfully, our long wait is over. Oprah Winfrey's OWN has ordered a reality series called Millionaire Mama's Boy based around enigmatic Denver Nuggets center JaVale McGee and his mother/business manager/former basketball player/confidant Pamela McGee. Expect lots of anti-Shaq rhetoric and confusion. Mostly the confusion. We tried to select the best snippets from from the network's description of the show, but since every single word is the best snippet, we figured we'd include the whole preview (via Deadline): The new OWN series Millionaire Mama's Boy explores the dynamic relationship between former WNBA basketball star Pamela McGee and her 25-year-old son, Denver Nuggets center, JaVale McGee. Famous for being domineering on and off the court, Pamela is not only JaVale's mom, she's also his business manager, working to build an empire while trying to keep a tight rein on the glitz and girls that come with the life of an NBA star. USA Today Sports

March 31, 2013 Updates

The masters are rare, those whose brilliance transcends their peers, and as such, they're given the desired designation as a poet's poet or a comic's comic or, in the case of JaVale McGee, a weirdo's weirdo. "JaVale McGee, by far, is the goofiest teammate I've had. He's goofiest guy in the NBA," said Nuggets forward Corey Brewer, whose previous interview was interrupted when McGee swatted a microphone and declared, in a hoarse Dikembe Mutombo voice, "Not in my house!" "He's unpredictable," Brewer continued, "with both what will come out of his mouth and what he'll do in the game. I call him 'The Great Adventure,' because you never know what's going to happen. It's going to be an adventure either way it goes, good or bad." Denver Post

And he's becoming comfortable as Denver's circus, sometimes the acrobat, sometimes the clown, eternally entertaining. "He clearly follows his own quirky logic," Wall said, "which is another principle of clowning. Think of Chaplin. There's that iconic scene in 'The Gold Rush' when he cooks his shoelaces and eats them like spaghetti, twirling them on his fork. It's a ridiculous act, but it also grounded in reality we understand. JaVale's a bit the same way. You can see the idea he's pursuing, but then he veers off to this other place and you're like, 'Whoa, what are you doing, JaVale? Come on back, buddy.' "And that's probably the ADD, right? He's forever distracted by the world. But it's a good thing for television." Denver Post

March 8, 2013 Updates

JaVale McGee, fresh off an 0-for-1, four block, 0-point performance in 14 minutes against the Clippers, appeared on Inside the NBA, the show where he is relentlessly mocked by Shaquille O’Neal. It was clear from the outset that McGee – whose tone throughout the interview was anything but friendly – wanted no part of Shaq’s ‘Shaqtin a Fool’ segment. Eventually, McGee gets to the core of the issue: He’s not a fan of the black-on-black crime. “I don’t watch Shaqtin a coon,” McGee says, at which point Ernie Johnson steers the conversation in a different direction. Uncomfortable? You bet. My guess is Shaq finds another target for a couple weeks. The Big Lead

March 1, 2013 Updates

Which leads me ask, what's up with JaVale McGee? Andre Iguodala: JaVale McGee is one of the smartest guys I know. Like, he's a nerd, plays with gadgets and is into technology. He's funny--he's got crazy jokes and his timing with jokes is really funny. You have to be really smart to think the way he does. He's a thinker, so his mind goes into a lot of different places, and I think that can be taken the wrong way when he's on the court--he can be an over-thinker at times. GQ.com

February 23, 2013 Updates

JaVale McGee had no interest in being sentimental about his return to Washington. The place McGee called home for the first 3½ seasons of his NBA career before getting dealt for Nene at the trade deadline last March was no more important to the Denver Nuggets’ 7-foot big man than any other stop in his life journey – if you let him tell it. “For some reason I have a selective memory, so it wasn’t like I was having flashbacks, stuff like that,” McGee said after his current playoff team lost to his former lottery- bound team for the second time in five weeks. “It wasn’t really that special to me.” Washington Post

January 29, 2013 Updates
January 28, 2013 Updates

Nuggets center JaVale McGee was ruled out of Denver's game against the Indiana Pacers on Monday night due to soreness in his left shin. McGee has been experiencing pain recently in and around his left tibia. The Nuggets said he underwent a CT scan to try to determine whether a stress fracture was the source of the problem. However, there was no immediate indication of a stress fracture. McGee was scheduled to have an MRI on Tuesday and doctors will review the results of both exams before formulating a diagnosis. ESPN.com

January 20, 2013 Updates

But before McGee gets to the "skill" part, Denver's coaches want him to get the "routine" part down. Karl, who emphasizes that he is impressed with McGee's skill set too, wants him to be more Tim Duncan and less Latrell Sprewell. "He's got to understand that lazy and crazy isn't going to make it work," Karl said. "We want solid and we want fundamental, and we want spectacular but only when it happens, not forcing the action where sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't." Denver Post

January 18, 2013 Updates

McGee is averaging 10.1 points and 4.9 rebounds for the well-stocked Nuggets, but remains a reserve despite leading the team in player efficiency rating at 21.6 and signing a four-year, $44 million deal last summer. Karl continues to start Kosta Koufas at center and added that he will continue to do so until McGee proves he deserves more than his current 19 minutes a game. “He’s playing about 20 minutes a game now, and I’d like to get it up to 25. But he’s got to earn that,” Karl said. “And he’s got three guys in Kosta and Kenneth [Faried] and Timo [Mozgov], who I think are NBA players that deserve minutes, too. So I think it’s like a competition. Sometimes I think young players think it’s an entitlement to minutes. There is no entitlement on this team. I mean, Anthony Randolph can play basketball. You earn your minutes. You earn your opportunity and produce wins. As long as he keeps working, he’ll get more minutes.” Washington Post

Karl’s message to McGee is similar to the same one he heard during his nearly four years in Washington. “Probably simple and solid,” Karl said, when asked what he tells McGee most. “I think he tries to be spectacular. Basketball is a game of possession after possession of doing things the right way, doing your job and letting the spectacular. I think JaVale tries to find the spectacular and forces the spectacular when if you just let Andre Miller and Ty [Lawson], let us orchestrate the game, something big time will happen. But I just want him to be more Tim Duncan-like. I tell him I like Tim Duncan. I want Tim Duncan. That’s what I want.” Washington Post

December 29, 2012 Updates
December 23, 2012 Updates

Forget about NBA standout JaVale McGee suiting up for the Smart Gilas national team. The Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas has decided to look for another foreign player to beef up the team, passing up the chance to put the 7-foot Denver Nuggets center in a Philippine uniform for the 2013 Fiba Asia Championship. Inquirer.net

November 6, 2012 Updates

A huge insurance fee required to cover JaVale McGee’s lucrative contract with the Denver Nuggets has dimmed negotiations to sign up the NBA star as the second naturalized player of Smart Gilas 2.0 after Marcus Douthit. National coach Chot Reyes confirmed that efforts to naturalize the long-armed, high-leaping Denver center and sign him up for Gilas have hit a snag owing to the huge insurance cover for the four-year, US$44 million deal he signed with the Nuggets prior to the NBA season. Sports Interactive Network Philippines

October 29, 2012 Updates

Kosta Koufos, whose salary is $3 million this season, is expected to start at center ahead of McGee, whose paychecks will total $10 million in 2012-13. Is there something wrong with this picture? Maybe, maybe not. When Nuggets management gave McGee a four-year, $44 million contract this summer, they paid a premium to keep a talented 24-year-old big man off the NBA's open market after his sensational playoff performance against the Lakers. The Nuggets paid a premium for his potential as a shot blocker, defensive presence and intriguing offensive talent. But McGee is far from a proven talent. Denver Post

Asked how the communication is with McGee, Karl indicated things need to improve. "I think that can be better, and that's on me," Karl said. "I think I'm going to meet with him in the next couple days. I think not only he, but our whole training camp has been more demanding in its seriousness than he probably had it last year. Last year was kind of a celebration of us figuring it out and playing well, but we're now in a marathon race in an NBA season. I try to meet with every player before a season, and I think it's probably time for JaVale and I to sit down and have a talk." Denver Post

October 21, 2012 Updates

There has been much gush about Nuggets big man JaVale McGee working out with Hakeem Olajuwon this summer. But Faried was there, too, living a dream while soaking in the dream shake. Asked what he gained from the experience, Faried said: "What didn't I gain from being with him? He's a great person, polite, respectful and his basketball skills are amazing, his footwork, the way he maneuvers in the post." Denver Post

October 17, 2012 Updates

Every decade, it seems, an oddball baller emerges from the NBA ranks to colorize and polarize an otherwise homogenized league. In the 1990s, it was Dennis Rodman. In the 2000s, it was the Artest Formerly Known as Ron. In the 2010s, it's JaVale McGee. Like the Worm and MWP before him, McGee is accused of being a bit off, when the reality may be that he's a misunderstood genius. "People portray him as a goofball," says teammate Kenneth Faried, "but he's actually a really intelligent guy." ESPN.com

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