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October 29, 2012 Updates

Asked how the communication is with McGee, Karl indicated things need to improve. "I think that can be better, and that's on me," Karl said. "I think I'm going to meet with him in the next couple days. I think not only he, but our whole training camp has been more demanding in its seriousness than he probably had it last year. Last year was kind of a celebration of us figuring it out and playing well, but we're now in a marathon race in an NBA season. I try to meet with every player before a season, and I think it's probably time for JaVale and I to sit down and have a talk." Denver Post

October 21, 2012 Updates

There has been much gush about Nuggets big man JaVale McGee working out with Hakeem Olajuwon this summer. But Faried was there, too, living a dream while soaking in the dream shake. Asked what he gained from the experience, Faried said: "What didn't I gain from being with him? He's a great person, polite, respectful and his basketball skills are amazing, his footwork, the way he maneuvers in the post." Denver Post

October 17, 2012 Updates

Every decade, it seems, an oddball baller emerges from the NBA ranks to colorize and polarize an otherwise homogenized league. In the 1990s, it was Dennis Rodman. In the 2000s, it was the Artest Formerly Known as Ron. In the 2010s, it's JaVale McGee. Like the Worm and MWP before him, McGee is accused of being a bit off, when the reality may be that he's a misunderstood genius. "People portray him as a goofball," says teammate Kenneth Faried, "but he's actually a really intelligent guy." ESPN.com

As for McGee's off-court life, the Nuggets are content to let JaVale be JaVale. He still sends out bizarre tweets ("#weak when u make a million dollars, cash it into quarters, try to dive into it like Scrooge mcduck and break both ur arms!"). He still zooms around downtown Denver on a Segway. He still does curious things, like when he plunked down 30 bucks for a red furry plush Elmo backpack that's been practically attached to his back ever since, and for which he's received constant ribbing from friends and strangers alike. Recently, as he and Elmo were walking out of the 16th Street Noodles & Company, a woman stopped him. "It's ironic that you're so big and you have this little kid's backpack," she said. To which McGee responded, "Finally ... someone gets it!" ESPN.com

September 30, 2012 Updates

Q: You'll likely start Ty Lawson at point guard, Iguodala at shooting guard, Gallinari at small forward and Kenneth Faried at power forward. What about center? George Karl: Training camp is going to tell me who plays. My idea right now is Mozgov would start with Faried and JaVale would stay with (reserve point guard) Andre Miller. But again, I don't (care) about starting lineups, and you guys are already stirring the pot. It's all about how many minutes you play, who you play with, how well you play and how we play (when you're on the court). Kosta Koufos is in the mix, too. Let's make sure you understand that. In the last 15-20 games of the season, when Timo got hurt, Kosta not only played well but good enough to get us to the playoffs. Denver Post

September 20, 2012 Updates

Just when everyone was getting used to a world without JaVale McGee on a Segway, he delivered this glimmer of hope after his trade to the Nuggets. @JaValeMcGee34: Anybody know where I can buy a Segway in Denver? And judging by this photo from Deadspin, he was successful! USA Today

September 11, 2012 Updates

JaVale McGee invited 10 Twitter followers to a free lunch with him at Chipotle yesterday. And in typically JaVale fashion, the invitation was well-intentioned, but poorly thought out, producing a hilarious result. Given just five minutes notice, only one fan made it to Chipotle: Andy Mathisen, who doesn't even list the Nuggets among his fan allegiances in his Twitter bio. Mathisen took to Twitter to thank McGee, "one of his favorite Nuggets," for the free lunch. Maybe had McGee had just given him the other nine burritos, Mathisen would have called McGee his favorite Nugget. Deadspin.com

August 12, 2012 Updates
July 20, 2012 Updates
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July 18, 2012 Updates

JaVale McGee: Just signed with Denver, could not be happier! Thank you to the Kroenke family and the fans for their support. http://t.co/Gp3qg91a Twitter

The Denver Nuggets have re-signed free agent center JaVale McGee to a multiyear contract, Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Masai Ujiri announced today. McGee, 7-0, 252, averaged 10.3 points, 5.8 rebounds and 1.55 blocked shots in 20 games with the Nuggets in2011-12. He also appeared in 41 games (40 starts) with the Washington Wizards before being acquired as part of a three-team trade on March 15. NBA.com

What about JaVale McGee and what are your thoughts about your draft picks and specially Evan Fournier? George Karl: “I’m sure that McGee will sign. That’s what our management is working on daily basis and I trust them. We don’t want to do a mistake about the free agents and try to do the best. The evidence is Fournier can be a NBA player. I think he played pretty good here, in Vegas. He showed us his style, his excitement to play here and hopefully he can follow our program”. EuroHoops.net

July 16, 2012 Updates

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