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October 13, 2014 Updates
October 12, 2014 Updates

McGee, 26, arrived at camp the strongest he's ever been — 270 pounds of muscle. He also arrived with a titanium rod in his left shin after surgery to correct a stress fracture in his tibia. Next-day soreness after workouts is keeping him sidelined, but he is doing more and more each week. McGee is the shot blocker. He is a 7-footer so tantalizingly athletic that Shaw isn't willing to do anything more than split the workload at center and ride the hot hand when Mozgov and McGee are both healthy. McGee appears content to be at least suiting up and sitting on the bench while going through practice sessions. "I only played four or five games last year, so it's a real blessing to be back," McGee said. "I've been working out and shooting and running and doing hook shots and all of that stuff since probably about four weeks ago." Denver Post

October 9, 2014 Updates

But of the four, Shaw said that center JaVale McGee is "probably the furthest away" from being back. McGee suffered a stress fracture in his left tibia last November, and missed all but five games last season after an initial prognosis expected him to return in the spring. CBSSports.com

August 24, 2014 Updates

Big Baby got inside ... but the line proved to be too much for McGee and he decided to leave. Might have been the best decision he made all night. Because 90 minutes later, gunshots rang out -- and as TMZ first reported, Suge Knight was shot multiple times. TMZ.com

July 3, 2014 Updates

What began as a simple message to stay hydrated is about to have ripple effects all the way to Africa. Through his charitable endeavor #JUGLIFE, Denver Nuggets center JaVale McGee is planning to travel abroad next summer to help build water wells in villages in Uganda. In 2012, McGee began promoting #JUGLIFE as a healthy lifestyle built around the idea of drinking a gallon of water each day. His campaign began on Twitter and Instagram and blossomed from there. NBA.com

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February 15, 2014 Updates

A resolution on whether Nuggets center JaVale McGee will play again this season is expected by March 1, his mother, Pamela, told The Denver Post. McGee has been out since early November with a stress fracture in his left tibia. The team's original plan was to allow McGee to take time to let his foot heal without having surgery. But now, with little progress having been made, the 7-footer has to decide whether to have surgery. "By March 1 we'll know exactly what strategy to use and when he'll be definitely be back, or not back," Pamela McGee said. Denver Post

February 6, 2014 Updates

Denver Nuggets center JaVale McGee could miss the rest of the season because of a stress fracture in his left leg, league sources told Yahoo Sports. McGee, 26, has been seeking further medical consultation on the injury, which hasn't been able to heal properly this season, league sources said. A final decision on his status could come in the next several days. McGee had played five games for the Nuggets before the injury's diagnosis in early November. McGee would be the third Nuggets player – including forward Danilo Gallinari and Nate Robinson – to be lost for the year. Gallinari and Robinson had surgeries to repair torn ACL ligaments. Yahoo! Sports

January 30, 2014 Updates
January 17, 2014 Updates

Drama-filled reality shows with loud cast members pulling outlandish stunts tend to draw in the most ratings from networks in this day and age. That's considered must-see television for most viewers, if everyday life struggles aren't enough. Flint natives JaVale and Pam McGee are trying to set a new standard in their reality television show with humor and family fun. Basketball's first WNBA-NBA mother-son duo's show debuts Saturday, Jan. 18, at 10 p.m. for a six-episode series called 'Mom's Got Game' on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Most of the footage was shot in California near Los Angeles with some pieces in Denver during the NBA off-season over a six-week period. "I had fun filming my show last summer with my family," Denver Nuggets center JaVale McGee said. "The show is about my real life. You'll get to see some of my workouts, my business adventures, interacting with the youth, meet my close friends and experience the bond between me and my mom." Booth Newspapers

January 4, 2014 Updates

For the last year, McGee has also used the account to promote the simple idea that drinking water is good for you. Many fans bemoan the thug life of some players in the N.B.A., and McGee’s answer to it is Jug Life. His goal every day is to drink a gallon of water in 12 hours. His passion for Jug Life and his love of Twitter have turned into a bit of a phenomenon, with fans taking photos of themselves with their own emptied-out milk containers full of water, tagged #JUGLIFE. McGee retweets many, if not all of them. New York Times

Recently McGee took things to the next level by starting a business, called #JugLife, which intends to promote drinking tap water, while also raising money to help provide clean drinking water around the world. The offerings of the business are fairly minimal at this point, with foam signs and knitted hats advertising the #JugLife name. According to a company spokesman, there are plans to introduce a reusable jug for fans to buy, but the company is working to decide what material is best, taking into consideration concerns about whether plastic is safe to use repeatedly. New York Times

While it may not seem to be the most solid business plan to ask fans to drink a product they already have in their homes, and then to funnel some of the money raised in merchandise sales into a planned nonprofit to promote clean drinking water, it should not be a surprise from McGee, who despite the many headaches he has caused coaches in his career has been known for generosity. “He has always been passionate about healthy living and helping others,” Kez Reed of #JugLife said. “He gives money to the homeless, has turkey drives at Thanksgiving time, speaks at elementary schools, donated a van to an A.A.U. basketball team, etc. Altruism is a lifestyle for him and not a shift.” New York Times

December 23, 2013 Updates

JaVale McGee has sat out most of the 2013-14 season with a broken leg, depriving fans of one of the most entertaining players in the NBA. On January 18, the man they call “Pierre” will be back in our lives in a big way, when his new reality show Mom’s Got Game premieres on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Mom’s Got Game is centered around JaVale’s mom, Pamela, as she acts as his business manager while trying to get her dating life going. Pam, if you weren’t aware, is the first WNBA player ever to have a son play in the NBA. For The Win

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