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September 27, 2011 Updates

Javaris Crittenton, a former Washington Wizards basketball player, is expected to appear in an Atlanta court Tuesday to face a murder charge. The ex-NBA player is set for a court hearing today on murder charges connected with the death of 22-year-old Julian Jones, a mother of four, who was killed Aug. 19 during a drive-by shooting. Police have said the shots were aimed at someone walking with her. CBS News

September 15, 2011 Updates

A little more than two weeks after he was detained in Los Angeles, former Georgia Tech star Javaris Crittenton is finally returning home to face charges he shot and killed a mother of four. "Javaris Crittenton will be coming back tomorrow, transported by the APD’s Fugitive Unit," said Atlanta police spokesman Carlos Campos, refusing to disclose specifics. The 23-year-old NBA journeyman will be held at Fulton County Jail. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

September 4, 2011 Updates
September 1, 2011 Updates

Javaris Crittenton waived his right to an extradition hearing and a judge on Wednesday ordered him to be moved to Atlanta, where he faces a murder charge in a drive- by shooting. In a downtown Los Angeles courtroom Wednesday, Crittenton acknowledged that he faces a murder charge in Atlanta and agreed to return there immediately. The basketball player was arrested Monday night at Orange County's John Wayne Airport as he boarded a plane bound for Atlanta. Los Angeles Times

Crittenton had a Twitter account that has been disabled since the murder charge was made public. His @JayCrittDTE feed had fewer than 350 followers, in large part because it was protected. (The general public could ask permission to subscribe to the account.) Before it was disabled, I subscribed to the feed and had access to Crittenton’s tweets in the days leading up to his arrest. This wasn’t Crittenton’s first Twitter account. @JayCrittDT existed in the summer of 2009, but ended after a brief period, with the most notable tweet being a gay slur. I asked him that fall why he shuttered the account, and he said: “Sometimes the Internet, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, that can take away from your concentration on something that’s more important. And as soon as I got off [of Twitter], some of the players started getting in trouble. You have to watch what you say on there. I think the best way to avoid that is to just not be on there, so I got off.” ESPN.com

Crittenton’s latest Twitter profile featured a photo of him smiling while on the court with a basketball, and included lyrics from Jay-Z’s rap song “Say Hello,” based on the movie “Scarface” as follows: Javaris Crittenton @JayCrittDTE ATL, LA, DC, Bmore Say hello to the bad guy! They say I’m a bad guy. They say a lot about me let me tell you what I aint! 2 Words-LOYAL & REAL. HATERS MOTIVATE ME….nuff said barrons.com

According to reports, it was about 10 p.m. ET on Friday, Aug. 19, when a mother of four was gunned down in Atlanta. Crittenton has been arrested for the shooting. On Aug. 19, Crittenton tweeted six times: Man Planet of the Apes is a must see! Ceasar is a beast. Might as well been a gangsta film with Apes @[Twitter name deleted] just been grinding. What’s up big boi? Ain’t seen you in a min "@[Twitter name deleted]: @JayCrittDTE was it good??" Movie was real good. You gotta see it In a whole different zone right now. Only a matter of time. @[Twitter name deleted] Cmon now pretty lady. You gotta chill with the ATL disses. Good night world. Gotta get some rest. Super early workout in the am ESPN.com

Crittenton’s tweets about morning workouts, naps, Jacuzzis and movies resumed the next day as usual, though the following days included occasional allusions to something more dramatic. Tweet from Aug. 22: I hear people out here slandering my name. They want me to fall so bad. I just can’t though. Wish folks would stop praying on my downfall. ESPN.com

Tweets from Aug. 23: Damn, they wanna label me a menace! Like I said before if y’all twitter gangsters got something to say to me put my name on it and let it be known! I don’t respect subliminals These twitter thugs abs gangsters kill me. Don’t play tough behind your phones and computers. I’m wherever you want me to be. ESPN.com

Crittenton’s last tweet came at around 8:30 p.m. ET on Aug. 26, within an hour after news of the warrant for his arrest spread across the Internet. Tweet from Aug. 26: This is crazy. Trouble continues to follow me for some reason. I put my trust in God. ESPN.com

August 31, 2011 Updates

Former NBA player Javaris Crittenton waived California extradition proceedings Wednesday and will be returned to Georgia in connection with his arrest in a murder case in Atlanta. Crittenton appeared before Superior Court Judge Upinder Kalra and said he had voluntarily signed the waiver. ESPN.com

Crittenton told police he and a friend were leaving a barbershop around 10:50 p.m. April 21 when two teenagers surprised them as they returned to their car, according to police report released to the Associated Press. One teenager held Crittenton at gunpoint and ordered him to "give me what you got," he told police. He said he handed over a $25,000 black diamond necklace, a $30,000 black diamond watch, an iPhone and $25 cash, according to the report. Los Angeles Times

August 30, 2011 Updates

Asked whether he had spoken to Javaris Crittenton since they were both suspended for the remainder of the 2009-2010 NBA season and Arenas had spent 30 days in a halfway house, Arenas replied, “No, but I heard he became more hard.” More hard, he explained, meant “more gangsta.” “You know, like some people turn over a new leaf when something bad like that changes their life. I heard Javaris went the other way — he became more ’hood, more hardened in that way. I don’t know if that’s the case, but that’s what I heard.” Washington Post

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