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August 29, 2011 Updates

Everyone I’ve spoken with about Crittenton has talked about his competitiveness and how he rarely backed down from challenges. He could be stubborn, but few expected his life to take such a dark turn. I always find myself thinking back to a conversation that I had with Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith after the incident with Arenas. Smith played AAU basketball with Crittenton for the Atlanta Celtics and told me that he was surprised to hear that Crittenton got into any trouble with guns. “Javaris is a real non-confrontational person,” Smith told me back then. “He’s a lover. He was the lover boy.” Washington Post

August 28, 2011 Updates

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is helping police in Atlanta and Los Angeles search for a former NBA guard wanted for murder. FBI Special Agent Steve Emmett in Atlanta told The Associated Press on Sunday that the agency is involved as police look for Javaris Crittenton. Authorities say Crittenton is charged in the fatal shooting of 22-year Jullian Jones, a mother of four who was gunned down Aug. 19 in Atlanta. ESPN.com

In light of the recent murder charges against NBAer Javaris Crittenton, Strawberry shared his opinion on who could have been a current potential teammate - 'What's happening with Javaris is crazy. I know him personally and he's not even the type of guy to do such a thing, so to see what's going on is very unfortunate.' Eurobasket.com

August 27, 2011 Updates

Jones was struck in the leg and later died during surgery. Two men walking with Jones fled and were not injured, and investigators now believe one of those men was the intended target. Investigators believe Crittenton may have been seeking retaliation after being robbed of his jewelry April 21, Meadows said. Crittenton reported that crime to police. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"I'm a little at a loss for words because, knowing what he went through in Washington with the whole gun stuff, that's the first thing that comes to mind," former Georgia Tech and NBA star Dennis Scott told the AJC. "And then secondly, if all the allegations that we're hearing are true with the retaliation that police are trying to figure out, why put yourself in a situation like that?" Atlanta Journal-Constitution

It’s easy to say this is a sad situation, but as a former Crittenton associate put it, it’s “worse than sad.” The latest turn of events is nothing sort of tragic, especially for the family of the victim, and for Crittenton, who – if this turns out to be true – clearly has not learned from his past mistakes. Washington Post

Crittenton had developed a reputation as a reckless, gun-toting thug after his legal troubles, something that went against the perception he had established among those who had known him from an early age. “He’s a great guy. We grew up together,” Crittenton’s high school teammate, Dwight Howard, once said. Washington Post

Arenas had an immediate reaction to the news on his Twitter account but has since deleted it. He wrote, “I really wanna say sumthing but I wont becuz theirs a dead women involved…” Washington Post

June 13, 2011 Updates

It's unclear if the impending NBA lockout is causing teams to hold more free agent workouts or I'm just hearing about them for the first time this offseason, but the Indiana Pacers became the latest team to invite non-rookies in for a look-see this week. The Pacers are holding a two-day free agent camp that began Monday and will wrap up Tuesday afternoon. Through a source with knowledge of the workout, Ridiculous Upside has a partial list of the invitees. The guard prospects included Bobby Brown, Matt Janning, Javaris Crittenton and Sylven Landesberg. The wings participating include NBA veterans James White (better known as "Flight" because he can do this), DeMarre Carroll and Ime Udoka. As far as big men go, Rob Kurz, Leo Lyons, Chris Daniels and Trent Plaisted were all in attendance on Monday. Ridiculous Upside

June 11, 2011 Updates

Alan Hahn: Interesting name to add to Crittenton among #Knicks free agent minicamp invitees is Joe Alexander. Word is he and Javaris impressed. Twitter

June 10, 2011 Updates

Former gun-toting guard Javaris Crittenton was at the Knicks' free-agent camp yesterday. Crittenton, 23, was involved with Gilbert Arenas in the gun-play episode in Washington two years ago. They reportedly drew guns on each other in the Wizards' locker room and both were suspended by the NBA for the rest of the 2009-2010 season. New York Post

January 26, 2011 Updates
December 25, 2010 Updates

Last night, Round Six of the Chinese Basketball Association’s regular season came to its conclusion with a full slate of eight games being played simultaneously. Also coming to its conclusion: Javaris Crittenton’s career with Zhejiang Guangsha. Half a month into a one-year contract with Guangsha, Crittenton was officially cut by the team before the team’s 98-96 win last night over Tianjin. Speaking to reporters before the game, general manager Ye Xiangyu confirmed what had been a long suspected rumor within China that both Crittenton and Guangsha were unhappy with each other, and that a split was inevitable. Starting every game for the 3-2 Guangsha, Crittenton was averaging 25.8 points per game. NiuBBall.com

November 1, 2010 Updates
October 16, 2010 Updates

Crittenton's closest friends and AAU teammates growing up were Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard and Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith, both of whom have gone on to become star players in the NBA. Crittenton has yet to achieve that kind of success, but he believes his window of opportunity is still open. "I think about a lot of stuff, what could have been, trades, coming out of the draft, but life is life and you can't live in the past. Things that happen, things that work out in a certain way, you've got to move forward, prepare yourself for the future, and hope for the best. It makes you stronger, dealing with all this adversity. It definitely makes you stronger. There are a lot of lies in the paper, people making stuff up about you. I couldn't speak, had to bite my tongue, trying to handle things the right way, but I looked a certain way to the rest of the world when I'm not really like that. I'm dealing with that adversity, dealing with battling back, dealing with an injury . . .I've dealt with a lot of adversity. It's definitely made me stronger and I'm going to overcome all of it." HoopsWorld

October 15, 2010 Updates

Sam Amick: Charlotte has waived PG Javaris Crittenton, he of Gilbert-gate infamy while with Wizards. Twitter

Undrafted rookie Sherron Collins might not be a lock to make the Charlotte Bobcats' roster, but I have to believe the team's decision Friday to waive Javaris Crittenton is a pretty strong indication. Larry Brown likes to have three point guards and Shaun Livingston's knee issues would be that much more incentive to keep a third point. Brown likes Collins' decision-making, although it's imperative Collins loses some more weight. As Brown pointed out earlier this preseason, Collins struggles to dribble by defenders in his current condition. Charlotte Observer

October 3, 2010 Updates

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