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What Canada Basketball wants from Nash is for him to develop a family attitude around the team, make it impossible for people to say no when they are asked to play because it’s a good and fun environment. The camp will do that, it’ll let the players start to get to know each other on and off the court; a journey they hope ends with a solid finish in Rio four years hence. Oh, and I’m hearing that they’re thisclose to naming a head coach and Jay Triano, if not a lock for the gig, is certainly high on the list. Toronto Star

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The time is not now, but it will soon arrive, likely once this summer’s Olympics are put to bed, for Triano to lead what many believe is the golden age of Canadian hoops, when so much homegrown talent is either playing in the NBA or is knocking on its doors. The buzz among basketball’s circles, at least in Canada, is that Triano will succeed Leo Rautins as national team head coach. It should be clearly pointed out that nothing is official, but unofficially all signs are pointing to Triano leading a new wave of talent that features Tristan Thompson and Cory Joseph with a pool of talent so deep that it would be foolish to start naming all the names playing in U.S. prep schools or at big- time NCAA programs. Toronto Sun

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The father of former Raptors’ coach Jay Triano is facing sexual assault charges against two young girls. Niagara police received allegations of sexual offences by Howard Triano, 78, against a young girl in Niagara Falls. During their investigation, sexual offences against another young girl came to light. Triano was arrested Thursday and is now facing two counts each of sexual assault and sexual interference. Toronto Star

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In a surprise move, the Toronto Raptors have declined an option to bring back Jay Triano as head coach. At the end of a disappointing 22-60 season in April, general manager Bryan Colangelo had strongly supported Triano and indicated he wanted him back. However, with a fresh extension of his own in hand, Colangelo announced on Wednesday that Triano was out, but would remain as a consultant to the team as his special assistant. Toronto Sun

Why the about-face? “Without getting too detail-oriented, I think I was pretty clear at end of the season we had set some performance standards in place,” Colangelo said. “Not necessarily by wins and losses, but it was more about environment and direction. Jay fared well in a lot of areas but at end of the day, gut feeling of where this needs to go and how quickly we want to get there in terms of accelerating the process ... I decided it was time to change the voice, change the leader at the helm.” Toronto Sun

“Most of the targets will be candidates that have a great deal of experience, somebody that has achieved success in that forum before,” Colangelo said. “Tenure, experience, rate of success, those will all be factored in. Someone who has a defensive-minded perspective, somebody who has had success putting solid defensive units out there, limiting points while still having flow to the offence. “Someone who has a free-flowing offence, but can really drill down on the defensive side of the ball which is something we need to improve on.” Toronto Sun

Jay Triano has been kicked upstairs by the Toronto Raptors. The team announced Wednesday it is declining to pick up an option year on Triano's contract as the team's head coach and he will become “a consultant to the basketball team as a special assistant to the president and general manager.” Triano, the 52-year-old native of Niagara Falls, Ont., was due to make just over $2 million as the head coach next season, which would have been his third full year after replacing Sam Mitchell as the seventh head coach in the 16-year history of the franchise. Toronto Star

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Is Jay Triano going to be the Raptors’ head coach going forward? Byran Colangelo: “I think that it’s fair to say that Jay has done a great job with this team to date. He’s done everything we’ve asked him to do in terms of playing the young players and developing them. You look at the progress that DeMar DeRozan and Ed Davis made in his tenure this year as a rookie even though he came off of that injury, at Amir Johnson putting up career numbers, those are positive things. The Score

Colangelo: “The things that we probably haven’t improved upon and need to improve upon are things like defense and we need to sit down and talk and really break it down — why aren’t we doing better at defense? Why, at times, are we not moving the ball and having more efficiency on offense? We really want to talk philosophically about those things and I think that at the end of the day, we know enough about each other that there’s probably a good understanding. But we really have to talk in earnest and discuss this particular season, talk about the progress that’s been made with Jay at the helm, and then decide if he’s the right guy to move forward. … At some point in the next few weeks, we’re going to know whether or not that’s the direction we’re going. “ The Score

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Peddie’s retirement (and the arrival of a going-away cheque that, envious whispers have it, runs eight figures) isn’t the only thing that’s been pushed back since last month, when MLSE’s majority owner, the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, confirmed it was investigating the possibility of selling its 66 per cent ownership stake. The future of much of the local NBA operation, most notably GM Bryan Colangelo and coach Jay Triano, hangs in limbo, thanks chiefly to the anti-Colangelo sentiments of Teachers’ representative Glen Silvestri. The search for Peddie’s successor, meanwhile, has, according to multiple sources, all but ground to a halt; and perhaps, if the company is going to change hands in the coming months, that makes sense. Toronto Star

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Colangelo also addressed the even murkier question of Triano. Despite the team’s struggles this season, the GM maintains he’s still a big booster of the NBA’s only Canadian head coach — adding that Triano’s future with the team probably won’t be settled until his own situation is resolved. (The Raptors have a team option on Triano for next season). “To a man, walking out of the exit interviews that I had individually with players, everybody thought Jay, under the circumstances, did a good job,” said Colangelo. “We’re talking about players who truly liked the guy, and that’s half the battle in this business.” Toronto Sun

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The future of head coach Jay Triano is also up in the air. The Raptors have until mid-June to exercise the option year on his contract. The players appeared unified in their support for Triano when they cleaned out their lockers last week. “One thing I would say is that continuity in this business is pretty important,” Colangelo said. “The ebb and flow of winning and losing, it happens to almost every franchise, some more than others.” Toronto Globe & Mail

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