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May 26, 2011 Updates

Colangelo: “The things that we probably haven’t improved upon and need to improve upon are things like defense and we need to sit down and talk and really break it down — why aren’t we doing better at defense? Why, at times, are we not moving the ball and having more efficiency on offense? We really want to talk philosophically about those things and I think that at the end of the day, we know enough about each other that there’s probably a good understanding. But we really have to talk in earnest and discuss this particular season, talk about the progress that’s been made with Jay at the helm, and then decide if he’s the right guy to move forward. … At some point in the next few weeks, we’re going to know whether or not that’s the direction we’re going. “ The Score

May 18, 2011 Updates
April 23, 2011 Updates

Peddie’s retirement (and the arrival of a going-away cheque that, envious whispers have it, runs eight figures) isn’t the only thing that’s been pushed back since last month, when MLSE’s majority owner, the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, confirmed it was investigating the possibility of selling its 66 per cent ownership stake. The future of much of the local NBA operation, most notably GM Bryan Colangelo and coach Jay Triano, hangs in limbo, thanks chiefly to the anti-Colangelo sentiments of Teachers’ representative Glen Silvestri. The search for Peddie’s successor, meanwhile, has, according to multiple sources, all but ground to a halt; and perhaps, if the company is going to change hands in the coming months, that makes sense. Toronto Star

April 19, 2011 Updates

Colangelo also addressed the even murkier question of Triano. Despite the team’s struggles this season, the GM maintains he’s still a big booster of the NBA’s only Canadian head coach — adding that Triano’s future with the team probably won’t be settled until his own situation is resolved. (The Raptors have a team option on Triano for next season). “To a man, walking out of the exit interviews that I had individually with players, everybody thought Jay, under the circumstances, did a good job,” said Colangelo. “We’re talking about players who truly liked the guy, and that’s half the battle in this business.” Toronto Sun

April 18, 2011 Updates

The future of head coach Jay Triano is also up in the air. The Raptors have until mid-June to exercise the option year on his contract. The players appeared unified in their support for Triano when they cleaned out their lockers last week. “One thing I would say is that continuity in this business is pretty important,” Colangelo said. “The ebb and flow of winning and losing, it happens to almost every franchise, some more than others.” Toronto Globe & Mail

Bryan Colangelo on Jay Triano: “Clearly he did everything we asked him to do this year. He stuck to that plan” … even if his reputation or record took a hit. Colangelo gave him a ton of credit for sticking to that plan and noted that the players have a true, genuine like and respect for Triano. “If I’m not here, he deserves consideration as as a head coach.” FAN590

April 15, 2011 Updates
April 14, 2011 Updates

Eric Smith: Ed Davis said he'd like to see Jay Triano & his staff back next year. Add he hasn't thought much (yet) about the potential lockout Twitter

April 12, 2011 Updates

The Raptors have an option for another year on Triano's contract that has to be picked up by June. The contracts of his assistants, except P.J. Carlesimo, are expiring as well. Triano and his staff have spoken briefly about the future, but tried not to dwell on their murky futures. "The conversation usually goes: `Guys, there's nothing we can do about this but our jobs, and let's go out there and be very prepared and let's not stop working,' " Triano said. "It's a trait we want to extend through the players as well. "Sometimes we forget that they're 21, 22 years old. We want to set a good example by always being prepared, and never giving up. Then at the end of the day, nobody will have a problem looking in the mirror and saying, 'I did the best I could.' " CP24

But as the late Canadian coaching legend Jack Donohue used to tell Triano, the only thing within his control is today. "Jack used to tell us, 'Yesterday is a cancelled cheque, and tomorrow is a promisory note, and today is cash in hand,' " Triano said. "The only one that has any immediate value is the cash in hand. "So live each day and do the best that you can every single day. That's the way we've approached this, and I think it's a great way to approach life: live every day and plan for the future, and dream for it, but you've got a chance to make a mark today, so do it today." CP24

April 9, 2011 Updates
April 8, 2011 Updates
April 6, 2011 Updates

The Raptors' complicated ownership group has to decide whether to pick up options for Colangelo and coach Jay Triano, and the early indications are that the coach has a better chance of staying. CBSSports.com

April 5, 2011 Updates

Almost as importantly, the team has gotten along. Aside from a few minor issues — Julian Wright refusing to go into a game in Golden State last month stands out — the Raptors have been a cohesive unit. Given the mounting losses, that is an accomplishment. “For the one-off incident that did happen, it is so minor to the other s— that goes on around this league,” Triano said, answering in the affirmative when asked if there were at least five incidents on last year’s team that would have been worse than Wright’s refusal to play. There were likely more involving Hedo Turkoglu alone. “I think that [Triano’s] work ethic, his professionalism and his positive demeanour, which is the hardest thing to maintain, is what has kept us going more than anything else,” assistant coach P.J. Carlesimo said. National Post

March 27, 2011 Updates

Julian Wright has apologized for refusing to go into the game last night … as the Raptors were being blown out by the Golden State Warriors. With Toronto down by 35+ points for most of the evening, head coach Jay Triano called upon Wright to go into the game late in the contest. But the swingman told the coach that he wouldn’t sub-in. When word of this story leaked out after the final buzzer, there was some talk that Wright may have been sick (he had recently returned from the rest room when Triano called his number) but it turns out the Kansas product’s health had nothing to do with his decision to not enter the game. FAN590

Wright addressed the coaches and his teammates in a game-day meeting earlier today. He apologized for his actions but said “everyone understood” his frustration. “The best way to put it is this was not characteristic of me,” said Wright. “That’s why I think this is (now) a thing of the past.” FAN590

D'Antoni, who worked under Colangelo in Phoenix, might be out of a job if Walsh leaves the Knicks at season's end. For now, the Raptors plan to bring back coach Jay Triano, despite their awful season. But if D'Antoni becomes available, Triano could be jettisoned. New York Daily News

March 26, 2011 Updates

It sounds as if there is a small problem brewing in Toronto. Raptors coach Jay Triano called for forward Julian Wright to enter the game in a 138-100 blowout loss to the Golden State Warriors. The problem wass that Wright refused to enter the game. I don't know what the deal is but apparently Wright isn't too happy about the amount of playing time he's been getting. There's one way to solve it Julian, play better. Triano didn't seem to be too bent out of shape over what took place. "I just went to the next guy," Triano told the Toronto Star. "I wasn't going to ask him twice." “I asked (Wright) to go in, and he didn’t go in,” Triano said. “I know he went to the washroom just before that. I don’t know if he wasn’t feeling well. I still haven’t talked to him.” Yardbarker.com

February 17, 2011 Updates

The Heat forward said he spoke briefly with Triano while both were in New York over the summer, and “tried to shake his hand” before facing Toronto in Miami earlier this season. “That was bad,” Bosh said. “I tried to say hello but, if you’re not feeling it, it’s all good…. Yeah, it’s surprising. I mean, at the end of the day, this is a game. This is business for us, but it’s a game. I think if you’ve spent a significant amount of time with somebody, ‘Hey, how you doing, how’s the family?’ That’s it. I wasn’t looking to have a candid conversation before the game. But we play a lot of games, we do that all the time.” Palm Beach Post

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