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February 14, 2011 Updates

This is not just the end of your contract. This is the final year on coach Jay Triano’s contract. If you are back as general manager next season, will Triano be back as coach? Bryan Colangelo: Jay has done a really solid job here given the difficult circumstances. We are clearly rebuilding and we have been decimated by injury, yet the young guys are clearly developing nicely and the atmosphere around the team has remained positive. The organization will likely address his contract status and whether to pick up his option year sometime after the season. Toronto Sun

January 25, 2011 Updates

And how did he find out that the streak was over? “I found out after we were walking off the floor. Somebody yelled at me that I should be fired because we didn’t make a three. Somebody yelled at me, that’s when I went, ‘Did we not make a three? OK, well,’ I mean, honestly, you know what, I think the organization should be very proud of the streak that it had, but for us to go into a game thinking that we should try to make a three and for us to have a depleted lineup with guys like Barbosa and Kleiza and Calderon not in uniform, I mean those are guys that are going to sometimes step up and make them for us. You know what, it’s a record and that record did not help us climb one spot in our race to try to get better as a team. It’s one less thing we can put in our media notes. Alright? So that’s about the extent of that streak being broken.” The Score

January 3, 2011 Updates

The word hung there for a few seconds, with no reporter quite sure what to do with it. “Politics,” Raptors head coach Jay Triano said. “Yeah.” National Post

When TSN’s James Cybulski picked up the politics comment with an assertion that the veteran-laden Celtics might get the favour of the whistle more than the anonymous Raptors, Triano responded, “Thank you. I didn’t have to say it.” DeMar DeRozan shot eight free throws, a game high he shared with teammate Joey Dorsey and Boston’s Paul Pierce. DeRozan had 27 points (although it took 25 field-goal attempts to get there) a game after he scored a career-high 37 points on Friday in Houston. National Post

December 24, 2010 Updates

With his health improved from recent seasons, Calderon has been able to regain his old form and play better at both ends of the floor. "Jose's defense this year has been a lot different," said Raptors' head coach Jay Triano. "He has been healthy so his defense has been way better. He has been more aggressive with his defense which is the style we are trying to play. Instead of sitting back, he has been up into the ball a lot better and we are giving him more definition as far as what he can do and where to push guys. "We count deflections and being able to get up into guys. He is up in deflections and getting his hands up into the ball and not letting point guards get comfortable in how they want to run their offense." HoopsWorld

December 16, 2010 Updates

“He was always very good to me,” Jay Triano said of Mitchell, who was fired Dec. 3, 2008 as the unproven Canadian was handed the job on an interim basis. “One of his goals always was to help us become better coaches and he wanted us all to become head coaches if we could. “He was very good at delegating and letting everyone be involved with real input.” Toronto Star

But he also had very public clashes with some players — notably Rafer Alston and Jalen Rose — and was left to deal with the fallout of the trade of Vince Carter, the low-water mark in franchise history that set the team back years. “We went through a lot,” he said. “I leaned a lot about myself and I grew as a man and I learned a lot about the job of being an NBA head coach.” Toronto Star

November 11, 2010 Updates

NBA types in Toronto couldn’t help but break out laughing, as they’ve been doing frequently when they’ve watched Bosh’s abysmal (albeit early) failure to fit into the Heat’s game plan. Bosh’s comments suggested that he spent more than half a decade in Toronto apparently unaware that League Pass is widely available in Canada. While Bosh clarified that his Etobicoke waterfront condo was exclusively loyal to a TV carrier that didn’t give residents that option, he was also apparently dumb to the fact that anyone with a brain and a bit of money — and Bosh made $15.6 million (U.S.) in his final season in Toronto — can arrange to have a grey-market U.S. satellite package installed in their home with one phone call. “We should have informed him that he could have got (League Pass),” Jay Triano, the Raptors coach, said with a laugh. “I don’t remember one day when he came into practice and said he was mad because he didn’t have good cable.” Toronto Star

October 25, 2010 Updates

While there were concerns about Dorsey’s attitude after the Sacramento Kings— who acquired him in the Kevin Martin/Tracy McGrady swap with Houston— released him last spring, the bruising forward has been on his best behavior here in Toronto. “I have seen absolutely nothing of the negative variety at all,” Raptors head coach Jay Triano said. “He’s one of the nicest guys that I’ve been around. Respectful, works hard in practice and he’s fun. He’s a fun guy to be around. I like to base my opinion on what I see and what I know and maybe he’s pulling the wool over my eyes, but I’m not going to believe anything different until I see something different.” The Score

October 20, 2010 Updates

He is Toronto’s most creative offensive weapon and while his ability to beat his man off the dribble and get into the paint still has some ways to go, it is huge for a team with no “main” offensive weapon. “I want him to be aggressive,” said coach Jay Triano. “We’ve asked him to try to get to the free-throw line eight times a game. Actually, we’ve asked him to try to make eight free throws a game, because he’s getting there eight but he’s not making eight — and I think that sets an aggressive mindset for him.” DeRozan’s aggressiveness is at least a little bit attributable to his familiarity with his surroundings. He is no longer a raw or awestruck rookie finding his way; he knows the challenges and assignments that await him. Toronto Star

October 11, 2010 Updates

But this summer, when he was an assistant on Mike Krzyzewski’s USA Basketball staff, Triano noticed something in Rondo he hadn’t before. “He’s a very smart basketball player,’’ Triano said. “That surprised me. I wasn’t sure about that before. “He’s one of the most highly intelligent players in the game right now,’’ added Triano before his Raptors fell, 91-87, to the Celtics last night in an exhibition at TD Garden. “He knows everything. You cannot make a mistake with him. If you screw up on a scouting report, he knows.’’ Boston Globe

September 26, 2010 Updates

Regarding Bosh, Triano said: “We noticed a little bit of a change in Chris after the All-Star game last year but I can’t say that he knew 100% that [he was going to leave] and I can’t say that he didn’t know”. When asked whether Bosh shut it down late in the season, Triano wisely avoided the question. He also reiterated how not being “centered around one guy” is a good thing. RaptorsRepublic.com

Finally, his comments on Chris Bosh being a leader are absolutely refreshing. I cannot thank Triano enough for finally saying this out in the open and debunking the myth that Bosh was anything close to a leader. After a caller asked how the Raptors were going to fill the leadership void created by Bosh, Triano said: "When you talk about Chris being the leader in the lockeroom, I think it’s the one thing that he wasn’t for us. He did a great job of getting 24 points and 10, 11 rebounds on a regular basis, but Chris did not really take the leadership role into the locker room. He’s not a vocal person, he’s not a guy who really did that. I think in the years that he’s been here, he’s almost deferred to different people: Jermaine O’Neal, Jalen Rose, and Vince Carter in his earlier years, didn’t really defer to anyone last year and everybody kind of waited for him to take the reigns last year and it could’ve been been part of the issues we had." RaptorsRepublic.com

September 20, 2010 Updates

"I like the international ball movement," Triano said. "I thought that the way that they move the basketball and the way that they make cuts, they have to do that sometimes to overcome the athleticism that some of the other teams have. So they're very precise with their offense." NBA.com

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