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April 4, 2013 Updates

“We’re playing off each other,” said Green, who scored 34 points to go with Pierce’s 17 in a 98-93 win over a Pistons team that had no matchup answers. “We’re two lethal threats on the perimeter and in the low post, so teams have to make a decision on how they want to play us. Either one of us is going to have a nice matchup.” WEEI.com

April 3, 2013 Updates

Green is averaging 21.4 points in his 10 games as a starter, a figure that would make him the Celtics’ overall leader if stretched over the entire season. Pierce is tops with an 18.8 average. In his last 11 games, Green is averaging 19.3 points and shooting 52.3 percent from the field. “I’m at a point where I’m comfortable,” Green said. “There’s always more. I’m never content with where I’m at, so I’ve got to keep pushing.” People have seen the C’s, but they haven’t seen Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Avery Bradley and this Jeff Green. “It just opens up the floor for other guys and makes us a better team,” Green said of the effect the way he’s playing now can have on the operation. “I mean, when you’ve got Paul and Kevin, when they get healthy, and then you’ve got myself and Jet (Jason Terry), Courtney (Lee) and Avery, when we’re clicking it opens everything up. It just adds another dimension to our team.” Boston Herald

April 2, 2013 Updates

Underneath the uniform of the man who can soar like a superhero is a padded tank top that covers his chest, now a part of his game-day attire since undergoing open-heart surgery in January of 2012. Green first wore the protective layer once he began playing again last summer, and there was an adjustment period to the new part of his uniform. "When I first started wearing it last summer and started playing, it felt weird," Green said. "I had to get used to it. It was tight, uncomfortable, you name it, that’s what it was. Before I didn’t wear a tank top or anything, just a jersey." Nike created a customized tank top with padding in the chest and along the sides for Green. While he waited for his to arrive, he borrowed one of Rajon Rondo's. CSNNE.com

March 28, 2013 Updates

Jeff Green lifted the Boston Celtics to a 93-92 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers Wednesday night. The in-game heroics were thrilling, but what Green did after was truly moving. Green embraced Dr. Lars Svensson. Svensson saved Green's life a little over a year ago. Svennsson performed open-heart surgery on Green last year to repair an aortic aneurysm. "Just a year ago and a couple months, I was under that bright light with him working on me," Green told boston.com. "It's a blessing to be here." USA Today Sports

March 18, 2013 Updates

With Miami storming into Boston on Monday, the Celtics will once again look to Green to help keep James in line. "It's always a challenge," Green said at Sunday's practice. "He's one of the best players. It's always a challenge guarding him and I take on the challenge of guarding him. I enjoy it." But Green knows he won't be able to stop James all by himself. He can be the first line of defense and work to cut off James' lanes to the basket, but he'll need his teammates working and communicating behind him to help bolster the attack. Communication on defense could be thrown into even greater focus on Monday if Kevin Garnett -- Boston's best talker on defense -- is still out with a strained left adductor. Doc Rivers said at Sunday's practice that KG is "50/50 at best" for Monday night's game. "I can't do it alone," Green said. "He's going to get past me sometimes, but that's why you count on your teammates to be there." ESPN.com

March 12, 2013 Updates
March 8, 2013 Updates

Asked earlier this week if people underestimate what he has endured, Green nodded. “They do. They take it for granted,” he said. “They think the game of basketball is the same style all around, and it’s not. There’s different coaches, different style of players, different styles of plays, different styles of the way that teams play. There are so many things you have to take into account when you get traded to a team or join a team.” And when the game doesn’t properly flow, the barriers go up. “I’ve always been that way,” he said. “I’ve always been told to relax, I’ve always been told to not be so hard on myself, but that’s just the way I grew up. It’s the way I’ve been since I was young. I always expected the best in whatever I put forth.” Boston Herald

Much of that criticism fell on Green. That, at least, is how he perceived it. He’s still unsure. “I don’t care what people thought of it,” he said, while also revealing enough hurt to show that public perception did indeed bother him. “I didn’t put that pressure on myself, but I felt that people put pressure on me to be who Kendrick was,” said Green. “We were two different people and players, and I don’t think people understood that. This was one of the true Celtics who was leaving, and they figured since I was coming in that I was going to be the same. But we’re two different players, two different personalities. Everything was different about the whole situation. Boston Herald

March 3, 2013 Updates

Without a doubt, Jeff Green could put together the best highlight package of any Celtic. Just ask him. “Of course,” Green said. “There’s nobody to compare. You can’t compare anybody on this team to me in that category.” “I can’t compete with Jeff,” Celtics captain Paul Pierce admitted. No one else can slash to the basket and dunk with such authority. “That’s my style of play, get in the open floor and make plays,” he said. Worcester Telegram & Gazette

February 20, 2013 Updates
February 16, 2013 Updates
February 6, 2013 Updates

Green was diagnosed with an aortic root aneurysm in December 2011, six and a half years after Turiaf was discovered to have a similar condition. The Clippers’ benevolent big man heard about Green and said he knew “every single moment” that he would go through. “When I heard about it, that it he was going to be out for a while and that he had to undergo open heart surgery I just reached out to him,” Turiaf said. “You always need someone to be able to talk to you and tell what to expect. “It’s big fraternity, the open heart surgery survivors. But we try to stick with each other because it’s a tough process.” NBA.com

January 31, 2013 Updates
January 28, 2013 Updates
January 22, 2013 Updates

The Celtic chips most teams are talking about are guards Courtney Lee ($5 million), forward Jeff Green ($8.35 million) and forward Brandon Bass ($6 million). None of them are overly impressive in a trade on their own; however, any combination of them could get a salary high enough for a more significant deal. The problem is the reason the Celtics want to move them is they have been underwhelming this season and that’s really driven down their trade value. HoopsWorld

January 15, 2013 Updates
January 10, 2013 Updates

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