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November 24, 2013 Updates

Scouts and opponents are raving about how hard players are playing for new Phoenix coach Jeff Hornacek. The Suns, expected to be competing for the No. 1 overall pick, are a respectable 6-6, snapping a four-game losing streak on Friday night. Boston Globe

October 13, 2013 Updates

In one summer, the skies parted and shined on Brown, who is glowing during this preseason like none other in his career. It started when new Suns General Manager Ryan McDonough and new coach Jeff Hornacek offered him a clean slate and did not cut him when only half of his $3.5 million salary was guaranteed. It continued when his wife Monica gave birth Sept. 3 to Laiyah, their first child together. “This is really like the first year where I’ve been having fun from the very, very beginning,” Brown said. “A lot of it has to do with maturity. Expectations for myself and the team. Not really expecting anything but going out and seizing every day. I’m having a great time with great teammates and great coaches. It’s just a better vibe around here.” Arizona Republic

August 2, 2013 Updates

Here's where I really tried to pin Jeff down. My lead in was that last season there were five teams (Denver, Houston, OKC, SA and Miami) that scored at least 102.9 points per game. Given that, I asked for a one word response on whether the Suns scoring average for the 2013-14 season would be higher or lower than 102.9 points per game... Coach Hornacek's one word reply: "What did we average last year? (It was 95.2 by the way) Over 102.9, we would hope we can get there. If we can get there I think that's a good start for us in our first year. So, hopefully, I would say yes." Bright Side of the Sun

July 10, 2013 Updates

“It’s always helpful; the more experience you get, the better,” Hornacek said. “As a player, you remember all of those (game) situations. It’s a little different coaching because you can’t control something out there. So, you’ve got to do it with a timeout and draw up a play or something like that. “But that stuff, as we go on, will get easier and easier.” At least Hornacek has experience on an NBA bench beyond his playing days. Another former Suns guard, Jason Kidd, went from a 40-year-old retired point guard one instant to the 40-year-old rookie coach of the Brooklyn Nets the next instant. He hasn’t even been an assistant coach. Arizona Republic

July 8, 2013 Updates
June 28, 2013 Updates
June 27, 2013 Updates
June 22, 2013 Updates

Celtics assistant Mike Longabardi, who was Doc Rivers' "defensive coordinator" in Boston, has accepted an offer to become an assistant for Phoenix Suns head coach Jeff Hornacek, a league source told the Globe. Longabardi becomes the first assistant coach to leave the Celtics this offseason, which has been filled with questions about whether Rivers will return to coach the team. Boston Globe

June 18, 2013 Updates
June 17, 2013 Updates

The Suns withdrew from contract talks to make Roy Rogers an assistant coach on Jeff Hornacek’s new staff. Veteran assistant coach Jerry Sichting is still expected to be on Hornacek’s coaching staff, along with Mark West moving from his role as vice president of player programs to the bench. The Suns will make two more assistant coach hires now that plans to bring in Rogers were not settled. No assistant coach hire has been formally announced. Arizona Republic

June 16, 2013 Updates
June 11, 2013 Updates
June 6, 2013 Updates

And most of those prospects will have gone through workouts for general manager Ryan McDonough and head coach Jeff Hornacek at US Airways Center this week. Seven more prospects were in town Thursday, including Michigan guard Trey Burke, college basketball's National Player of the Year in 2012-13. While the six other players worked out together, Burke had an individual workout for Suns brass. "Coach Hornacek pushed me," Burke told the media following his session. "It's tougher working out by yourself than it is with a group, but it definitely went great." Arizona's Sports Page

May 30, 2013 Updates

New Phoenix Suns head coach Jeff Hornacek always wanted to coach, but never thought that would happen in the NBA. "My goal was never to be a coach in the NBA," Hornacek said. "I always felt I would coach, but I thought that would be on the college level. I felt that what I'd learned over the years would be too much for high school, but the pro guys they already know everything so why would I do that?" Bright Side of the Sun

May 29, 2013 Updates

In Dudley's eyes, hiring Hornacek infuses the franchise with new energy, but also reaffirms a need to get back to team-first basketball. "I definitely believe [this hire is good for me]," said Dudley. "Not only me but the team, because when you get into the team concept we all do well. When you see the Spurs -- and I hate to use the Spurs because that's our rival -- but that's a team. They're successful for a reason. "Do they have stars? Yes. Are some of them aging? Yes, that happens. But from the role players, everyone has a job, everyone does their job." Arizona's Sports Page

May 28, 2013 Updates

In 2004, Hornacek, then 41 and four years removed from retiring as a player with the Utah Jazz and with zero coaching experience, was tabbed by Boston Celtics’ executive Danny Ainge as a candidate to coach the Celtics. The job ultimately went to Doc Rivers. The Celtics won a championship in 2008 and became one of the best teams of decade. Hornacek, meanwhile, stayed out of the league for three more years, watching his kids grow up. Salt Lake Tribune

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