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April 22, 2013 Updates

Jeff Teague – $3,469,568 (Qualifying Offer) Re-signing Teague in Atlanta is almost a formality too. Teague will be issued a Qualifying Offer, although sources in Atlanta say they will keep their options open as long as they can, especially as they try and re-shape the team this summer with a tremendous amount of cap space. It’s highly likely that a team with eyes for Teague tries to force Atlanta’s hand with an early offer sheet, but it’s doubtful that Atlanta is losing Teague to free agency unless something truly unexpected happens and a better guard lands on their door step. HoopsWorld

March 31, 2013 Updates

Going into Saturday, Marquis had played in just 44 games, averaging 8.9 minutes. This has been a learning experience for the 20-year-old guard, something his brother predicted during the decision-making process before the draft. “I told him it was going to be rough his first year,” said Jeff. “It was rough my first year, getting picked by a playoff team, it’s never easy. But he’s been taking it well.” Boston Globe

Jeff believes his brother should have played his sophomore season at Kentucky. The elder Teague played two stellar seasons at Wake Forest, then averaged just 4.1 points through his first two seasons in Atlanta before posting a 12.6 average last year, his first as a starter. “I said, ‘Go back to school one more year,’ but he felt like he was ready, and I can’t tell him what to do,” said Jeff, “and I was going to be with him whatever decision he made. “But I thought he should have went back and had another year to hone his skills. He wanted to come out. He made a grown-man choice. “But I think he’s enjoying it. He just tries to stay focused and work hard every day. I told him that was the biggest thing — to make sure that they see you love the game.” Boston Globe

March 18, 2013 Updates

Devin Harris started a third straight game at point guard Sunday against the Nets. According to coach Larry Drew the decision is based on Harris’ recent play and the condition of Jeff Teague’s sprained left ankle. Harris averaged 16 points, 6 assists, 3.5 rebounds and 1.5 steals in the previous two games, victories over the Lakers and Suns. Harris started against the Lakers as Teague missed the first game of his pro career due to injury. “He really starts the game with a lot of energy, which I really like,” Drew said. “He really pushes it and attacks the rim. So, we are going to stay with it for right now. I’m not saying it’s going to be permanent but for right now we are going to stay with it.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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November 4, 2012 Updates

While Teague is using the lack of an extension as motivation, he made it clear that the situation won’t turn into a distraction and that his first preference is to remain with the Hawks going forward. “I don’t think about it,” Teague said of his impeding free agency. “I just play. Go out here and just try to do what my team needs me to do so we can get wins. When that time comes, it will come, but right now I’m just worrying about getting better every day as a Hawk.” “I’m all about winning and whatever it takes to win,” Teague added. “Whichever way the organization wants to go, I’m all for it. I’m on board and I’m happy to be here.” HoopsWorld

One omission from the deadline frenzy was Atlanta Hawks starting point guard Jeff Teague. The fourth year guard was admittedly disappointed a deal on an extension wasn’t reached and plans on using the contract snub as a motivational tool for the 2012-13 campaign. “I mean we tried but you know it didn’t work out,” Teague told HOOPSWORLD. “[The numbers] didn’t match up. But you know it’s a little more motivation to go out there and try to prove to them that I deserve the things I was looking for and try to make the best of it.” HoopsWorld

October 16, 2012 Updates

“At times he’s going to play (point guard),” Drew said. “At times he’s going to play (shooting guard). At times he’s going to be a combination of both.” Harris said he does not have a preference where he plays. He has been in a similar position with the Mavericks when he played alongside Jason Terry. With the Hawks he will be sharing the court with Jeff Teague and Lou Williams, all capable of bringing the ball up court or playing the wing. “I’ve seen the way it can work and how it can work so I have a little bit of experience,” Harris said. “It doesn’t matter who brings the ball up as long as you push the ball. A lot of the three guards can do similar things. We all can space the floor. We all can get in the paint and score. We all can get to the free-throw line. If we have two guys out there at the same time who can do that, it’s going to be tough to guard.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

October 15, 2012 Updates

Jeff Teague, Hawks: Teague has taken over as the starter in Atlanta and will be asked to do even more this season with Joe Johnson now in Brooklyn. But his chances of getting an extension? Agent Andy Miller says there are discussions ongoing and it's too early to tell, but it's hard to see Atlanta committing funds to anyone when it can be so far under the cap after this season. NBA.com

October 3, 2012 Updates

Horford said he and Smith are “drooling” over the prospects of playing the more up-tempo offense Drew has in mind with Jeff Teague being joined by Devin Harris and Lou Williams at point guard. The key to the season will be how long it takes all the new players, of which Horford is one of just five returners, to mesh as a unit. “I know we have a lot of work to do,” Horford said. “We have so many new players. We don’t know how long it’s going to take to gel. Hopefully it’s going to take just the month of October, maybe some of November, for us to start figuring it out.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

October 1, 2012 Updates

Josh Smith may not hear the groans from the Philips Arena crowd when he squares up to take a 3-pointer this season. Why? Listen to Smith tell it. “You haven’t seen the roster?” Smith turned around a reporter’s question about his long-range shooting plans on a rebuilt Hawks roster. “We’ve got Kyle Korver, Devin Harris, Louis Williams, Anthony Morrow, Anthony Tolliver. Am I missing anyone? Jeff Teague. … So there we go. That answers that question. I didn’t even say my name did I? Call me mid-range shawty.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

August 13, 2012 Updates

Danny Ferry: With Joe gone, the dynamic of our team is naturally going to change. There’s going to be more touches and more possessions that other people are gonna be a part of. I would imagine that both Devin [Harris] and Jeff — and Louis [Williams] — will absorb a lot of those. And all of them will become very important to our group. Grantland

August 1, 2012 Updates

“I’ve got to be more of a leader,” Teague said. “I looked to other guys last year like Joe and Marvin [Williams] and those guys. I feel like it’s my time to step up and be a leader along with Josh and Al and try to be that third guy.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

July 24, 2012 Updates

Josh Smith, Al Horford, Zaza Pachulia and Jeff Teague are the only four Hawks remaining on the roster from last season. Without some of the leadership returning from years past, Ferry is banking on Teague stepping into a larger leadership role for the team and believes the more the young guard gets to play, the better he’ll ultimately become as a professional. “He’s still a young player,” Ferry said of Teague. “Last year was the first time where he just played. He got to play, totally green lighted. It will be interesting to see how he matures this year and continues to develop with things. It will be more his team. We don’t have Joe. We don’t have Marvin. It will be more of Jeff’s team than it has ever been. I think he’s capable of stepping in and doing a good job with that.” HoopsWorld

July 16, 2012 Updates

The Kings have 14 players under contract and one of those players (Hassan Whiteside) does not have a guaranteed contract. So there is still the possibility for more moves. Jeff Teague is held in high regard, but do the Kings have the assets to convince Atlanta to part with Teague, even though they acquired Devin Harris? Not sure the Kings could dump one or two of their wing players in exchange for Teague. Sulia

July 2, 2012 Updates

Ferry still has a key piece or to offer Orlando in trade proposals for Howard in All-Star center Al Horford and young guard Jeff Teague, as well as the forthcoming salary-cap space to pursue Howard in the summer of 2013 should Orlando resist the trade inquiries sources say he'll soon be making and Howard indeed makes it to free agency as scheduled. ESPN.com

June 21, 2012 Updates

Al Horford: "We have the 23rd pick and I know the team will draft the best player available. I would like to pick a shooter like Kentucky's Doron Lamb. But it wouldn't bother me if they picked a big who could help me like Festus Ezeli (Vanderbilt). Anyway, I doubt they will pick Jeff Teague's brother, Marquis Teague." Primera Hora

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