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May 15, 2014 Updates

Here’s something to keep in mind if you’re keeping an eye on the Knicks’ coaching search: Jeff Van Gundy said on Thursday that he’s never ruled out the possibility of taking the job. In other words, if Phil Jackson calls, it sounds like Van Gundy will listen. “I never said I wouldn’t consider [the Knicks],” Van Gundy, an ESPN NBA analyst, said Thursday morning on ESPN Radio’s “The Herd with Colin Cowherd.” ESPN.com

“One thing I try to stay away from, Colin, is talking about things in public. Interest in jobs or other jobs, I don’t think it does the teams any good. I don’t think it does, frankly, coaches any good. I’m very content in whatever I do to sort of stay in the background. The Knicks, no matter who they hire, will always have a special place in my heart. They gave me the opportunity to come into pro basketball as an assistant. I stayed there 13 years. I love the New York Knicks, always will, regardless of who coaches.” ESPN.com

Lacob mentioned that he was wowed by the details you provided on this team. How detailed did you get? KERR: I've been preparing for this for a while. I've really thought things through in terms of my coaching philosophy. There's all kinds of stuff I have.. I guess you would call my doctrines, just putting my thoughts on paper. Jeff Van Gundy told me two years ago, when I said I'd really like to coach, what should I do, he said put all of your thoughts on paper, everything you think is important for a team. Put it on paper. Just a chance to get thoughts together and think about it. And that was great advice. I've done that. Gone over in detail what my expectations would be for a team and how I'd like to play, how my staff would look like, what the daily routine would be, everything from social media, training staff, assist coaching staff... I've put a lot of thought in this. Contra Costa Times

May 3, 2014 Updates

So who do the Lakers hire to replace D’Antoni, who was doomed this season by a plague of injuries? We continue to hear that ex-Lakers Byron Scott and Kurt Rambis are viable candidates. Derek Fisher, also a former Laker, but might not be so viable with no experience. But that didn’t stop the Lakers from floating out his name as a candidate. Jeff Van Gundy is in the running. Stan Van Gundy has also been mentioned. He was recently contacted by the Pistons about their vacancy, but the talks didn’t get anywhere when he asked about getting power over personnel decisions. The Lakers decided to flood the grapevine, so if there had been a third Van Gundy brother, he probably would have been listed, too. New York Daily News

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April 29, 2014 Updates

For this comment, Van Gundy's bosses at ESPN may get a call. The NBA league office works behind the scenes to manipulate the public discussion on officiating, especially by on-air analysts, according to Van Gundy and others in the broadcast industry. "They've tried to hurt me with my bosses," Van Gundy said. "They've called my bosses and said, 'Nobody wants to hear that guy whine about officiating.' They're pretty sensitive about that sort of stuff. I'm not quite sure why. I think by critiquing them you're talking of their importance to the game. "I'm not sure why they'd be upset with that." Oregonian

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April 13, 2014 Updates

"It's unfortunate for those franchises if they don't make it," ABC/ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy said. "But the league, just because of how it's grown and the depth of teams and organizations, I don't think it's a major deal either. Those teams have proven to be great organizations, and they'll be in the playoffs in the near future and in the short term, once in a while to not have them in doesn't impact the playoffs negatively at all." That view isn't shared by everyone. Lakers radio analyst Mychael Thompson, who was part of some Showtime championships, disagreed. "It's horrible for the NBA that those markets may not be in the playoffs," Thompson said. "The NBA is a lot healthier business when those franchises are competing for championships, and they'll get back there." USA Today Sports

March 3, 2014 Updates

Derrick Rose, who is out for the season after tearing his meniscus just 10 games into the season, was shown on the ESPN broadcast watching the Bulls-Knicks game at the United Center from the tunnel with his toddler son, P.J. Jeff Van Gundy, who was calling the game, wasn’t shy from cracking a joke about the former MVP who has missed nearly 2 full seasons in a row because of knee injuries. “You see Derrick Rose…with the cutest little guy. I hope he has better knees than his dad.” beyondthebuzzer.com

February 28, 2014 Updates

According to Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey, the most successful play Jeff Van Gundy ran while he was in Houston was simply setting a random screen and letting the players run the offense by themselves. The set plays were actually less efficient. Former NBA coach George Karl also added that one of the most valuable and underrated plays at the end of a game was simply gaining an offensive rebound. ESPN.com

February 11, 2014 Updates

"The nonsense is certainly that he has a deal in place," said Van Gundy, who has remained good friends with Thibodeau after the Bulls coach was an assistant on his staff in New York and Houston. "First of all, if anybody knows Tom, he's thinking about tomorrow's practice, not about next year. The friction between he and their front office, I can go only on what I read, and enough has been leaked out to the media to say that something is wrong. The Bulls have leaked out some negative stuff about how he's maybe too hard on players. He's not totally in charge if he comes back obviously because they can fire him, which I wouldn't think they would do, but listen, the NBA is a crazy place. You never know." ESPN.com

February 9, 2014 Updates

Van Gundy was asked on ESPN Radio’s “The Ian O’Connor Show” if he had any advice for Woodson. His message was simple: ignore the outside noise. “Just do your job and don’t feel the need to update the media on your feelings because it doesn’t matter,” Van Gundy said. “Just do your job. You know how to coach and you’ve done it very well there. I wouldn’t apologize to anyone if I was him because I think he’s handled himself very, very well in a difficult situation.” ESPN.com

The Knicks are 20-31 and in tenth place in the Eastern Conference, two games behind Charlotte for the eighth seed. They’ve lost four of five, leading to another round of widespread speculation that Woodson’s job is in jeopardy. Van Gundy called the constant speculation over Woodson’s job “very, very unfair.” If Woodson is let go, the Knicks would likely consider a big-name coach such as Van Gundy or John Calipari, among others, to bring in over the summer. Van Gundy has said that he has no interest in taking over a team in the middle of the season. ESPN.com

February 1, 2014 Updates

Tracy McGrady retired from professional basketball after last season, and word is that he may be gearing up for a second career in sports. During the Friday night game between the Brooklyn Nets and Oklahoma City Thunder, ESPN commentator Jeff Van Gundy hinted that T-Mac was considering playing baseball. “I think he’s going to play independent league baseball as a pitcher this year,” Van Gundy said. “I’m being serious. I’ve heard from sources in Houston — seriously — that he’s throwing over 90 miles per hour.” For The Win

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