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December 4, 2013 Updates

Two years ago, an intermediary acting on behalf of Isiah Thomas reached out to Van Gundy to gauge his interest in possibly returning to New York. But with Mike D’Antoni still at the helm, Van Gundy refused to entertain the question out of respect for a fellow coach. That’s why the most recent regurgitated story of Van Gundy returning has more holes in it than the Knicks’ defense. Phil Jackson once discussed coaching the Knicks while Van Gundy was still employed at the Garden and there is no chance of Van Gundy working the back channels with Woodson still on the bench. “Jeff thinks that is distasteful,” said one of Van Gundy’s close friends. “He also can’t believe how a guy who won 54 games is in trouble when Tyson Chandler has been out and a lot of the other key players are struggling. Carmelo is the one guy playing well but he isn’t getting much help.” New York Daily News

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August 30, 2013 Updates

But McGrady wasn't a natural leader. His personality never matched his talents, Morey believed, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. For his first three Houston seasons, it fell upon coach Jeff Van Gundy to supply that leadership — by default — and as Morey accurately points out, you never want your team drawing its entire personality and toughness from someone wearing a suit. (Even in Chicago, where the Bulls assumed Tom Thibodeau's rugged personality over these last three years, that wouldn't work if lunch-pail guys like Joakim Noah and Jimmy Butler weren't involved.) After Morey fired Van Gundy before the 2007-08 season, new hire Rick Adelman was hoping McGrady would take on a bigger leadership role. Grantland

August 27, 2013 Updates

“At his peak, I defy anybody that played against him, coached against him, played with him or coached with him, to tell me he wasn’t an all-time great,” Jeff Van Gundy, who coached McGrady in Houston, said in a phone interview. “People are going to look at the lack of playoff success and say, ‘He wasn’t a winner.’ But so much of whether you win or lose in the playoffs is based on who you play with, who you play against, and health.” Toronto Star

July 6, 2013 Updates

Jeff Van Gundy had said Erik Spoelstra bound for Hall of Fame I talked to Stan VG & he agrees Spoelstra's reaction? “This is the most ridiculous. “We’re talking summer league,’’ Spoelstra said after the Heat’s summer-league practice Saturday. “The Van Gundys, it’s widely documented that I’m very close to them. I didn’t actually hear that from Jeff, but Stan is one of my closest friends and through Stan I’ve gotten to know Jeff over the years. They’re just great people. The Van Gundys have had a major influence on my coaching career, in particular Stan.’’ Sulia

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June 17, 2013 Updates

Jeff Van Gundy said Tuesday that “the Clipper job in general is a great job.” But according to several NBA executives who were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter, the former NBA coach and current ESPN analyst is “out of the running for the job, but Brian Shaw is not. *In fact, Shaw, the associate head coach of the Indiana Pacers, has “gained momentum” in becoming the leading candidate in the Clippers’ search for a head coach, said two NBA executives Tuesday night. Los Angeles Times

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June 5, 2013 Updates

Van Gundy was previously near the top of the Clippers search, but talks with him have cooled recently, sources said. Karl is also still under consideration, but the Clippers have yet to formally ask permission from Denver to speak with him. Karl, the NBA's Coach of the Year after leading the starless Nuggets to a franchise-record 57 wins, will enter the final year of his contract with a new general manager at the helm, following Masai Ujiri's departure to Toronto. A source said Saturday that his situation in Denver remains "unsettled." ESPN.com

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June 1, 2013 Updates

Van Gundy, a self-proclaimed Houston enthusiast, definitely sees the draw for Howard to play for the Rockets’ organization. “Houston is an enticing place. One, to live, financially it’s enticing. The team is extremely well-managed with (owner) Les (Alexander) and (general manager) Daryl (Morey) doing a tremendous job and then I think they are very well-coached. I think when you look at everything from a player’s perspective that may enter into it, Houston hits everything a player would want. You’re inserting Howard for, I suspect, (Omer) Asik and I think to consider it you’d have to consider obviously trading him and what you could get for Asik but Dwight is a heck of a player.” CBS Local

How well would Howard fit in with Harden and the Rockets? “You see Dwight Howard’s greatest strengths will always be defense and rebounding. He is a limited offensive player that is a very good pick and roll screener and then very effective roller to the basket. That’s how Houston plays now. He would fit in very well but if he wants the ball brought to him on the block 20 times a game, like Kevin McHale used to get it brought to him back in his Boston heyday, then that would be detrimental to the Rockets. It would be detrimental to their team, the win and loss departments. So it all depends on how Howard wants to fit.” CBS Local

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