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June 17, 2013 Updates

Jeff Van Gundy said Tuesday that “the Clipper job in general is a great job.” But according to several NBA executives who were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter, the former NBA coach and current ESPN analyst is “out of the running for the job, but Brian Shaw is not. *In fact, Shaw, the associate head coach of the Indiana Pacers, has “gained momentum” in becoming the leading candidate in the Clippers’ search for a head coach, said two NBA executives Tuesday night. Los Angeles Times

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June 5, 2013 Updates

Van Gundy was previously near the top of the Clippers search, but talks with him have cooled recently, sources said. Karl is also still under consideration, but the Clippers have yet to formally ask permission from Denver to speak with him. Karl, the NBA's Coach of the Year after leading the starless Nuggets to a franchise-record 57 wins, will enter the final year of his contract with a new general manager at the helm, following Masai Ujiri's departure to Toronto. A source said Saturday that his situation in Denver remains "unsettled." ESPN.com

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Van Gundy, a self-proclaimed Houston enthusiast, definitely sees the draw for Howard to play for the Rockets’ organization. “Houston is an enticing place. One, to live, financially it’s enticing. The team is extremely well-managed with (owner) Les (Alexander) and (general manager) Daryl (Morey) doing a tremendous job and then I think they are very well-coached. I think when you look at everything from a player’s perspective that may enter into it, Houston hits everything a player would want. You’re inserting Howard for, I suspect, (Omer) Asik and I think to consider it you’d have to consider obviously trading him and what you could get for Asik but Dwight is a heck of a player.” CBS Local

How well would Howard fit in with Harden and the Rockets? “You see Dwight Howard’s greatest strengths will always be defense and rebounding. He is a limited offensive player that is a very good pick and roll screener and then very effective roller to the basket. That’s how Houston plays now. He would fit in very well but if he wants the ball brought to him on the block 20 times a game, like Kevin McHale used to get it brought to him back in his Boston heyday, then that would be detrimental to the Rockets. It would be detrimental to their team, the win and loss departments. So it all depends on how Howard wants to fit.” CBS Local

Jeff Van Gundy is in the spotlight these days, not just as an NBA analyst for ESPN, but as a candidate for a head coaching job with the L.A. Clippers and Brooklyn Nets. While the ex-coach Van Gundy has not confirmed or denied these reports, he did speak with SportsRadio 610′s J & R Show on Friday regarding the rumors, the possibility of coaching again, and Dwight Howard’s chances of coming to Houston. When asked point-blank about meeting with the Clippers and/or the Nets for a head coaching position, Van Gundy remained elusive. “One thing I learned long ago that talking about jobs does neither the team nor the person any good so if the team ever wants to talk about, if any team wants to talk about talking to me, that’s their right but I choose to stay out of the fray. There’s so much speculation about all these jobs and so much wrong speculation that to try to right it and all that and I just stay out of the way. But the Clippers are a good team and they’ll get a good coach. There’s no doubt about that.” CBS Local

How hard would it be to leave the broadcasting booth and return to coaching? “Well obviously coaching has been a big part of my life and I love that part of my professional life very much. Nothing like coaching NBA basketball, particularly when you’ve had really good guys who are really good players and so I was very fortunate and if something came along that made sense, in all aspects of my life, it would be great. But certainly, I know how fortunate I am to be doing games on television. Those are hard jobs to get as well and I work with people I really admire at ESPN and particularly, my partner Mike Green,” Van Gundy said. CBS Local

May 31, 2013 Updates

Mike Mazzeo: Confirmed @Mark Heisler report that #Nets have contacted Jeff Van Gundy about their vacancy, though no interview has been set up. Twitter @MazzESPN

The Clippers also called former Cleveland Cavaliers coach Byron Scott, the executive said, and was told that he too is interested. Scott, who was fired by the Cavaliers after the season and is owned about $4 million for next season, coached Chris Paul when both were with the New Orleans Hornets. ESPN analyst and former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy also had preliminary discussions with the Clippers, the executive said, and was said to have an interest in the job. Alvin Gentry, a former coach of the Phoenix Suns and the Clippers, has talked with the team about the job and expressed his interest, two executives said. Los Angeles Times

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