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May 8, 2013 Updates

Nets general manager Billy King was reluctant to rule out any names in his coaching search following the decision to part ways with interim coach P.J. Carlesimo on Sunday. Three days later, that list is starting to be pared down. Phil Jackson, the former Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls coach, isn't interested in the position. The Nets have eliminated potential candidates Stan and Jeff Van Gundy as well. Wall Street Journal

May 7, 2013 Updates
May 6, 2013 Updates

The Brooklyn Nets have contacted Phil Jackson about replacing the outgoing P.J. Carlesimo, according to a source. After Jackson, the source says the list of current Nets' candidates consists of Larry Brown and Brian Shaw. Neither Nate McMillan nor brothers Jeff and Stan Van Gundy is on the list, the source said. That could change if the Nets fail to land one of their top three choices. ESPN.com

The names tossed around in Sunday’s media session included Jackson and Sloan, while a source shot down a report that Jeff Van Gundy is a top target — indicating there’s a “98% chance” the Nets don’t even meet with the TV analyst and former Knicks coach. Meanwhile, highly respected Pacers assistant Brian Shaw will be allowed to speak with the Nets after Indiana’s season concludes, team president Donnie Walsh told the Daily News. New York Daily News

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April 29, 2013 Updates

Van Gundy, who picked the Knicks to beat the Celtics in five games before the series began, said he considers the Knicks the second-best team in the East, with a chance to upset the Heat given a few breaks (assuming both teams survive the second round). If that happens, he will find himself working Knicks games in the Finals at MSG. How cool would that be? "Every time I come in there I look for the tunnel," he said, referring to the decades-old route to the court before the renovation began. "I can feel walking down that hallway and turning into the tunnel and the chills it gave me. I realize just how lucky I was to coach the Knicks when we had some great players. It was awesome, and it still is. "When that's your first job and you were there so long you think it will be like that everywhere and when you go around the NBA it's just not. Only then do you realize how good you had it." Newsday

April 22, 2013 Updates
April 18, 2013 Updates

Nate McMillan is the early speculative favorite on the list of coaches Dumars might consider. Like a prime Tiger Woods in a golf tournament, size of field could be the former Seattle and Portland coach's biggest obstacle. The Van Gundy brothers also might hold some intrigue. Among those who have not been NBA head coaches, Brian Shaw, a perennial bridesmaid for head-coaching jobs, and Kelvin Sampson also might fit the profile of coaches Dumars might consider. Booth Newspapers

April 8, 2013 Updates

Here's what Jeff Van Gundy had to say about Lakers Coach Mike D'Antoni - interesting perspective Van Gundy credits Coach Mike D'Antoni for guiding the Lakers through a challenging year. "He's never looked to lash out and say, 'Are you guys nuts? I was thrown into this situation and you're going to blame me?''' said Van Gundy. "He's resisted that temptation because it is nuts when you think about it." Sulia

Instead, the Lakers have a chance to make the playoffs despite the injuries, coaching changes and chemistry issues. "They go about their business," said Van Gundy. "They haven't lashed out as they were earlier in the year, pointing fingers of blame. I think they've really conducted themselves very well and I think that, in a large part, has to do with then even-keel demeanor of Mike D'Antoni." "The easiest thing to do when a team struggles or a team doesn't have the number of wins that their fans expect them to is to start pointing the fingers of blame at coaches," he continued. "That's easier to stomach than just to say, 'We're in a little bit more of a down period. We don't have a real good team this year.' I think that's where the Lakers are." Sulia

April 6, 2013 Updates

Yet the safe bet remains that the Russian billionaire won't wait too long after the Nets' elimination before re-opening the pursuit or Phil Jackson or Jeff Van Gundy or another marquee name (if there's another one to chase) given how much easier it'll be to make a splashy coaching hire to try to elevate this team than making major changes to such a high- dollar roster. ESPN.com

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February 7, 2013 Updates

"To me, [Wall] can be your starting point guard and be your leader on a good team, but he can't be the franchise guy. They're going to need to surround him with guys like Paul Pierce or a Dwyane Wade or a Kobe Bryant. A scorer is going to have to surround him for them to really make a rise in the NBA. I don't think he can carry the load." CSNWashington.com

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