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August 28, 2012 Updates

Once the marquee event of All-Star Weekend, the NBA's dunk contest has seen its popularity dip in recent seasons as superstars opt against participating and competitors increasingly rely on gimmicks instead of aerial artistry. Nevertheless, the contest is not without its charms. In the midst of a rather dull 2012 entry in Orlando, Utah Jazz big man Jeremy Evans wowed the crowd at least once on his way to the title. Evans is a great dunker, clearly, and it'd take a lot to beat him in any competition. Surprisingly, though, he was bested by Kristaps Dargais during a recent dunk contest appearance in Riga, Latvia. Yahoo! Sports

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Evans' preference is to stay put. The Jazz drafted him in the second round two years ago as an unheralded player out of Western Kentucky, and he's put on a dazzling display of athleticism and energy in his rare playing opportunities. Deseret News

March 1, 2012 Updates

Indiana’s Paul George thinks he should have won the dunk contest. The second-year Pacer even told the Indianapolis Star, “(Not to) take nothing away from the dunk contest, (but) it was a joke.” But Gordon Hayward believes the rightful winner was crowned. “I think,” the Indiana native said, “there was no question Jeremy had the best dunk of the night — easily, out of all the other dunks.” Deseret News

Hayward admitted controversy is expected when subjectivity is involved in the judging, so he isn’t surprised other competitors believe they should’ve won. Yet … “I think Jeremy’s second dunk was by far the best dunk of the competition,” he reiterated, “so I think he should’ve won.” Deseret News

February 28, 2012 Updates

Jeremy Evans joined Fox Sports Radio with The Loose Cannons to discuss if the contest went as planned, how he decided on the two-ball dunk, if he was hungrier because he was just a replacement on the roster, what the dunk contest would be like if misses counted against you, his favorite dunk of all time, why some stars don’t participate in the contest and the MVP of the league up to this point. Did the dunk contest go as planned? Did you pull off every dunk that you wanted?: “For the most part. It didn’t go as planned, I think, but getting the win, that’s all we had planned.” How did you decide that you’d dunk two balls at once?: “I feel like if I could get both of the balls to go in, it’d probably be one of the better dunks of the night. For me to jump over Gordon, for him to throw the toss, for me to catch one and then catch the other and dunk one and then the other, I felt like that was a pretty hard dunk, so I felt like if I did that I had a chance to win.” Sports Radio Interviews

February 26, 2012 Updates

Derrick Williams: Congrats Jeremy Evans ! Had a lot of fun.. Too bad I couldn't get the off the backboard between the legs. It's all good ! Congrats K-Love ! Twitter

A small sampling of the instant, and at times brutal, reaction that reflected the mood in the building: Roy Hibbert: Robbery!!!! Jason Richardson: I think Paul George or Chase Budinger should of won…. Guess all [4] million votes came from Utah lol Hassan Whiteside: u tellin me I could of won a NBA slam dunk contest in HIgh school Jump over 5’5 Kevin hart n a reserve dunk with a cam n dunk 2 balls smdh Stephen Curry: Even though the 2 ball dunk was nice prolly the best of the night, u can’t have the WORST dunk ever and win. Hasheem Thabeet: “@MAL___: This is what happens when you let half a million ppl that probably can’t touch the backboard vote. Jeremy Evans?!? Smh” LoL Shane Battier: Evans had the best single dunk, but this voting process was seriously flawed. #airbudwazrobbed NBA.com

February 23, 2012 Updates

Jeremy Lin is out of this weekend’s slam dunk contest, so to speak. Knicks rookie Iman Shumpert was forced to turn down an invitation to participate in the dunk contest during All-Star Saturday Night in Orlando due to patella tendinitis in his left knee. The NBA announced that Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans will replace Shumpert. Lin, who has two dunks himself this season, was going to assist Shumpert in the competition. According to a source, one dunk under consideration was Shumpert jumping over Lin and a couch. New York Daily News

February 22, 2012 Updates

Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans will replace Iman Shumpert of the New York Knicks in Saturday’s Slam Dunk Contest at All-Star Weekend. The NBA announced the switch Wednesday. Shumpert has tendinitis in his left knee. The 6-9 Evans is in his second season. Of his 88 career baskets, 61 have been dunks, including 30 alley-oops. SheridanHoops

Iman Shumpert of the New York Knicks will no longer compete in the dunk contest, according to sources close to the situation. Shumpert missed Monday’s game against the New Jersey Nets due to a knee injury and he’ll rest during the weekend. While he wanted to compete in the dunk contest, getting healthy is his top priority. Shumpert will likely be replaced by Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz. On Tuesday afternoon, the Utah Jazz’s official website announced that Evans was added to the dunk contest. They also released a video of Evans dunking and encouraging fans to vote for him on Saturday night. However, the video was removed shortly after being uploaded on the website. The NBA didn’t want the news leaking out until an official announcement was made. HoopsWorld

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