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January 13, 2012 Updates

Brian T. Smith: #UtahJazz teammates want Jeremy Evans to be in the #NBA All-Star dunk contest. Evans said he's definitely game, but he'd need advance notice so he can work up a repertoire. Jumping and flying through the air isn't a problem for Evans, and he was asked by Orlando's ... Twitter

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Armed with oils, pastels, acrylics and charcoal, Evans draws and paints celebrities, landscapes and anything else that inspires him. Earl Watson, Francisco Elson and Al Jefferson are among a handful of teammates for whom Evans has sketched likenesses on basketballs, and he points to portraits of Michael Jordan and Halle Berry as sources of pride. “I started drawing when I was 5 years old,” says Evans, who turns 24 in October. “And my stick figures were a little different from everyone else’s.” SLAM

While short in distance, the trip to Sin City is a far cry from the largely Mormon population of Salt Lake City, Utah, where Evans spends most of his time. He says he’s drawn a series of pictures of Salt Lake’s nationally renowned Latter-day Saints Temple, which he may look to sell should the NBA work stoppage continue. And while art is a chance for Evans to express his creativity and get away from the game, during the lockout, it can also transport him back to the court. “If I’m painting a basketball scene, it feels like I’m there,” says Evans. “I can see the crowd and the game.” SLAM

September 10, 2011 Updates

Jazz forward Jeremy Evans will compete in the upcoming Impact Basketball League, an IBL spokesman confirmed Friday. Evans has been listed on the initial roster of players that are scheduled to participate in the event, which is set for Sept. 12-23 in Las Vegas and will feature more than 60 NBA players. New York's Chauncey Billups, Washington's John Wall and Memphis' Zach Randolph are among those listed as participants. The IBL is the first major official gathering of NBA players during the lockout, which has lasted for more than two months. Salt Lake Tribune

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Me: What has impressed you the most so far about the NBA? Jeremy Evans: That the players are really smart. And even though the game isn't as fast as I thought it was, like going back and forth, up and down, it's still fast. It's set up different. Guys may execute their moves slowly, and then speed it up. You've got to be ready for anything. They know exactly what they're doing and when they want to do their thing. Me: How much do you pick up from this team about what it takes to be a title contender? JE: They're very serious. Just watching them, practice, you go out there, and in the game. After the game, if it's a loss, you see the expressions. They don't take it lightly. Even though you have a game the next day, they're still thinking about what else could possibly help. They're always talking about it. NBA.com

Me: What would you be doing if you weren't in the NBA? Jeremy Evans: Probably trying to find like a career in art. Newspaper cartoonist, murals. There's a lot of things you can get into. Me: Do you still draw every day? JE: I've picked it like, maybe, the last week or two. I've started a couple of pictures. Try to do a series, maybe, with the team. A couple of guys that I've got going. Me: How long does it take to do a portrait? JE: Well, I like to take my time, but I'm always rushing. Just ready to see what the finished product is going to be like. I think that takes away from a lot that I can do, but I think it's still fun. NBA.com

January 15, 2011 Updates

Brian T. Smith: Jazz's Evans said he has not heard anything from team about being sent to D-League. No news is good news to him, but he's fine either way. Twitter

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Jeremy Evans is sticking around. The rookie Jazz forward, who had recorded just four minutes during Utah’s last six games heading into a matchup Wednesday night against Miami, will likely remain in Salt Lake City at least until veteran center Mehmet Okur completes his rehabilitation, if not longer. Evans was averaging 2.6 points and 0.9 rebounds while shooting 64.7 percent from the field prior to tipoff versus the Heat. However, the highly athletic former Western Kentucky standout had not played 10 times this season due to a coach’s decision. In addition, the No. 55 overall pick of the 2010 NBA Draft had recorded just 41 minutes of action while attempting only 17 shots. Salt Lake Tribune

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