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February 16, 2015 Updates

Yet, Young also offered a dose of irony, the high-volume shooter suggesting Lin could have become more effective had he adjusted to the team’s needs instead of his own. “I know it’s his contract year, but he could’ve focused on passing a little bit more,” Young said of Lin. “Especially when Kobe was out there, [Jeremy] needed to drop dimes.” Los Angeles Daily News

Outside the locker room, Lakers coach Byron Scott talked with authority surrounding one of the team’s greatest riddles. What is going on with Jeremy Lin? “It’s been so up and down with the consistency,” Scott said, shaking his head. “Every single night, you’re getting something different.” Inside the locker room, hours after another debilitating loss, Lin stood with his shoulders slumped. His voice sounded quiet, but he spoke articulately about the weight of a failed Lakers season. “My initial expectations were very different than what happened,” the 26-year-old Lin said. “I was hoping to compete for a playoff spot and we would have guys healthy. But it looks very different than it is right now.” Los Angeles Daily News

February 12, 2015 Updates

Whatever that version is, it will not be rediscovered in Los Angeles. The three-year, $25 million contract Lin signed with Houston in 2012—the one Carmelo Anthony called "ridiculous"—expires this summer. Lin will be free to choose his own destination as an unrestricted free agent, and he is certain to be moving again. "It's just been a growing experience, more than anything," he said. "Never would I have thought that my career has gone in the trajectory that it's gone in.... When I was younger, it seemed like every year I would get better. It seemed like I would put the work in and then I would see those improvements. And for whatever reason, I felt like, well, I know I put the work in, and I felt like I was getting better. But it didn't always amount to the results I wanted to see. So that's definitely frustrating, to see that happen three straight years." Bleacher Report

"I feel like people in the league know what my strengths are and what my weaknesses are," Lin said. "I have more of a foundation behind my name." Bleacher Report

Whereas some athletes stir controversy with their brash demeanor or their selfish play, Lin seems to stir emotions just by taking the path he did, by "the way everything happened." "That's what's polarizing," he said. "Like, kind of out of my control, the way the media built me up or the way they tried to tear me down or whatever. There's a lot of interesting stuff, and it just turns into this very polarizing, love-hate, 'you're-the-best,' 'you're-the-worst' type situation." Bleacher Report

February 11, 2015 Updates

Though he eventually lost his starting job to defensive ace Patrick Beverly, Lin remained a major part of the rotation, a valued player on a rising power. But the Rockets needed salary-cap room last July to make a frenzied, all-out bid for Chris Bosh. So they offloaded Lin's hefty contract, along with a first-round pick, to the Lakers. It was purely a bookkeeping move. The Rockets remain high on Lin and are expected to be among his chief suitors this summer. Bleacher Report

February 2, 2015 Updates

While a return to New York is highly unlikely, Lin didn’t rule out a change of scenery come this summer. “I’ll just cross that bridge when the time comes,” Lin said. “I’m keeping my options open and see what’s out there. I’m just going to evaluate everything when the time comes because right now you could say stuff, but it doesn’t really matter until I’m presented (with something) at the time because I don’t know what the landscape is going to look like.” SheridanHoops

With half of the season left before unrestricted free agency, playing time and production will be crucial to help Lin land a new deal and a possible starting job elsewhere. However, it’s unlikely that will happen with the Lakers since he’s not a part of the long-term plans. The team is committed to giving Clarkson more playing time to quicken his development in place of Lin. “Contract year, that’s not what bothers me,” Lin said. “I play the game to play the game. I put in just as much my first year of my contract as I do the last year of my contract. I care just as much in the first as the last and that’s the disappointing part.” SheridanHoops

"I think a lot of people expect him to play at that level and that might not be realistic," Lakers coach Byron Scott said. "I think he’s a very good basketball player, but the numbers he was putting up at that particular time were All-Star type numbers. … That’s kind of hard to say if he can get back to that level or not, but again, he can be a very good basketball player in this league for a long time." Bergen Record

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January 26, 2015 Updates

Lin didn't play in the Lakers' 99-85 loss at San Antonio on Friday, missing a game for the first time in his first season. He returned to coach Byron Scott's rotation in Sunday's game against Houston, playing as a reserve in the first quarter. ''I'm going to show up and do my best to play and work hard and stuff, but it definitely hurts,'' Lin said before Sunday's game in his first public comments since being a healthy scratch. ''I'm human. I've got emotions, too. ... It's discouraging sometimes. It's disappointing sometimes. All of those emotions, of course. I don't think anybody would feel great after a DNP, anybody. It doesn't matter who you are.'' NBA.com

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With the ball in Memphis point guard Mike Conley's hands, Lin did not take the foul. Even when Bryant was screaming at him to do so. Eventually, Bryant ran over and fouled Conley himself. Lin was asked what happened, and he said Los Angeles head coach Byron Scott repeatedly told him not to foul. CBSSports.com

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