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May 3, 2014 Updates

Warriors center Jermaine O'Neal said he planned to play Saturday in Game 7 against the Los Angeles Clippers after an MRI exam revealed a bone bruise in his right kneecap. O'Neal said he had yet to run since getting injured in Thursday's 100-99 win in Game 6 on a collision with the Clippers' Glen Davis. But after taking medication and receiving a painkilling injection, he said he would probably wear a knee brace and play through pain he currently felt. Contra Costa Times

May 2, 2014 Updates
May 1, 2014 Updates

Doc Rivers alternated between big compliments and little jabs about Jermaine O’Neal. Just moments before Game 2 of the Los Angeles Clippers–Golden State Warriors first-round matchup, Rivers considered recent Boston history. “I don’t know if you remember the series the year before we signed J.O. — he was with Miami and we played them in the playoffs,” Rivers said. “He went oh-fer in the series. Literally, I don’t think he made a basket.1 He was struggling with his knees when we got him. [Initially] he wanted to do what we asked him to do, [but] then toward the end, he wanted to score more, obviously. That’s human nature. Then I guess he went to Germany with Kobe, and [now] he’s feeling a lot better. “He’s been amazing [with the Warriors]. He’s played great,” Rivers continued. “I thought he was probably one of the, if not the, most important players in Game 1.” Grantland

“I went to a fantastic city in Portland, a fantastic organization in the Trail Blazers, who were fully prepared for me,” O’Neal said. “I want people to understand this: fully prepared for a 17-year-old drafted out of high school, who [had] to learn life skills on his own. I think that is the absolute biggest mistake that teams make with players now. I don’t care if you go to school for four years. There’s no university in the world that’s going to give you what the NBA gives you. To the Trail Blazers, I was [like] a second son.” Grantland

“People always ask me about the brawl and do I regret my actions in it,” O’Neal said. “No, because at that time, it was a situation that had nothing to do with basketball. It was about our livelihood. And to prove that, I took the NBA to court and won.” But he still had to be accountable to Asjia, who was 5 at the time. O’Neal didn’t immediately address the incident with his daughter. He was taken aback when she brought it up, comforting him by saying that he only threw one punch. “For her to say that, your breath gets taken away,” O’Neal told USA Today in 2005. “I knew once I got back I had to go out and do more things on the court and really live my life the way I think I should.” Grantland

“My sole regret was thinking that I had tomorrow to do what I should have done today,” O’Neal said. “When you’re young, sometimes you get sidetracked with all the Nike commercials, all the ads, the max dollars … Sometimes your mind gets diluted on what’s important. “Just to clarify what I’m saying: Basketball has always been important. I’ve taken every game very seriously. I’ve trained my body very seriously in the summertime. Winning was the sole thing. But if you don’t have a This is it, this is my time mentality, then that’s what can get lost. And that’s what I tell my team. It’s not guaranteed that you’re going to be healthy next year. It’s not guaranteed your coach is going to be there next year. [Maybe] they’re bringing in another coach and his style doesn’t fit your style or your teammates’ style. Trades, whatever it may be, the game and the business has changed a lot, so if you have an opportunity to do something special, you need to take the bull by its horns and ride it until it can’t go no more.” Grantland

April 28, 2014 Updates
April 27, 2014 Updates
April 22, 2014 Updates

With the Los Angeles Clippers well on their way to routing the Golden State Warriors Monday night, Warriors center Jermaine O'Neal and Clippers coach Doc Rivers began jawing at each other. Rivers had said something to an official, O'Neal didn't like whatever that something was and barked at Rivers. Rivers barked back, and within a few moments player and coach were both getting hit with technicals. The incident ? which came midway through the second quarter of the Clippers' 138-98 victory ? was merely the latest chapter in what has fast become one of the NBA's most heated rivalries. Even in a 40-point blowout, it was clear the two teams don't care much for each other. And with the series now even at a game apiece and shifting to Oakland for Thursday's Game 3, the tension is as thick as ever. "It's very intense right now," O'Neal said. "Everyone wants to win. Everybody is looking for that blood. This league is about trying to smell what the weakness is. I don't care if it's the scorekeeper ? there are going to be scenarios where you are trying to find an edge and keep yourself going." Yahoo! Sports

April 20, 2014 Updates

Lacob will keep watching and waiting. He'll seek counsel from his revered consultant, legendary player and executive Jerry West, and make the cold and calculated decision that he bought the right to make when his group paid a then-league record $450 million. "When I speak to Joe, he likes what we have," O'Neal said. "But hey, it's a different era right now. We have a new breed of owners in our league and their patience is a lot shorter. So I don't know ultimately what his plan is — that's up to him. He pays the bills. He can do whatever he wants to do with his team. But from the conversations I've had with him, he likes Mark." USA Today Sports

April 2, 2014 Updates

Reviews show that there is no question that the ball would have at least reached the rim. O’Neal insisted that he got his right hand on the ball before it started its descent, making it a legal block. “It was like a second away from goaltending, if you're too late, and I was on top of it,” said O’Neal, noting that Ellis dunked on him to finish an almost identical drive from the right wing in the fourth quarter. “I blocked it, grabbed it and outlet it. There's no way they could have called that. “When your hand is on top of the ball, that's a good block. I caught it like this, I didn't bat it, I caught it like this, so there's no way they could have called it goaltending.” ESPN.com

With reports of dysfunction and dissatisfaction swirling around the Warriors after coach Mark Jackson had assistant coach Brian Scalabrine reassigned to the team's development squad, the Santa Cruz Warriors (per Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski), Jackson spoke to the team before Friday's crucial win over the Grizzlies. Veteran Jermaine O'Neal called it "one of the better speeches I've heard in my career. He started off kind of light-hearted and we weren't sure where he was going, but by the end you looked around the room and it was dead silent." Bleacher Report

March 30, 2014 Updates

Warriors veteran big man Jermaine O'Neal called any talk of firing coach Mark Jackson "ridiculous" and "unfair" before offering a vote of confidence unique to his own NBA career. O'Neal is considering retirement, and if the 35-year-old were to decide to play next season, he said it would be because of Jackson and that the team he would choose would be the Warriors. "It's a couple reasons why I will come back," O'Neal said Saturday. "This fan base, this organization is first class, and obviously my teammates are great, as well. "But the No. 1 reason that I will come back and play another year is because of Coach Jackson. I'm absolutely, 100 percent positive about that. He makes it easy to come in this gym every day, and there's not a lot of coaches that do that." San Jose Mercury-News

"To me, it's one of the most unfair things that I've seen in a long time," O'Neal said. "And it truly is a team that's 18 games over .500. Eighteen. And we're talking about firing a coach with 10, 11 games left? Here's the facts. To everybody that's negative out there, you may not ever see this again. I know that firsthand because I've been in the position. It may take 10 years to be back in that position, so do you want to accept us with open arms and continue to show the support?" San Jose Mercury-News

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