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O'Neal, 35, said he is taking it week by week and doesn't really have a timetable, but he's working as hard as he can to get back as soon as possible. "It could be a week, two weeks, three weeks ... as soon as I feel strong enough," he said. "They gauge my strength every week, and it's improved every week, so it could be next week, I don't know. It won't be as long as people thought it was, for sure. Hopefully, it does fall into the time frame that Bob said." Contra Costa Times

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Backup center Jermaine O'Neal, who was back with the Warriors for the first time since Dec. 13 surgery to repair ligaments in his right wrist, said he'll have a cast that stretches from his wrist to his elbow and includes steel rods removed Thursday. Though he said the damage was worse than doctors expected, O'Neal promised to be back on the court before the season's end. He said he'll be "aggressive" in his rehabilitation and will stay in Oakland to start therapy during the team's upcoming seven-game road trip. San Francisco Chronicle

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There is no question that Inside the NBA has struck a chord with fans, thanks to its blending of unscripted dialogue, sharp analysis, and a panel that has no qualms with stirring the pot. “The good thing about the leadership at TNT is that they don’t micromanage,” says O’Neal. “They encourage us to be ourselves.” For The Win

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Golden State Warriors center Jermaine O’Neal underwent successful arthroscopic surgery this morning to address a torn ligament in his right wrist, the team announced. Following the procedure, which was performed by Dr. Jeff Yao at the Stanford Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Clinic, O’Neal will begin rehabilitation immediately and his progress will be monitored throughout the recovery process. NBA.com

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Oracle Arena erupted at the final buzzer after being a den of silence for much of the game. Team owner Joe Lacob and general manager Bob Myers ducked into a private room and let out a loud shout while the Warriors celebrated the NBA's biggest comeback this season while jogging off the court. Afterward, all anyone wanted to talk about was O'Neal's pep talk. "(He) gave a great speech at halftime," Thompson said. "Honestly, that was what was our turning point. It wasn't in the fourth quarter or the third quarter. It was at halftime." ESPN.com

Just read these words spoken by Jermaine O'Neal and understand the value of the vets the Knicks lost last season: Here's JO on the Warriors performance last night, which started with a 27-point deficit in the third quarter and ended with an epic win. "This is real. A lot of people put a lot of time and effort to this–the preparation of coach Jackson and his staff, the fan support that we get in this building every single night, the ownership, the money that they put into this team… you don’t get this opportunity a lot." Sulia

Jermaine O'Neal: "So we had better do a better job of understanding of what’s all at stake here. Because you may not get this opportunity again in another year to compete for a championship. I know that first hand. I tell these guys, I’m into my 18th year, I’m not playing for any money. I’m playing for a championship. Because God has blessed me to make a nice living for my family and be a building block for my family for many years. But I’m still playing only to try to win a championship because I’m envious of guys opening up the champagne and crying and confetti and that’s something I’ve dreamed about. So it ain’t given that we’re going to be given another opportunity because we’re young. No, anything could happen–trades, injuries, whatever it may be. If we’ve got an opportunity we’ve got to take full advantage of that, because we are built for it. We have the crowd, we have the support from our coach and the staff and our ownership. That’s the perfect combination, so now it’s up to us." Sulia

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