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September 14, 2011 Updates

Alex Kennedy: Jermaine Taylor (@Jermaine Taylor) has signed a one-year deal with Liaoning in China. Taylor, like others in China, doesn't have an NBA-out. Twitter

September 13, 2011 Updates
August 30, 2011 Updates
August 21, 2011 Updates

Central Florida Future: Since the NBA lockout is in full effect, what have you been up to? Jermaine Taylor: I'm just enjoying the time that I have off, training every day. There's a gym right across the street from my apartment in Miami, I have a personal trainer there that I train with every day. No one really knows where this lockout is going. Right now I might go overseas. There are a lot of great offers. I just need to make my decision, and I'm waiting on what happens with the lockout. Central Florida Future

CFF: There's a lot of NBA players that will go the foreign route because of the lockout. What do you think of that? Taylor: No one wants to sit around and not do anything. We're basketball players; this is what we've been doing our whole lives. I don't want to take a break from basketball. I think everyone who has the opportunity (to play overseas) whether they are getting paid a lot of money or not, just for the experience will play. Central Florida Future

CFF: You're a free agent now so you're free to sign where you please. How do you think that will go? Taylor: I think it's going to go really well. When I was released by the Kings, right when teams were able to communicate with me, 16 teams hit me up that were interested. So I feel really good about being a free agent. I'm really just looking to play. I've been in the league two, going on three, years, and no one has really given me a chance. I just want to produce. I'm really just waiting on someone to give me a chance. I'm a small-town kid so no one knows what I can do. With being a free agent, I can look for that opportunity. That's why I'm so excited. Central Florida Future

CFF: The Kings waived you at the end of the season; how did that go down? Taylor: With Sacramento, I told the owner, "If I'm not in your plans for next season, if I'm not going to play 20-30 minutes a game, then let me go so I can find some place I can place where I can prove myself." CFF: Is that the main thing that you will be looking for when looking to sign with a team? The ability to play 20-30 minutes a game? Taylor: That's got to be the first thing. How many guards they have, if I'm going to get playing time. I cannot, can't, don't want to sit on the bench another year. It's really frustrating for me. Whatever team that can give me the best opportunity to play is where I'm going to go. Central Florida Future

June 15, 2011 Updates

In a business as calculated and fast paced as the NBA, nothing is ever guaranteed. For former UCF star and Central Florida raised Jermaine Taylor, that truth might not ever ring louder to him than it does right now. The shooting guard was waived by the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday, playing there since a December 15th trade sent him from Houston after being a Rocket for a year plus. He had two years remaining on his deal, but they were non-guaranteed if he was let go before August 1st. “I wasn’t surprised at all,” said Taylor on his release. “It’s something that I asked for during the exit meeting. I got a sure opportunity to play and just like that it was taken away from me. I started to see myself next season, the way things were looking; it was going to be the same thing with Marcus Thornton and just the entire roster.” ESPN.com

June 14, 2011 Updates

The Sacramento Kings today requested waivers on guard Jermaine Taylor, according to Kings’ President of Basketball Operations Geoff Petrie. Taylor averaged 7.1 points (.476 FGs, .300 3FGs, .727 FTs) in 26 games (started eight) with Sacramento. Cowbellkingdom.com

December 15, 2010 Updates
December 14, 2010 Updates
November 9, 2010 Updates

Now, the Rockets have made it clear to Taylor that they won't be signing Dampier after all and that the guard will remain with the team. After such a chaotic week, Taylor is just glad to be back in the loop. "I was worried about not knowing anything. It was taking a really long time to find out what my future holds and that was really frustrating for me because I just didn't know anything," Taylor told HOOPSWORLD. While he remains on Houston's roster, the twenty-three year old still hasn't been cracking the rotation. "It was really frustrating. Not only about what was going on, but also because I'm not playing. I want to play. It's been really frustrating. It's just showing me that my journey of getting to where I want to be won't be easy," Taylor said. HoopsWorld

Taylor's agent, Michael Whitaker, will meet with Rockets' general manager, Darryl Morey, later in the week to discuss his client's future and role with the team. "My agent is going to talk with [Darryl Morey] and just see where things stand," said Taylor. "It's nothing serious, my agent just wanted to sit down and talk with him. It's nothing [big]." Thirteen teams expressed interest in Taylor when the Rockets began shopping him last week. Despite the frustration, the guard admitted that it felt good to be wanted by so many teams. "It always feels good to know that teams want you, especially when I haven't played too many NBA games when it mattered. I've played like garbage minutes. But to hear that teams were interested, I just take it for what it was. It was good to hear but it really didn't mean anything," said Taylor. HoopsWorld

November 8, 2010 Updates

On the flip, Jermaine Taylor isn't happy about his situation in Houston. He hasn't enjoyed hearing his name mentioned in constant trade talks, and he's been even more upset about his lack of playing time. The Rockets added backcourt depth in Kevin Martin at the trade deadline last season and then acquired Courtney Lee over the summer, both of whom play Taylor's position. Taylor wants to play, and he and his agent will meet with Rockets GM Daryl Morey tonight to discuss the situation. HoopsWorld

November 2, 2010 Updates

Taylor does not know how much time he has left on the Rockets' roster, but he believes his time is running out. He saw the reports Friday that with the Rockets' agreement with center Erick Dampier he would be waived or traded to make room on the roster, ending his second season with the Rockets before it began. "I haven't heard anything," Taylor, 23, said. "I knew from reading the articles that someone was getting released. My name came up. I saw it a few times. That's nothing I can control. Houston Chronicle

Taylor, a 6-3 guard, played in 31 games last season, averaging 4.1 points. After a solid if unspectacular showing with the Rockets' summer league team, he played just 36 minutes in three preseason games, averaging 5.7 points. He did not play in the first three regular-season games, spending two of the games on the inactive list behind Courtney Lee and Chase Budinger in the Rockets' rotation off the bench. "He is caught in a numbers crunch," coach Rick Adelman said. "He's worked hard. He worked hard all summer long. It's just a situation, there's not much anybody can do about it. There is just so many spots on the team. If something happens, we all still like him. He's a good player, a good kid, works his tail off." Houston Chronicle

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