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Watch 40-year-old Jerry Stackhouse destroy some high school stars. Jerry Stackhouse’s days of getting paid to play hoops are long gone. He’s too old at 40, too slow, just does not come close to the level needed to contribute in the NBA. But to show you how high that level is, watch this video by Ball is Life where at 40 — wearing low tops and a polo shirt — he shows some of the best high school players around, at the Adidas Nations event, just how good you have to be. NBCSports.com

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Sam Amick: Stackhouse was forced to leave the meeting because of retired status. He's not happy about prospect of Roberts winning, if she in fact does. Twitter @sam_amick

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July 22, 2014 Updates

But the former Brooklyn Net and NBA veteran is hardly idle these days, and told the Daily News that he is “looking to coach and get on the other side of it.” Stackhouse said he has emailed new Nets coach Lionel Hollins -- who was hired after Jason Kidd’s abrupt departure and subsequent hiring in Milwaukee -- but Stackhouse also acknowledged that he is likely part of “a long list” of people and coaches looking for a spot on Hollins’ staff. There has been speculation that Stackhouse could land in Wisconsin with Kidd, too. “Probably not with Brooklyn,” Stackhouse said of his future job prospects. “I like Lionel Hollins, and I like Jason Kidd, too. That came about really quickly. But sometimes you need a change of scenery.” New York Daily News

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June 8, 2014 Updates

But like most players, he wasn’t all that certain that this would be his calling once his professional career was finished. “As a player, I had never thought that I really wanted to coach,” Stackhouse said. “Then I was watching my kids playing on the eighth grade team, and the guy was just rolling the ball out there, and they weren’t really learning. That spurred me to get into it, and I love it. Those last three or four years that I played, I felt like that was still my role. As soon as the season was over I was headed to the AAU circuit.” NBCSports.com

He mentioned Avery Johnson, Gregg Popovich, Larry Brown and Doug Collins as being coaches whose systems he would most like to emulate, but also was open to taking something from the more modern analytic side after spending time with Rick Carlisle in Dallas. “With Rick Carlisle and his analytics of the game, it drove me nuts as a player,” Stackhouse said. “He wanted to run this play that hadn’t been working in the game, because for him it was a 70-something percent play. Now I understand that I want to go with a 70 percent play, and just because it doesn’t work it still is a good play for us.” NBCSports.com

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Former NBA player Jerry Stackhouse says he will meet with Phil Jackson to talk about a possible position in the Knicks organization. Jackson said on "The Anthony Donahue Show" on Monday night that he expected to meet with Jackson this week. He said he wasn't sure if Jackson would offer him a job. ESPN.com

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