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April 30, 2013 Updates

Jackson, 67, is not actively seeking a return to the NBA as a coach, but rather would covet a leading role in shaping a franchise from the coaching staff to personnel decisions. According to the person familiar with Jackson's plans, he is keeping his options open but seems to prefer a role similar to Jerry West's advisory role with the Golden State Warriors over a team presidency in the Pat Riley mold. CBSSports.com

April 25, 2013 Updates

Hall of Famer and former Laker Jerry West came out in support of Lakers Coach Mike D'Antoni, who has received heat from media and fans after the team squeaked into the playoffs with a 45-37 record. "I think there's been far too much criticism of Mike [D'Antoni]," West said to Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley on ESPN LA 710 radio. "I think it's grossly unfair to him. He inherited a team that had a bunch of injuries," West said. "He inherited a team without a training camp. I think he's done a nice job, to be honest with you." Althoguh West said he expected the Lakers to rehire Phil Jackson, he doesn't understand why people are still fixated on what didn't happen. "I think all of us felt they were going to hire Phil, and it didn't happen," West said. "People have to move on. That's what makes sports so interesting. You have to let decisions that are made be made and see what happens." Los Angeles Times

April 13, 2013 Updates
March 30, 2013 Updates

Jerry West is a slam dunk for best dad ever ... dropping $1.3 mil on a condo for his 24-year-old son. No justice. The 3,000-square-foot condo sits on a golf course in the exclusive MountainGate complex on L.A.'s Westside. And speaking of West and side ... the condo is 5 minutes from Jerry's estate. TMZ.com

March 14, 2013 Updates

After passing Jerry West for 15th on the NBA’s all-time scoring list and watching Paul Pierce eschew Charles Barkley in 20th, Kevin Garnett offered a rare glimpse inside the personal relationship of the latest Celtics greats. “Paul and I have history, and it’s only right that we come in here and we make history together,” said Garnett. “At 13, 14, we were tearing up his mom’s living room, breaking vases, almost getting our asses whooped. I was with Paul the first time I ever experienced Crenshaw on a Sunday. For y’all who don’t know about Crenshaw on a Sunday, Crenshaw on a Sunday is a big deal. He was taking me out, and we were being 15, 16 years old.” WEEI.com

“I’m flattered, to be honest,” said Garnett. “When they told me that I passed Wes Unseld on the rebounding, I was at a loss for words. You guys have no idea what I was like as a kid. I didn’t have all the magazines, but for some reason I had all the pictures that were in the magazines. I don’t know how I was able to acquire that, but that’s another story. I just fantasized, mimicked, appreciated — all the things that a young kid does when he’s creating heroes, when he’s creating stories in his head. Anything to generate any type of motivation, and I guess at times to generate a distraction. I used it for inspiration, getting through a hard day. WEEI.com

March 6, 2013 Updates

Q: The Sixers are being squeezed by Andrew Bynum and his time-bomb knees. He's a free agent this summer and could walk and leave Philly holding an empty bag. Even if he signs in Philly, he could be a disaster. You guys have a similar situation with Andrew Bogut, although he has another year left on his deal. First it was his ankle, now his back. After missing last season, he has only played 12 games. Fans hated the deal, too. Has this been a disaster for the Warriors? Jerry West: When we traded for Andrew we were well aware a lot of people were not for the trade. For a coach to have a good player just for bits and pieces, the way he's adjusted to patching up holes says a lot for Mark. Our front office has also done a good job giving us depth. It's amazing how we've hung in there without him. He's a good player who makes it so much easier for the other players, but the problem is he's not out there. It does hurt us. We're hopeful that somewhere along the way he'll contribute for us. SportsonEarth

Jerry West: I'll say Lebron is in another world right now. He's a player for the decade. You watch him and you can tell his teammates love him. What you can't do is judge him by the championships right now. Just his all-around play and skills. He's a superstar who's very unselfish. You don't find that too often. He could lead the league in scoring every year if he wanted. But he'd rather find any way to beat you even if it meant giving up the ball. To watch his growth as a player and person has been pretty special. I would have enjoyed having him as a teammate. SportsonEarth

Q: Like some, I questioned the hire of Mark Jackson, a smart guy who never served as a head or assistant coach at any level, even church league. There's precedent for that: Pat Riley, whom you recommended for the Lakers, Doc Rivers, Don Nelson all turned out well. But they're exceptions. Why did the Warriors take a shot on Jackson? Jerry West: I talked to him for an hour during the interview process. I said, 'Mark, does it concern you at all that you haven't had any experience?' I asked him would he even know how to organize a practice. And he gave me one of the best answers I ever heard. He said he learned more as an analyst talking to other coaches than if he had been an assistant somewhere. He took mental notes from the best coaches in the game. The calmness I see from him on the bench is reassuring. I might want to kill someone with all the unforced turnovers I see. Mark is almost like a grandfather, putting his arm around the kids. He has such a wonderful way with the players. That's a strength. And they play for him. SportsonEarth

Jerry West: When I played I never thought I was better than anyone. Now you have guys running down the floor, making three-point shots and then holding up three fingers. I have no idea where that comes from. It's not me. I don't like it. I don't like players who have to promote themselves. A guy running around beating himself on the chest. I don't know what that's about. If you're good enough you are promoted. I see guys sitting on the bench laughing and they're down 20. That would never happen with the Lakers. I wouldn't put up with it. Nor would anyone else on the team. Wilt wouldn't and neither would Elgin. And I wouldn't put up with it as a general manager. I would hope I'd have the support of ownership to do my job in that situation. I guess I like the Yankees, no name on the back of the uniform, the tradition that goes with that. We're all different and we all react differently to situations. I could care less about the tattoos and haircuts. That never bothered me. And I don't care that players today make more money than I did. I just wish there was better conduct and professionalism at times. SportsonEarth

Q: How would a young Jerry West, naïve but extremely talented, cope in today's NBA with all the money and fame but also the trappings? A: The social media and the press today would be very tough for me to deal with because when I was young I was so shy and backward that I probably would've said something that would've been blown out of context. As for the other stuff, well that's where being shy and backward would've helped me. I see players walking around today with bodyguards. Maybe they need them, but I would never have a bodyguard. SportsonEarth

February 20, 2013 Updates

Here's a rundown of all the speakers/performers expected at Dr. Jerry Buss' memorial service on Thursday ... CBS2′s Jim Hill will be the emcee. The other expected speakers are: Timothy Leiweke - President and CEO of Anschutz Entertainment Group; Johnny Buss - Buss' oldest son; Frank Mariani - Dr. Buss’ long-time business partner); David Stern - NBA commissioner; Jerry West - former Lakers executive; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - former Lakers center; Phil Jackson - former Lakers coach; Shaquille O’Neal - former Lakers center; Pau Gasol - Lakers forward; Pat Riley - former Lakers coach; Kobe Bryant - Lakers guard; Magic Johnson - former Lakers guard. Sulia

What do you consider a bigger move personally, getting Shaq or Kobe?: Jerry West: “Trading [Vlade Divac] was difficult, and particularly when you’re trading someone of his caliber — a starting center — for a 17-year-old kid who couldn’t even sign a contract. But we were lucky because I had a great working relationship with Arn Tellem … who used to be Kobe’s agent. Arn was very instrumental in us being able to get him, way down the draft list. Charlotte got a very good player in Vlade Divac, and they played well with him, but at the end of the day we got the prize we wanted. … We got really lucky and that’s what sometimes you need.” Sports Radio Interviews

February 18, 2013 Updates

"This is an extremely sad day for me," said West. "As I have said many times, I have been blessed to work for Jerry Buss, the most successful owner in basketball history. His incredible commitment and desire to build a championship-caliber team that could sustain success over a long period of time has been unmatched." Los Angeles Times

February 5, 2013 Updates

As a consultant to the Golden State Warriors, Jerry West has no allegiance to the Los Angeles Lakers, and no interest in seeing them make the playoffs. But that doesn't mean the Lakers Hall of Fame guard and former front-office great believes his old team will fall short in its pursuit. "I believe they're going to make the playoffs," West said Tuesday in a phone interview with ESPNNewYork.com. "Look out West, there are some teams two or three games over .500, so they can do it. ... Can the Lakers win the championship? They have to get to the playoffs first, and I think they will get there." ESPN.com

"Sometimes (the Lakers) have been good, and sometimes they just don't seem to have it," West said. "Their biggest issue has been defensively. But I think they're playing better defensively now, and Kobe's play has been extraordinary, the way he's not shooting as much and getting other people involved. "Nobody is going to want to play them in the first round. With the veterans the Lakers have, I don't think it's going to make a big difference to them if they creep in as the 6, 7 or 8 [seed]. In the playoffs, they're going to be dangerous." ESPN.com

January 17, 2013 Updates

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