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The biggest baller in the stands during NBA games isn't Spike Lee or Jack Nicholson or even Justin Bieber -- it's Jimmy Goldstein ... who spends more money on NBA tickets than anyone else on Earth. You've seen Goldstein on the court at various NBA games over the years -- and this week he confirmed what ex-NBA Commish David Stern has said ... that he's the NBA's biggest investor when it comes to tickets. As for how Goldstein made his fortune, that's a bit of a mystery -- but point is, the guy drops BANK when it comes to basketball. TMZ.com

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I can see a young guy in Milwaukee being enthralled with the Packers, but why the interest in basketball? Jimmy Goldstein: I was a basketball player. Even though I wasn't good enough to make my college team, I pursued basketball from the age of six with such a passion. I had a basketball hoop in my driveway when I grew up. And even in the middle of Wisconsin winters, I would attach a hose to a hot water faucet in my house and melt all the snow and ice in my driveway so I could shoot hoops. I really loved playing basketball, and watching basketball just tied right in. And I was never a fan of college basketball. I wanted to see the best. And even though college basketball at that time was far more popular than the NBA, I didn't want any part of it. I wanted the NBA. I wanted the best. GQ.com

At least that came from a personal energy. Jimmy Goldstein: The urban look, so to speak, suddenly became a term. But for me that was very unattractive. I didn't think it flattered the fantastic figures a lot of these players had—it hid their figure. And it was a look that everybody had. It was an identical look. Every player was dressing the same. I couldn't stand it. And they all seemed to be focused on buying jewelry for $100,000 and spending $200 on their clothes. And I've never been a jewelry person, so I couldn't relate at all to what they were doing. GQ.com

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