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April 21, 2013 Updates

If Jennings’ bravado about playing the Heat has rankled any of his teammates, they aren’t acknowledging it — at last publicly. When asked about Jennings’ prediction, Bucks center Larry Sanders smiled and said, “That’s a good goal to set.” Added veteran guard J.J. Redick: “I would assume every player should have that attitude, that you’re going to win the series. I mean you never go into a series thinking you’re going to lose the series, that your goal is to lose the series.” Racine Journal-Times

April 13, 2013 Updates

The Bucks also made a significant trade right before the NBA trade deadline that changed the make-up of the team to a certain extent. Gone were some of the younger, up-and-coming players like Tobias Harris and Doron Lamb, and coming in from Orlando was veteran sixth-man J.J. Redick, who brought NBA Finals experience to the team, as well as Gustavo Ayon and Ish Smith. “We were hoping to make the playoffs,” Hammond explained. “We thought adding a piece like J.J. Redick could help solidify that opportunity for us and he has. He’s been a great addition to our team. We’re also happy to have Gustavo and Ish Smith. It might be easy to forget about Gustavo and his abilities. We like him as a player, but it was a difficult trade to make to say the least. To move a piece like Tobias Harris and Doron Lamb; we like both those players, both good young players, but we felt at that time it was the right thing for our organization.” HoopsWorld

April 11, 2013 Updates

Truth be told, Redick's financial future has been secure for years. Now he just holds a winning lottery ticket. "Hypothetically, if there were multiple offers, I think you just have to value things out," he said. "You do put a value on winning. You put a value on peace, the situation, the organization, who the coach is, who your teammates are. Then, of course, the money – that's another factor you have to weigh." Orlando Sentinel

Redick said it felt "strange" to be in the visiting locker room at Amway Center, and said he even got lost. "I had to catch a cab over [to the arena]," he said. "Didn't know where to go." When one reporter told him that the Magic plan to play a video tribute to him during the game, Redick laughed. "I"m gonna have to turn away, man," he said. "I appreciate you warning me." After further consideration, though, Redick said he would watch the video. "I'm gonna have to watch it. I need to be in the moment, for sure, but you guys know I"m an emotional guy. It could get ugly." Orlandoinstripedpost.com

April 4, 2013 Updates

I was told JJ Redick is going shopping for a new deal… I think the Bucks knew that and accepted it. Jennings’s rights are basically locked up and I think Monta stays if Milwaukee offers him a sweetheart deal if not he goes shopping. HoopsWorld

March 17, 2013 Updates

And Sunday afternoon might resemble something even more forceful, because he’ll play against the Magic for the first time. “It’ll be weird,” Magic point guard Jameer Nelson said. Redick expects to say hello to everyone before or after the game, but he won’t make a big deal about it. “I always thought it was weird — and this is just me — whenever there was a trade midseason or even sometimes guys that spent a number of years in Orlando, they’d come back and peek their head in the locker room before the game,” Redick said, smiling. “I always was annoyed by that. I don’t want to be that guy. The locker room is like a sacred place, and we’re not on the same team anymore.” Orlando Sentinel

Ultimately, the Magic received three players, with 20-year-old forward Tobias Harris as the centerpiece. “I don’t have bitterness at all, and I didn’t even initially have any bitterness,” Redick said. “I just don’t think that’s healthy to hold any sort of grudge or anything. And, also, I get it. I totally get it. I get why I was traded. So I don’t have any ill will towards anyone in the Magic. “Based on Arron being there and who’s in the draft this year and where the Magic are likely to pick, there’s no way they would commit anything to me long-term — not just me, but just anybody in my situation. From a business standpoint, from a cap-building and rebuilding standpoint, it wouldn’t make sense. I get that. That’s fine.” Orlando Sentinel

March 15, 2013 Updates
March 12, 2013 Updates
March 8, 2013 Updates

But in Milwaukee, Redick would be in a market similar to Orlando, where there wasn't much pressure, and depending on what the Bucks do with the other two, they could make Redick a starter. Which is what he wants, besides money. "We traded for him because we knew he could give us another option in the backcourt, and I would put our trio of guards with a lot of other trios in the NBA," said Hammond. "When you've got a good thing like that, why wouldn't you want to keep it?" SportsonEarth

March 7, 2013 Updates

Hammond and his assistant GM, Jeff Weltman, have the Bucks positioned to be an Eastern Conference playoff team for years to come. For them, Redick has arrived to make shots, yes, but also bring professionalism to the workplace. For Redick, it was over in Orlando. The Magic disassembled into a total rebuild. Part of him will always live with the regret of how everything fell apart, how they fired Van Gundy and traded Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers. Yahoo! Sports

In Redick's mind, the best thing that ever happened was getting drafted into Orlando with a coach who refused to insert him into the rotation. For two years, Van Gundy challenged him to become a more complete player and Redick thinks "a lot about what kind of career trajectory I would've had without Stan, and I'm grateful for what he did for me." "Those years in Orlando humbled me," Redick said, "and gave me perspective on basketball and life." Yahoo! Sports

March 5, 2013 Updates

Milwaukee can't afford to pay the three of them, so Jennings or Ellis will stay, and Milwaukee is prepared to pay Redick as a starting shooting guard. Redick will be in great demand, but make no mistake: To leave the Bucks, he'll have to take less money – probably a lot. Yahoo! Sports

On his way out of Orlando, the general manager's words stayed with J.J. Redick: It's nothing personal, Rob Hennigan told him. "But it is personal," Redick says now. Perhaps this is a blessing and curse, because professional sports can break a ballplayer's heart this way. Redick's loyal this way. He immerses himself in the franchise's fabric, invests in the community. His two old coaches – Mike Krzyzewski and Stan Van Gundy – still get calls and texts on a regular basis. "My wife Chelsea and I built a life in Orlando," Redick told Yahoo! Sports. "Listen, there was no anger [over the trade], but there was a little bit of disappointment. "Part of me wishes I could've been there my whole career and been part of the rebuilding, part of the turnaround, and gotten back to the finals in my 11th or 12th year. That's the romantic in me, the idealist." Yahoo! Sports

March 2, 2013 Updates

What has this last month has been like for you with your name showing up in trade speculation on pretty much a daily basis? JJ Redick: I'm a basketball junkie. I don't like attention on myself, to be honest with you, but I like reading ESPN. I like reading HoopsHype. I like checking box scores. But it was tough because it was all hypotheticals. And I don't like dealing with hypotheticals and uncertainty and all that stuff. To me it was almost a sense of relief when the deadline (arrived). Regardless of where I was after the deadline, I felt like I could make the most of it. ESPN.com

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