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Redick taught himself at a young age how to not dunk. In the eighth grade, he said, he broke his wrist several times and eventually learned how to protect himself around the rim, training to be crafty rather than dunk-oriented. Wall Street Journal

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It seems as though fooling the officials into calling a foul when there wasn’t one is among the criteria the league looks at when deciding to crack down. J.J. Redick and Andre Drummond are the latest to receive warnings, and in both cases, fouls were called when the contact appeared to have been exaggerated. NBCSports.com

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JJ Redick: Last question: I know how committed to your faith you are. Do you carry a physical bible with you or have you switched to the app? I used to carry a physical book. I do it on my iPad now. iPad's great, because you can actually highlight and make notes on it. CBSSports.com

I read that you've made your home in Austin. That's a great town. How'd you decide to live there? JJ Redick: On my honeymoon in 2010, I signed with the Bulls. We had a week at the time, it wasn't two days, it was a week where Orlando could match. We had a week where it was like "Where are we going to live?" Orlando ended up matching, but then with the lockout, we were trying to find a home base. We knew no one in Austin, we just fell in love with the place and built a house there. CBSSports.com

December 14, 2014 Updates

Former Bucks guard J.J. Redick has settled in with the Clippers since signing as a free agent (eventually a sign-and-trade deal) in the summer of 2013, after an ill-fated 28 games with Milwaukee. The Bucks traded promising forward TobiasHarris to Orlando in a deadline deal for Redick, but then guards MontaEllis and BrandonJennings never meshed with the former Duke star. "There weren't a lot of basketballs when he was here," Rivers said with a laugh. "And he had a tough go. "J.J. is a byproduct of ball movement and teams that are unselfish. That's why you kind of felt like here he would fit, because we have that type of group. "He would struggle on a team that doesn't move the ball. He lived in Orlando and I got to see him a lot, so I probably had inside intel on him. I think you need guys like J.J. on your team. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

November 21, 2014 Updates

Doc Rivers enlisted the help of Clippers broadcaster and former NBA power forward Michael Smith when a reporter inquired about J.J. Redick's shooting struggles. Asked Rivers, motioning to Smith: "What would you do?" Replied Smith: "Keep shooting." Los Angeles Times

"It's a long season," Redick said, "so I believe in the law of averages. It will all work out in the end." Redick has rebounded from slow starts before, making 35.7% of his shots and 30.2% of his three-pointers in November 2010, only to finish that season making 44.1% of his shots and 39.7% of his three-pointers. Los Angeles Times

November 14, 2014 Updates
July 4, 2014 Updates

Adrian Wojnarowski: Doc Rivers trying to work sign-and-trade w/ Cavs for Hawes, preserving Clippers exception to still target Paul Pierce, sources tell Y. Unless Clippers are willing to trade JJ Redick or first-round picks to Nets for Paul Pierce, a sign-and-trade is unlikely, sources tell Y Twitter @WojYahooNBA

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Redick, who had been so rudely introduced to Sterling's dysfunctional ways when he nearly nixed his contract just days after reaching an agreement, refused to blame Sterling for this loss. "Was it a small part of the emotional (expletive) that we went through for the last few weeks? Yeah, it was," Redick told USA TODAY Sports. "But you invest so much in every playoff game. Emotionally, it takes a lot out of you. Going seven with Golden State, that was an emotional thing in itself. And then the way we won Game 4, the way we lost Game 5." USA Today Sports

May 5, 2014 Updates

He had once given white center Chris Kaman a five-year, $52 million deal, and how that contract panned out (or didn't, as Kaman played 195 games in the next four years of that deal and was traded to New Orleans with a year and a half left) appeared to be coloring Sterling's judgment on this deal. In a way, it was a mirror-image of the issue that would be front and center 10 months later. "I've been told both ways: one, that he didn't want to pay me because I was white, and that he didn't want to pay me because I was a bench player," Redick said. "I didn't know (the deal almost fell apart) until after the fact. I just got a weird phone call from Doc on July 4, and I got off the phone and said to my wife, 'Something's going on.' He's like, 'You better play for me (expletive).' And I was like, 'Yeah, that's the plan. We figured this out two days ago, right?' "And then he just rambled a bit. ... but he never really got into the nuts and bolts of what was happening. And then I got a call about 48 hours later from my agent, and he said, 'We wanted to keep you out of it, but here's what happened.'" USA Today Sports

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