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He wasn’t happy Paul was injured, of course. He just wasn’t nervous about his task. He wanted to help the Clippers win. He knew he could help the Clippers win. He believed. He always believes. “He’s a confident person. He’s always been that way,” teammate J.J. Redick said. “As a player to get to this level, you have to have something, whether it’s enormous physical talent, size or length or athleticism. Or, you have to be, you know, I don’t know how to put this without using a profanity but you have to be a (expletive), you know. You’ve got to have an edge. And he has that. “He has a belief in himself and that goes a long way.” Orange County Register

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JJ Redick: “I think that’s the story right there. Some teams click a little sooner than others. I was in a team in Orlando, coming off the Finals we were 26-15 after 41 games. Everyone was freaking out. We went 33-8 over our last 41, we swept the first two rounds of the playoffs. We were 41-8. So at some point we clicked; at some point it just all kind of came together. I expect that to happen to this team. NBA.com

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"I don't watch a ton of college basketball," Redick said. "I do watch a little bit during the tournament. If Duke had lost (to Gonzaga), I'm not going to lie, I wouldn't have watched the Final Four. As long as Duke is in it, I'll watch, but I'm an NBA guy, man. I'd rather watch the Kings and the Hornets on a Tuesday night in Sacramento than Syracuse-Georgetown or whatever." Booth Newspapers

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J.J. Redick smiles when he’s told he’s having a career season. He’s seemingly always in the midst of a career season. Ever since his second season in the league, Redick has increased his points per game average, going from 4.1 in 2007-08 and gradually moving up over the next eight seasons to 15.6 this season. “Each year, I think I say to myself, ‘I’m playing the best that I’ve played,’ and thankfully this year is no exception,” Redick said. “I feel that way ... I feel like every shot I take is going to go in. It’s a great feeling as a player.” ESPN.com

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Ben Bolch: J.J. Redick: "One of the greatest things I’ve done in my life is graduate from Duke." Story Sunday in LAT on Clips w/ degrees or going back. Twitter @latbbolch

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