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J.J. Redick, who is out with a broken right hand and torn ligaments on the right side of his wrist, now has a soft cast on his hand and not the hard cast anymore. Redick, a right-handed shooter, has not been shooting the ball yet. "He's close too, would be my guess," Rivers said. "I think it's a couple of weeks, maybe." Los Angeles Times

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Not everything was going smoothly. In order to land Bledsoe, the Suns had come up with a three-way trade that would give the Clippers a pair of veteran shooters, Milwaukee free agent J.J. Redick and the Suns’ Jared Dudley, with the Bucks getting second-round draft picks and Bledsoe landing in Phoenix. But Redick had been offered a hefty four-year deal by the Timberwolves, and was close to signing it, which would have torpedoed the entire Bledsoe package. So Suns president Lon Babby — himself a former agent — got on the phone with Arn Tellem, the agent for Redick, and urged him to hold off on signing with Minnesota. McDonough contacted Doc Rivers, the former Celtics coach with whom McDonough had worked in Boston, selling him on the proposal. By that afternoon, all sides had come to an agreement. Sporting News

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DeMarcus Cousins was not a happy camper after being called for a loose ball foul when J.J. Redick fell to the floor on this rebound attempt Friday night. As the game resumed, DeMarcus Cousins had words with Redick, who appeared to tell the Kings forward he was okay and followed up with a handshake gesture, which Cousins blew off. Redick’s reaction following the diss was priceless. beyondthebuzzer.com

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David Aldridge: What have the new guys brought to the team so far that you needed? CP: Man, I think what we get from J.J. is a lot of grit. I don't think a lot of people recognize that when they see him play, how hard he plays, how much he hates to lose. And JD, he's just a great pro. He plays hard. He knows his job. He's just a great guy to have on your team, and in the locker room. That's what makes our team special. What gives us an opportunity is that we have a great mix of guys. We've got, me and DeAndre (Jordan), we're probably the hot heads. We sort of go nuts in here. But then we've got guys that bring the calm, all the different NBA.com

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In the early afternoon hours of July 3, owner Donald Sterling called Los Angeles Clippers president Andy Roeser and informed him he had rescinded approval on moving Eric Bledsoe and acquiring free agent J.J. Redick in a sign-and-trade agreement. The three-team deal – delivered the owner's blessing only two days earlier – no longer interested Sterling. Call it off, Sterling instructed Roeser, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Deal's dead. Yahoo! Sports

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