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October 30, 2013 Updates

Q: You mentioned Dumars. He’s in the final year of his contract, and there hasn’t been public talk of an extension. I have to ask: Is Joe on the hot seat? Tom Gores: He’s not. Joe and I collaborated on these moves, we talk every other day. He’s done everything we’ve asked, and his basketball organization is really solid. I’m excited where they’re at. I don’t think I could’ve asked for more this summer Detroit News

Q: So Joe has not asked for clarity on his situation? Gores: He has not. We’re doing our jobs. Joe also understands you have to prove it, just like I have to. Q: Is it fair to say some jobs are on the line this year? Gores: I wouldn’t say it’s fair to say that. There is a lot of good stuff we’ve done, and some things we can’t control. It’s like I tell my kids — there’s a lot of pressure, but just do your work. I do think we’ve done our work. I feel good about it. Detroit News

October 24, 2013 Updates

To those with an eye for it, there was also basketball greatness in Williams. Jordan saw it. Joe Dumars saw it. Kerr calls Williams, “maybe the most physically gifted player I ever saw.” Most of all, though, Phil Jackson saw it. He said he had “a special relationship with Brian.” After Williams left the NBA, in 1999, Byrne received an email with a message from Hampton Mears, the longtime Lakers scout and Jackson confidant. “If Brian is interested [in returning to the NBA] he should get in touch with Phil, or Jerry West. They need and want him and start with high respect for Brian as a man and as a player.” SI.com

September 22, 2013 Updates
August 23, 2013 Updates

Josh Harrellson: “After my workout, I was talking to Mr. Dumars and he was saying, ‘All the coaches like you. Everybody wants you to be our 15th guy and we’re going to make that happen.’ Right then and there, I kind of knew they had interest and I know they were going to submit some kind of offer. I didn’t know if it was going to be ‘Come to camp and make the team like you have the previous two years,’ but they liked me enough to guarantee a little money and that gives me confidence in them and a better relationship.” NBA.com

August 21, 2013 Updates
August 7, 2013 Updates
July 31, 2013 Updates

Dave Pemberton: #Pistons officially announce Brandon Jennings trade. GM Joe Dumars: "We are pleased to welcome Brandon to the Pistons family. (cont.) Twitter @drpemberton

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July 19, 2013 Updates
July 17, 2013 Updates

The relationship between a very strong-willed player and a strong-willed general manager was more mentor-mentee than employee-superior, and Billups felt he was owed more by Pistons president Joe Dumars. A phone call started the process of healing. The two men wouldn’t have been sitting side by side Tuesday if the seeds of reconciliation had not been sewn. “I just needed to hear him apologize for how it went down, to kind of stand on it, and he did that,” Billups said. “As a man, I can’t do anything but respect that. “Because I had to know it was nothing personal, it was what he thought was a good business move. But we had a personal relationship. I forgave Joe for all of that and we moved forward. I’m great.” Detroit News

Bucks GM John Hammond worked under Dumars for a number of years, so a relationship is there but Dumars divulged their conversations centered on having similar pets, nothing more. “We were both talking about our dogs,” Dumars said. “That trade rumor is not true.” Detroit News

July 16, 2013 Updates

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