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November 5, 2014 Updates

“I like him,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said before Monday’s 107-101 win over Ingles and his new team. “We were definitely trying to find ways to keep him. I think he’s going to be a good player.” The problem for Ingles was that the Clippers had an overfull roster and had to make a hard decision before final rosters were due to the NBA office with between 13-15 players. Rivers believes the Australian small forward “would’ve found his way on the floor with us” if L.A. could’ve held on to the 27-year-old. “I just think a guy that knows how to play when you put him on a good team, he can be really good,” Rivers continued. “And he’s a great guy that you want on your team.” Deseret News

November 4, 2014 Updates

Jody Genessy: Clips coach Doc Rivers said LA wanted to re-sign Joe Ingles after waiving him. They were bummed Utah got him. "We took the gamble and lost." Twitter @DJJazzyJody

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October 16, 2014 Updates

Forward Joe Ingles, who is trying to make this Clippers team, is from Australia and he speaks with a heavy accent. Coach Doc Rivers on Thursday was asked if he sometimes has difficulty making out what Ingles says. Rivers had some fun with his reply. “There are times because, it’s English, I think, right?” Doc Rivers said, drawing laughs from reporters at the team’s training headquarters in Playa Vista. “But it’s English spoken from Australia. So, yeah, there is clearly things … and I guarantee you, there are things I say that he doesn’t understand. It’s a two-way street. And I would think that would be to his advantage. If he doesn’t understand everything I say, it would probably make him a better person, for sure.” Los Angeles Daily News

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September 16, 2014 Updates

If it wasn’t for FIBA’s tanking allegations against his Boomers team at the World Cup in Spain, Ingles — Australia’s unofficial captain and star of its ill-fated campaign — would be in a perfect place. “There’s been interest from the NBA and Europe as well,” the 26-year-old, 203cm swingman said. Coming off a Euroleague championship with Maccabi Tel Aviv, Ingles is primed to make the NBA jump after passing last year on an opportunity with Memphis Grizzlies. “Having won a Euroleague now, I have Europe on a backburner and there is a very, very good chance of going to the US,” he said. The Courier-Mail

Reluctant to name the clubs pursuing him, Ingles said they were clubs which had kept an eye on him in the past. “I’m 99 per cent sure I’ll be there,” he said of the NBA. “I won’t be on a guaranteed contract and will be trying to make the team but that in itself is motivation for me to go in and work. “I’m excited. The situation I’m going to is a team which has followed me. “I’ve spoken with general managers and coaches in the last few days. “In Europe, a lot of the time, especially at the bigger clubs, you’re in a system that’s already built and in offences that are already set. “Being able to sort through some teams and see a situation where I can play is a fun experience.” The Courier-Mail

September 2, 2014 Updates

Marc Stein: Grizz star Marc Gasol, of course, well known as one of Ingles' biggest fans, but MEM also has to keep eye on where they are luxury-tax wise. Grizzlies, based on my famously sketchy math, are about $1.2 million under the luxury-tax line. And Ingles would cost 'em $915,000. Twitter @ESPNSteinLine

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