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July 18, 2013 Updates

“When you look at a guy like Wallace, Wallace was paid a pretty good contract in Charlotte, was an All-Star, was traded for two first-round picks to Portland, was traded for the Rookie of the Year last year and then given a $40 million contract. That would indicate that he’s a pretty good player. I don’t think he played as well as he’s capable of playing last year,” he said. “They had a deep team, the ball’s in Joe Johnson, (Brook) Lopez’s and Deron Williams’ hands a lot. A lot of times numbers are deceiving that way, and despite numbers going down, opportunities are definitely going down when you are surrounded by guys who have the ball as much as those three guys do.” Booth Newspapers

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Roughly 500 members strong, the Chinese Joe Johnson Fan Club was founded by a man who calls himself Yonsan Johnson (though his birth name was Zhu Yan-Qing) in honor of Joe. Inspired by a random magazine cover, Yonsan latched on to Joe and dedicated himself to being Johnson’s biggest fan. He’d never actually seen Joe play, but it didn’t matter, and before long the Chinese Joe Johnson Fan Club was born. NBA.com

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April 30, 2013 Updates

Joe Johnson has been dealing with plantar fasciitis in his left foot for some time and at this point it won't fully heal until the offseason when he can rest it. Sometimes surgery is required to fix it, but that's not the case for Johnson. "Nah, no surgery," Johnson tells Newsday. "I've talked to the doc. The damage is done. I can't do much more than I've already done. It's just going to take time to kind of let it rest and heal. I probably won't be able to work out for a little while. I'll just have to rest up." ESPN.com

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As the Nets prepare for Game 4 of their first round series with the Bulls Saturday afternoon, the Nets got some good news in the form of Johnson seemingly coming through the game without incident. “I actually feel a lot better than I expected,” Johnson said. “I didn’t have a problem getting out of bed this morning. I don’t know … as each day goes by, it just kind of gets better and better, but it is a little tough and frustrating at this point.” New York Post

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