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Roughly 500 members strong, the Chinese Joe Johnson Fan Club was founded by a man who calls himself Yonsan Johnson (though his birth name was Zhu Yan-Qing) in honor of Joe. Inspired by a random magazine cover, Yonsan latched on to Joe and dedicated himself to being Johnson’s biggest fan. He’d never actually seen Joe play, but it didn’t matter, and before long the Chinese Joe Johnson Fan Club was born. NBA.com

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As the Nets prepare for Game 4 of their first round series with the Bulls Saturday afternoon, the Nets got some good news in the form of Johnson seemingly coming through the game without incident. “I actually feel a lot better than I expected,” Johnson said. “I didn’t have a problem getting out of bed this morning. I don’t know … as each day goes by, it just kind of gets better and better, but it is a little tough and frustrating at this point.” New York Post

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Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Johnson made it clear to a judge in Georgia -- postpone his baby mama trial until AFTER the NBA playoffs ... or risk angering the entire team's passionate fan base. As TMZ first reported, Joe filed a suit against baby mama Shannon Beckton to be legally recognized as the father of their kid and share custody. The case was set to be heard between April 15 and May 5. Like teammate Kris Humphries, that trial window was a BIG problem for Joe ... since the Nets made the playoffs and it could easily conflict with court times. To get the date moved, Joe explained to the judge he's a key member of the Nets and "a vital part of that team's success." TMZ.com

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For the second straight game -- and night, for that matter -- Johnson showed he's rounding back into form. He made 8 of 15 shots, went 4-for-6 from beyond the arc and scored 20 points in the Nets' 101-93 win over Boston, creating optimism heading into Friday night's matchup with the Pacers (49-29) that he's finally getting over his nagging sore left heel. "It's the same thing we were saying about 'D' when people wanted to say, 'What's wrong?' " interim coach P.J. Carlesimo said after the game, referring to the questions surrounding Williams earlier this season. "Joe was injured. He's missed games and he's been playing hurt. "He's still playing well considering that, but [Wednesday] was Joe Johnson. [Tuesday] night I thought was Joe Johnson. Just hopefully, he's healthy." Newsday

It looks as though he's getting close. Although Johnson didn't say he's 100 percent healthy, he was encouraged with the way his body felt during and after the game. The pain was minimal. "Once I get kind of loose, I don't really feel it," Johnson said. "But then again, I'm leaning more with my right than my left. So it's getting a lot better, honestly. It felt great [Wednesday], so I didn't really want to push it, then reinjure it. "This next day or so, I'm going to take my time, ice it, stim it, get it back. But I felt great out there moving around." Newsday

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