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May 2, 2014 Updates

Jackson has another year left on his contract after this season and would like a contract extension. The Warriors have received negative attention recently after assistant coach Brian Scalabrine was reassigned in late March and fellow assistant Darren Erman was fired in April. There has also been speculation that Jackson's job could be in jeopardy and that he might be playing for it in this series. But with the Warriors in a Game 7, the earliest Lacob and Co. will discuss Jackson's future is next week. "Honest to God, that's the media that is doing all this," Lacob told Yahoo Sports. "There is nothing going on until after the season. I refuse to let anyone talk about that. We don't talk about it. We haven't had that discussion. Everybody in the entire organization is reviewed after the season and we make decisions." Yahoo! Sports

May 1, 2014 Updates

That issue was raised when co-owner Joe Lacob and Jackson’s agent held brief contract extension talks last off-season, according to an NBA source. Lacob’s request was dropped even before the contract discussions were tabled, the source said, and neither side has ever acknowledged that the conversations happened at all. San Jose Mercury-News

April 29, 2014 Updates

The following statement was released today by Golden State Warriors Co-Owner & CEO Joe Lacob on behalf of the entire Warriors organization: “We applaud the firm punishment handed out today by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and appreciate the swiftness with which the NBA conducted its investigation. Similarly, we anticipate that the NBA Board of Governors will act promptly to put this chapter behind us. As I noted on Sunday, the sentiments expressed on the audio recording were completely inappropriate, unacceptable and senseless. We cannot tolerate such feelings or beliefs, not only in the NBA, but in society in general. There is absolutely no room for racism in our world, period.” NBA.com

April 24, 2014 Updates
April 22, 2014 Updates

The Warriors have moved off of their long-stated plans to build an arena at Piers 30/32 in San Francisco and have bought land a little further south. The new spot is not aesthetically ideal—not right on the water, not framed by the Bay Bridge for TV visuals, not where Joe Lacob and Peter Guber held their splashy press conference starring David Stern and Ahmad Rashad two years ago. But the "ideal" spot was Piers 30/32 and several of us have been documenting for years now that the logistics and political hurdles at Piers 30/32 were just too much. Contra Costa Times

Once the Warriors backed away from their stated goal to have the arena completed for the 2017-'18 season, it was inevitable that Lacob and Guber would be looking for alternate sites and that something in the Mission Bay area would be far more logical. I caught up with Lacob on Monday night in Los Angeles, where the Warriors were playing the Clippers in Game 2 of their first-round playoff series. Here is the transcript of the interview: -Q: So you for sure are at the Mission Bay site? This is the final deal for the new Warriors arena? -LACOB: The boats have been burned, that's the way we like to put it. We're definitely doing this and we're very excited about it. Look, I read the piece you did this afternoon--you need to get a little more data. You really do. This is a much, much, much, much more doable site at the end of the day. Contra Costa Times

-Q: Do you have to redesign, go back into the architecture? -LACOB: Yes, but a lot of that has been done, the arena itself will be pretty much the same, we've done all that work. So the external how it looks, that will be redesigned probably to some extent. We haven't really got there yet. We can move at a pretty rapid pace. Contra Costa Times

April 19, 2014 Updates

And yet there is this notion Jackson must get out of the first round -- against a championship-tested coach in Rivers and Hall of Fame point guard in Paul, and without Bogut -- or he'll be fired. If you can't understand how you could be, join the club. And watch this. That's the owner of the Warriors, Joe Lacob, rolling his eyes at Jackson after a turnover in the second quarter of a game Golden State eventually stole on the road against the No. 3 seed in the conference -- against a team that won five fewer games than San Antonio, which at one point won 19 in a row. Think about that. CBSSports.com

April 8, 2014 Updates

Tim Kawakami: Multiple sources: Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob has had talks with A's owner John Fisher about Lacob's interest in buying the A's... But the sources indicate that Fisher has to this point told Lacob he is not looking to sell the A's. There are some indications that Lacob would be interested in building a baseball stadium on the Howard Terminal site. It's not just Lacob. Several big-money types are eyeing the A's. Most, I'm told, believe the first/best option is to keep them in Oakland. I'm told that any Lacob interest in the A's is now on the back-burner. But Fisher knows that he'll have a nice market if he wants to sell. Twitter @timkawakami

April 7, 2014 Updates

But there has been grumbling about the team's occasional lack of urgency and Jackson's offensive system, which often bogs down in isolation sets with little movement. Some of that grumbling has come from people in the Warriors front office, by the way. At times, Jackson has reacted to the chatter indirectly by declaring that this franchise has a history of losing, is winning now and should act like it knows the difference. On Sunday, when I asked how he'd describe his relationship with co-owner Joe Lacob, Jackson said there are no problems between them. Oakland Tribune

April 6, 2014 Updates
April 5, 2014 Updates
March 28, 2014 Updates
February 13, 2014 Updates

Joe Lacob gave a lengthy interview yesterday and he used words like disappointing, disturbing, a concern. I’m wondering if he has conveyed any sense of concern to you and how your guys’ relationship is right now? -JACKSON: Your guys meaning Joe and I? Oh, it’s great. I mean, we don’t have a problem at all. He’s an outstanding guy to work for; he’s a competitor, as far as he’s never satisfied, which is what you want. He’s a guy that is always going to be chasing greatness. He didn’t just “disturbing” and you said another d-word, “disappointing.” He used “good” too. (Laughs.) He threw that in. I understand it. And he talked about pressure. And he talked about everybody having pressure. There’s pressure in my entire life. There’s pressure to coach a team, there’s pressure to try to become a professional basketball player. There’s pressure being a husband, there’s pressure being a dad, there’s pressure being a pastor. San Jose Mercury-News

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