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October 31, 2012 Updates
August 1, 2012 Updates

Joe Lacob: “Yes, we are into the tax and as I have said all along (though few actually listen ), we are prepared to spend money to WIN. We think we are going to be pretty good. How good? Time will tell. But our fans deserve success! One way or another, we are going to turn this ship around and become what we can become….winners. Consistent winners. Our ultimate goal is to win the NBA championship. San Jose Mercury-News

July 19, 2012 Updates

What’s the latest on new arena in SF? Is that still in the mix? Joe Lacob: Very much so. It’s a long process but we are actively working on developing that site, getting the approvals. It’ll take a couple years to do that in SF. But it’s a tremendous site on the water front. There is only one other arena on the waterfront, that’s Miami. It is a beautiful site. It is going to be privately financed. It’s going to be expensive. It’s going to be a hard process to get through. But we think we can do it. We’re going to do it. And I think our fans are going to be richly rewarded with a tremendous arena. Contra Costa Times

You’re going to sit courtside? I didn’t pay $450 million to sit up in the rafters. You’ve got to be careful there don’t you? You have to be very careful. But I have to be honest, I try not to do anything embarrassing. But, look, it’s fun. We enjoy it. We’re all into it. We just act ourselves and we’re just into it like everybody else. I paid a lot of money for good seats. Contra Costa Times

July 2, 2012 Updates

The Warriors, willing to take the risk of trading for Dwight Howard for 2011-12 even without an assurance of having him for more than one season, are not expected to resume pursuit after the superstar center told the Magic he wants to be dealt, Golden State owner Joe Lacob said Monday. “I doubt it,” Lacob told NBA.com at the gathering to introduce rookies Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli and Draymond Green. “I never say never. But we have somebody called Andrew Bogut. He is, in our opinion, one of the three best centers in the whole NBA, and in most people’s opinion. And he wants to be here and is a great fit. We think we have a really nice nucleus now going forward.” NBA.com

June 29, 2012 Updates

Joe Lacob: Obviously it's a difficult situation for him that happened to him. All I can tell you is that we didn't know anything about it obviously until recently. Clearly, very surprising. I think he's obviously somewhat embarrassed by it. But one thing about Mark Jackson, he's a stand-up guy. If you saw his statement, he laid it out and said he made a mistake. You know, six years ago, not anything having to do with the Warriors. Oakland Tribune

Joe Lacob: I don't know, the Warriors seem to ... this organization always seems to have bad luck with things like this. Obviously, this organization we're building, we've worked really hard to change the culture, to change everything about this organization, have quality people everywhere, and Mark is a quality guy. Oakland Tribune

June 27, 2012 Updates

I think Jerry West is pushing Waiters. Owner Joe Lacob is intrigued with Drummond. Barnes also in the picture if he falls. I honestly don't think the Warriors know yet. This is why you have to take our Mock Draft, and ANY Mock Draft with a grain of salt. No matter how well connected I am, I can't tell you what a team is going to do when even they don't know. Things will get clearer on Thursday ... HOWEVER, I know many teams who have made their choice in the draft room while on the clock. ESPN.com

The Warriors are preparing for a number of scenarios at No. 7. Depending on how things go on draft night, Barnes, Andre Drummond, Damian Lillard, Dion Waiters or even Kidd-Gilchrist could fall to them. The Warriors like all of the above, but like every other team in the NBA, not everyone agrees on the order. Warriors consultant Jerry West, sources say, has Waiters ranked quite high. Owner Joe Lacob feels like it might be tough to pass on Drummond if he's there. GM Bob Myers, is a Barnes fan. Everyone agrees that Kidd-Gilchrist would be the guy if he falls. There are also Lillard supporters in Golden State. This is why mock drafts are so difficult to make. How are we supposed to report to you what teams will do when they don't know themselves? ESPN.com

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May 23, 2012 Updates

Joe Lacob: "It’s going to be the Golden State Warriors. That’s our name until further notice. And I say until further notice because I’m leaving myself an out because at the end of the day, this comes down to what the fans want." San Jose Mercury-News

The clock has nearly run out on the Dakota Wizards. Early Wednesday morning the Santa Cruz City Council voted 7-0 to appropriate funds and finish a deal with parameters set forth that will result in the Wizards moving to the California community for the 2012-13 season. The D-League must approve the relocation bid. The terms of the agreement call for the city to loan the Golden State Warriors, who own the Wizards, $3.5 million to build a semi-permanent facility in Santa Cruz. Bismarck Tribune

Kirk Lacob, who was recently promoted to assistant general manager of the Warriors, said the results of the vote, which was completed around 1:30 a.m. CST, was greeted with a standing ovation. "On behalf of the Golden State Warriors organization, I'm proud of what we have accomplished thus far," Lacob said. "We are very excited about the (D-League) team's future in Santa Cruz and the opportunity to extend the reach of the Warriors' brand. We will continue to work hard and innovate to bring our fans new and exciting activities and give the Warriors the best chance to win on the court. Bismarck Tribune

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