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August 27, 2011 Updates

This is Joel Anthony's alternate reality, where he is his team's star, is allowed to shoot the ball, feels the weight of the moment. For the Miami Heat center, it also is somewhat of an audition, to prove he is up to such moments, to show that the Heat may already have their starting center for 2011-12, that Pat Riley may not need to pursue the likes of a Samuel Dalembert on the free-agent market. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

As he spoke from Foz de Igaucu, Brazil, where his Canadian national team was wrapping up a warm-up tournament in advance of Wednesday's start of Olympic qualifying in Argentina, the shot-blocking defensive specialist mentioned how he feels a world away from his day job, as a supporting player to LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. The 29-year-old native of Montreal is coming off an appearance as a starting center in the NBA Finals, which far trumps the pedigree of Canada's only other NBA players, seldom-used New York Knicks guard Andy Rautins and San Antonio Spurs first-round pick Cory Joseph, the guard out of Texas. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

To put in perspective how different this current universe stands, consider that in exhibitions this past week against Brazil and Puerto Rico, Anthony attempted seven and six shots. Then consider that in his 75 appearances this past season, he did not attempt more than five in any game. "It's definitely helped me," he said of receiving freedom to further his game, "because, realistically, it's not something I'll be able to do with Miami in the NBA, just because of the talent we have. To be able to get that and develop more as a player, I think it's really important. "Pretty much the biggest thing is to try to bring some of those aspects to Miami from my international play. That's one of the biggest things that I'm trying to focus on, so I can help my team a lot more when I get back to Miami." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

August 23, 2011 Updates

Keith Askins deserves to win Coach of the Year (Decade?) for the job he’s done with Joel Anthony. — Luke. A: This is one of the perks of conducting a forum such as this, that there are those out there who, unsolicited, can offer appreciation for some of the work done behind the scenes. Say what you want about where Joel stands, but he would not even be this far along without the patience shown and work put in by Keith, who deserves the notice and credit. The fact that he has gotten Joel to catch the ball could leave him with a potential job moonlighting as a fielding coach during the lockout. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

July 4, 2011 Updates

Q: What happens to Joel Anthony? Despite his faults, he was a big part of our success last season, but I just don’t see how he finds minutes in a rotation that’ll include Bosh, Haslem, Pittman and probably a new starting center. — David. A: I’m not as sold on the Heat landing a replacement starting center, based on what is available in free agency. I could see Joel returning as a nominal starter, with Bosh getting significant minutes in the middle and the Heat often playing small, which is the way the league is headed, anyway. Also, do not overstate Pittman. He does not have any guaranteed money remaining on his deal. He will not be gifted playing time. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

May 30, 2011 Updates

You know when it first registered? When these Heat players realized they were in an unprecedented collision of sports, celebrity, controversy, jealousy, animosity and the Internet Age on the way to these NBA Finals? "Cleveland,'' Dwyane Wade said of LeBron James' return game in December. "Bump-gate,'' Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said of his accidental time-out brush with LeBron in November. "When Barbara Walters asked President Obama about the Heat,'' center Joel Anthony said of that December interview. "She had, what, four or five questions for the President of the United States? And one of them was about us? We all said, 'This is crazy.' '' South Florida Sun-Sentinel

January 19, 2011 Updates

But after Tuesday night's wild loss to the Atlanta Hawks, the two players are now linked forever in basketball history. How? In the midst of the ill-advised 3-point downpour at AmericanAirlines Arena, Anthony managed to pull down 16 rebounds without taking a single shot attempt in the entire game. And according to Elias Sports Bureau, only two other players since 1967 have accomplished the feat: Dennis Rodman and Chamberlain. ESPN.com

Now, I get Rodman. That makes sense. But Chamberlain? The same guy who averaged 22.5 shots per game for his career? Anthony and Chamberlain are so far apart on the offensive skill spectrum that it's hard to tell that they play the same sport. But alas, the great M. Haubs of The Painted Area shed some light on the issue via a tweet reply on Twitter. In his words: "That was the year Wilt led the league in assists & was obsessed w/doing so. Most selfish assist champ ever!" ESPN.com

December 3, 2010 Updates

Hilton Armstrong had a hard time watching replays of the shove that led to his one-game suspension this week. The sight of Miami reserve center Joel Anthony's arms and legs flailing in different directions before he landed hard on his backside "was real scary," Armstrong said on Friday. "It put chills in me. I didn't mean for that to happen at all." He knew that a suspension was coming the moment he was ejected from the Wizards' 105-94 loss to the Heat on Monday. But he was still surprised that he was in that position, since he never had a reputation for making dirty plays or being some sort of enforcer. "It caught me off guard," he said. "Kind of shocked me, because I never thought, me of all people, would have to go through something like that. I know I'm not that type of guy or anything." Washington Post

November 26, 2010 Updates

There's no question Stackhouse was off to a slow start in his Heat career, but Dampier was signed largely because the Heat's current platoon of centers (Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Joel Anthony and Magloire) was producing so little. Dampier taking Magloire's spot made more sense to me, but Stackhouse rolled with his abrupt release like a pro, knowing that he was particularly at risk because he was the one possessing a non-guaranteed contract. Dampier, for the record, will receive a pro-rated salary of $1,129,469 in Miami, which will count on the Heat's payroll for salary-cap and luxury-tax purposes as a mere $713,666 because it's a veteran-minimum deal. ESPN.com

October 26, 2010 Updates

Spoelstra confirmed point guard Carlos Arroyo and center Joel Anthony will start alongside James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh against Boston Tuesday. The Anthony decision was expected all preseason, but Arroyo outplayed Mario Chalmers to earn his role. "I've done what they asked me to do," Arroyo said. "It's pretty much what I did last year coming into preseason games. I wasn't here from the start [last year], but I knew my role and exactly what it was. I did my job." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

October 14, 2010 Updates

Anthony also grabbed three rebounds against the Hornets, after being limited to a single rebound in each of his four starts, albeit starts accompanied by limited minutes. “Of course I expect more out of myself,” Anthony said. “I’m not going into panic mode or anything like that. That’s an area I have to contribute in, so I have to push myself even harder.” South Florida Sun-Sentinel

September 2, 2010 Updates

Overall, Anthony said the experience was a mixed bag. “I’ve been through the highs and the lows,” he told the Toronto Star of the experience with his national team. “I remember playing when we weren’t playing for anything, we were just playing in a couple of games and there were no tournaments or anything, just a couple of friendly matches. “To actually qualify and to play in a world tournament, to see the progression the program has made, has been big, but it’s still a little frustrating and disappointing not being able to advance, which was our expectation.” South Florida Sun-Sentinel

July 23, 2010 Updates

Anthony, who spent the first three seasons of his NBA career with the Miami Heat, will be suiting up there for the foreseeable future. That was cemented last Friday when he signed a five-year, $18 million deal to be the guy who plugs the holes and does the dirty work in the shadows of the imposing, star-studded trio of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh. "(Them being in place) definitely made it that much easier," Anthony, a free agent this summer, said of the decision. "I always wanted to have the opportunity to come back to Miami, even before any of them signed. Obviously, with them signing, I realized that this was going to be a really special team and I wanted to have the opportunity to be a part of that." Las Vegas Sun

July 19, 2010 Updates

The Cat is out of the bag. Jamaal Magloire is back with the Miami Heat. A bruiser on the court and a stabilizing presence in the locker room, Magloire signed off Monday on his third one-year, minimum-scale contract with the Heat. Known as the "Big Cat," the former University of Kentucky Wildcat becomes the Heat's fourth center under contract, joining fellow Heat free agent Joel Anthony, Cleveland Cavaliers free agent Zydrunas Ilgauskas and second-round pick Dexter Pittman, the burly center from the University of Texas. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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