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The Blazers locker room had McMillan detractors previously during the coach's seven seasons in Portland. But there was always someone -- be it James Jones, Joel Przybilla, Brandon Roy or Juwan Howard -- to extinguish the fires and remind teammates that personal agendas never trump the team. It's why I cornered LaMarcus Aldridge shortly after McMillan was fired. I told him that I was disappointed in him. I said that part of the responsibility of being a star is leading. I expected him to tell Felton to zip it when the point guard was making his poisonous locker room rounds. I expected him to tell Crawford to quit worrying about where he was playing and focus on how he was playing. As not only a star but an All-Star, it was his job to get guys focused on the team. Oregonian

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What's the situation with your left foot and your playing status past this season? Joel Przybilla: “I might have to have a minor surgery when the season is over. I'll be out a couple of weeks, nothing serious. But I definitely want to probably play next year...I definitely want to play. I really enjoyed it this year and I think next year if I did decide to come back, I'll be more prepared because this season had so many games crammed together.” CSNNW.com

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As for his own future, Przybilla, who is nearing completion of a one year contract, said this. "I just want to get through this season, get to the summer and see what my options are. I would definitely love to come back. That's up to the team... A lot of it depends on what [my family wants]. I definitely do what my wife and kids say. Deep down that's what really matters to me. If they want me to play or not play or where they want me to play, that will be a family decision." Blazers Edge

Would you endorse (Kaleb Canales) for next season as the full-time head coach? Joel Przybilla: "Definitely. I'm definitely comfortable playing for him. He's learning, this is his first head coaching job. The progress he's made in just a few weeks is so significant. Talking in front of the guys, the referees, whatever it may be. He's made such strides in a few weeks. I'm excited for the future for him. He has great potential to be a great coach for many years." Blazers Edge

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Blazers C Joel Przybilla on his bizarre jump ball disagreement with a referee: "He was just pointing at the ground. He told me to line up there, and I lined up on one side, and then he told me, 'No not there,' so I lined up on the next spot. He said, 'No, not there,' and he pointed back to the previous spot. I don't know if he was speaking another language or what. I didn't realize lining up for a jump ball was that complicated." Sulia

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