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May 4, 2012 Updates

But the Bucks owner said he is confident the team can take the steps necessary to become a playoff team. Milwaukee finished the past season with a 31-35 record and was eliminated from playoff contention in the final week. "Scott is one of the best coaches in the league, and I'm very pleased he's going to be with us next year," Kohl said at the team's Cousins Center training facility. "It's true about John Hammond. It's an outstanding team, I believe. "This is a results kind of business we're in, and you measure at some point, we all do, we measure ourselves by our results. We were supposed to be in the playoffs. We didn't get there. We should still be playing. We're not still playing. "So if you want to know whether or not we're happy, no we're not happy. Why should we be happy? But we're planning for next year, and I think with this continuity and the ability of Scott and John, as well as the staff and our players, there's a lot to be enthusiastic about. "And it's on that basis that we're going forward." Kohl said "we're looking for good and great results and a long and happy relationship." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

April 28, 2012 Updates

Bucks general manager John Hammond said that will be a priority during the off-season as the team approaches the June draft, free agency and possible trades. "You talk about the Brandon-Monta combination; it's an extremely young backcourt," Hammond said. "I think they're both willing passers, and they both also have the ability to score. "Is the size a factor for us? Of course it is. It makes it difficult for Monta. If you're going to go with the old theory, one of the best ways to keep a great scorer occupied is to keep him occupied on the defensive end of the floor, wear him down defensively." He (Ellis) is a 20-point scorer at the 2 guard spot, but a lot of times he's guarding similar-type players and they're bigger than him. So if you look at the needs of our team, if there's an opportunity to get more size in the backcourt, that possibly could help us." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

April 27, 2012 Updates

It’s no secret that Bucks coach Scott Skiles is on the hot seat. A report circulated that Skiles, who has one year remaining on his contract for nearly $5 million, is interested in reaching a buyout with Bucks owner Herb Kohl. Skiles and Bucks general manager John Hammond wouldn’t comment on the matter. But Keith Glass, Skiles’ representative, told me Thursday afternoon, “That’s news to me. I haven’t talked to anyone about that. I’d be surprised if that was true.” Racine Journal-Times

April 24, 2012 Updates
April 23, 2012 Updates

Shake up in Milwaukee coming? "Based on the conversations I've had, you just don't know what's going to happen. I would imagine the Bucks are going to make some major moves. Scott Skiles, John Hammond, I think they're both under the gun at this point." Would Hammond bring director of scouting Billy McKinney and assistant GM Jeff Weltman to Portland? "Those guys are joined at the hip. Billy McKinney and John Hammond grew up together in Illinois. They've been best of friends since they were kids. So that's a given. Weltman has been with John for the last five or six years so I can definitely see that as a scenario." Blazers Edge

April 21, 2012 Updates

Steve Kerr and John Hammond -- two candidates who have been down this road before -- are back in the mix of the Trail Blazers' search for a general manager. Team president Larry Miller, who is heading the search, said he is not taking no for an answer when it comes to Kerr, the former Phoenix Suns general manager and current TNT television analyst. According to agent Mark Bartelstein, Kerr will have lunch with Miller this weekend in San Diego, even though he already has told Miller he is happy being a father, husband and television analyst for TNT. "I haven't given up on Kerr," Miller said Friday. Oregonian

Kerr, 47, was Miller's first target last May after Rich Cho was fired, but he turned down the overtures, citing his desire to be with his family. Bartelstein on Friday reiterated those sentiments. "Steve's life right now with TNT and his family could not be better," Bartelstein said. "He hasn't had one thought for being a coach or a general manager. But when someone calls, you listen." Oregonian

April 20, 2012 Updates
April 19, 2012 Updates

Of course, that will be easily forgotten if the Bucks reach the playoffs, which has always been Kohl’s primary goal for his GMs and head coaches. By making the playoffs, Kohl would also save himself an exorbitant amount of money. Skiles and Hammond each have one more season left on their contracts: Skiles for around $5 million and Hammond for around $2 million. At the same time, nobody should be startled if Kohl swallows one or even both of those contracts. After all, Kohl is fully cognizant of the Bucks’ rapidly deteriorating fan base. Last season, the Bucks managed just four sellouts at the Bradley Center; this season, they’ve have had only two. The Bucks’ average attendance this season is 14,747, a franchise low. Racine Journal-Times

February 3, 2012 Updates

Three hours later, Milwaukee general manager John Hammond was all stiff upper lip on the same subject. No matter how many ways a fellow tried to get him to grouse about his club's misfortunes, Hammond held back. "Standing here, that's kind of what I'm thinking about," Hammond said. "I can talk about injuries, I can maybe come up with excuses, I can maybe come up with reasons. But at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. No one's going to care. And to be honest with you, it's the world we live in. It's a results-driven business. Even with injuries, people want you to win." NBA.com

January 18, 2012 Updates

The Milwaukee Bucks have assigned rookie guard Darington Hobson to the Fort Wayne Mad Ants of the NBA Development League, General Manager John Hammond announced today. Hobson, 24, has appeared in five games for the Bucks this season and averaged 1.2 assists and 0.8 points in 7.8 minutes per contest. Sportando

December 10, 2011 Updates
December 7, 2011 Updates

Bucks general manager John Hammond confirmed the team will not use the new amnesty clause this season. During the lockout, sources had indicated the Bucks did not intend to use the amnesty procedure in the first year of the new collective bargaining agreement. Under the labor deal up for approval this week, each team is permitted to waive one player before any season of the CBA (but only for contracts in place now) and have 100% of the player's salary removed from team salary for cap and tax purposes. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

May 24, 2011 Updates
May 20, 2011 Updates

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