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The only ringing Blatche heard was his his alarm clock jolting him out of an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar condo in an unfamiliar city. He was up by 8 a.m. each day and at 8:30 sharp, Blatche stepped into Houston’s sticky morning air to see John Lucas waiting for him. Lucas, ex-NBA player and coach, is a former drug addict who has guided numerous players back on the straight and narrow. He wanted to help the 6-foot-11, one-time prodigy rescue the career he’s dragging through the gutter. “I met him our last home game in D.C.,” Blatche said. “We had a meeting and he talked to me and said, ‘listen, I’ve been where you’re at right now.’ Basically that I can help you, get your body back right, and get your game tuned up to get you back playing. I believed him basically.” NBA.com

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And about that weight problem? “That was a major effect with Washington -- the weight problem. So I took the summer as a big, big, big commitment. I started working out there with John Lucas in Houston to lose weight, to get back in shape, so I can come here and be ready.” New York Daily News

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Late Thursday afternoon, John Lucas tweeted his congratulations to Andray Blatche for signing with the Nets. Lucas who's served as Lucas' mentor this off-season tweeted, "Congrats to @drayblatche for signing with the @brooklynnets!" The message was retweeted by Marc Stein among others. NetsDaily

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Free agency is all but over in the NBA, yet there are still a few players out there trying to find a home before the start of training camp. Among them is Andray Blatche, who is in Houston working out with John Lucas as he prepares for his next NBA gig. His most recent meeting was with the Brooklyn Nets. Blatche talks with HOOPSWORLD about his breakup with the Washington Wizards, how John Lucas is helping him, his chances of landing with the Nets and more in this exclusive interview: HoopsWorld

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To that end, Blatche’s mother, Angela Oliver, helped facilitate a connection with John Lucas, who is based in Houston. Lucas, the former NBA guard, coach and general manager, has built a reputation for resuscitating ailing NBA careers. Lucas said he looked at Blatche and saw a familiar reflection. “That was me,” he said, “26 years ago in the league.” Syracuse.com

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The Bulls were one of six teams to talk to John Lucas III, who is meeting with an undisclosed team Monday. Lucas has said re-signing with the Bulls is his priority, however, he is expected to receive longer and more lucrative offers from other teams. Chicago Tribune

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In that regard, Lucas could go the way of Brad Miller and Kurt Thomas, valuable reserves whom the Bulls wanted back but on their financial terms. Then again, who knows? “I want to come back here and expressed that to management,” Lucas said. “But I am in a different situation. I remember coming to training camp trying to get a guaranteed contract. Now I could secure myself for the rest of my life. “It just shows if you put the work in and keep believing in yourself, anything is possible. But it’s not just about the money to me. More than anything, I want to be somewhere that is a winning program and has the closeness we have here. I love my teammates, the organization and city.” Chicago Tribune

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The Bulls have given no official word to the camps of Brewer, C.J. Watson or Kyle Korver regarding their team options, which carry a July 10 deadline. But management has given signs they are pursuing less expensive options, discussing internally the prospect of re-signing John Lucas III as an alternative to Watson. A draft pick also could plug the point-guard hole until Rose returns from knee surgery. Chicago Tribune

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Rose was grimacing lying on his back with his hand stroking his left knee. Trainer Fred Tedeschi ran to Rose along with Bulls physician Dr. Brian Cole, who felt around Rose’s knee. Rose was helped up by Tedeschi and assistant Jeff Tanaka and escorted to the locker room. Rose walked off with help but weight put on his feet, so, initially, it looked hopeful, if also of major concern. “We had the game already won,” lamented John Lucas. “That’s our brother. We are family around here. First thing I did say, ‘Get up.’ I started saying a prayer. Everyone gets alarmed anytime you see anyone on the ground and they don’t jump right back up. It was like, ‘Just get up!’ It’s been all year. He’s such a competitor and loves the game of basketball. We finally had everyone healthy.” NBA.com

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