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April 24, 2012 Updates

Veteran point guards such as Kirk Hinrich, Andre Miller and John Lucas top the list of unrestricted free agents. Others, such as guards Jamal Crawford and C.J. Watson, could be available depending how their options play out. And there may be some sleepers out there, too, such as Indiana's A.J. Price. San Jose Mercury-News

March 18, 2012 Updates
February 15, 2012 Updates

Former Rockets guard and longtime NBA coach John Lucas will help select, recruit and guide players as scouting consultant for the National Basketball Players Association’s Top 100 High School Basketball Camp. The 19th annual NBPA camp is designed to work with top young players on skills on the court and in life skill areas ranging from recruiting to dealing with “all the things that go on in kids’ lives,” according to Purvis Short, the NBPA’s director of player programs. “The top 100 is a camp we started 19, 20 years ago on the high school level,” Short said. “At the time, there were high school players coming into the league. The camp is designed not only to teach basketball skills but to work with all the players on life skills. Houston Chronicle

January 31, 2012 Updates
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November 16, 2011 Updates
November 9, 2011 Updates

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Rashard Lewis are expected to headline a charity game to benefit John Lucas' foundation that provides substance-abuse counseling for athletes. The game will be held on Nov. 20 at Delmar Fieldhouse in northwest Houston, once the home of the Houston Cougars' basketball team. The arena has 5,000 seats. Lucas said Wednesday about 20 players have committed to participate. "It'll be neat for the fans to come out and see," Lucas said. "It won't be a celebrity game. It's going to be a real game. I'm really excited about the competition." ESPN.com

November 7, 2011 Updates

While the NBA may be in the midst of a lockout, former NBA coach and player John Lucas told FOX 26 Sports he will host a charity game featuring a number of NBA stars on Nov. 20 at the Delmar Stadium Complex in northwest Houston. According to Lucas the players he has confirmed who will take part in the event include L.A. Clippers forward Blake Griffin, Oklahoma City forward Kevin Durant, Washington Wizards forward Rashard Lewis, the former star from Alief Elsik and free agent guard T.J. Ford, former star at Willowridge High School and the University of Texas. "Blake and Rashard will happen for sure," Lucas said. (Chicago Bulls guard) Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant is supposed to be coming, (Thunder center) Kendrick Perkins, T.J. Ford, (forward) Chandler Parsons with the Rockets, (guard) Jonny Flynn with the Rockets." FOX 26 Sports

October 16, 2011 Updates
September 26, 2011 Updates

There are no highlight dunks on YouTube because there are no cameras. There are no tales of 56-point scoring bursts because no games are played."A lot of guys have no clue what they're in for when they come here," said Matt Howard, a coach at the John Lucas Basketball Resources program for five years. "Pros sometimes think they know everything or think they can't get better. They come here with us, (and) they find out they can do things better, build on their strengths and work on their weaknesses. We break them down and build them up. "It's not for everybody. We don't kiss butt. You come to work, and we'll make you a better ballplayer." Houston Chronicle

Far from the basketball court in a virtual amusement park in the shadow of the Las Vegas strip, the voice of former NBA coach and former Rockets guard John Lucas echoes inside a dark gym with no frills and the debatable existence of air conditioning. While roughly 70 NBA players have played in a high-profile "Lockout league" at Las Vegas' Impact training facility, Lucas and his staff push roughly 30 players, including a handful of young NBA talents, through grueling drills and training sessions in Houston. In this throwback, Rocky III-like setting in which luxuries are limited to metal folding chairs and a few oversized fans, egos are left inside the SUVs in the Lutheran North High School parking lot, and no one dares to protest the demands. Houston Chronicle

NBA players pay $8,500 a month for the privilege. Fees vary for players at different levels and for the predraft camp. "I'm expensive," Lucas said, "but I'm worth it." The setting and much of each day's drills are decidedly old school, but these are not scenes from Red Auerbach's old Red on Roundball series. Houston Chronicle

September 19, 2011 Updates

Former Rockets guard and longtime NBA coach John Lucas III is organizing a series of games in October and November featuring NBA stars in conjunction with his John Lucas Basketball Resources training camps should the NBA work stoppage continue into the scheduled start of the season. Though many arrangements have not been finalized, Lucas said he has already received commitments for some games from NBA players including stars Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin. Rockets players Terrence Williams and Jonny Flynn and Houston-based players DeAndre Jordan, John Lucas II, T.J. Ford and Damon Jones have also committed to the participate along with Baron Davis, Thaddeus Young, Derrick Williams, Tristan Thompson and Corey Joseph. Houston Chronicle

September 14, 2011 Updates
July 28, 2011 Updates

John Lucas is proud to say he's been clean and sober for the last 25 years. During his 15 years in the NBA, the former Rocket earned as much notoriety for his off-court battles with drugs and alcohol in the mid-1980s as he did for his exploits on the hardwood. "I have 25 years, one day at a time and I work at it like my basketball. My problem isn't drinking. My problem is living," Lucas said. "How do I live life on a daily basis without going and getting drunk to handle my situations? Can I play the cards I've been dealt for the day without medicating my feelings?" FOXSports SouthWest

"At the time, I didn't know how my experiences would be able to help others. What I found out because of my experiences, the gift is my experiences," he said. "By me sharing what I've gone through lets other people know somebody has walked that path before. Not many of us make it back but I was fortunate to tell a story that we can recover if we want to." FOXSports SouthWest

It's hard to believe he was never an all-star or that he never won a title, but he has no regrets as he looks back on his career. "I was one of the best. It was interrupted but being one of the best wasn't my goal. Being on the team was and I was one of the best because I got others to do what they needed to do," Lucas said. "So I've always been a teacher and I've been able to have the ball and be a point guard and to direct. It wasn't because of my physical skills. It was because I could bring people together. For me, that's different than being the best player. My team went from losing 50 to winning 50 the first year." FOXSports SouthWest

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