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September 13, 2011 Updates

Now a forward with the Phoenix Suns, Warrick said he had no trouble finding players to take part in the game, as he quickly assembled a Team Philly roster of Marcus and Markieff Morris, John Salmons and Wayne Ellington among others. The Philadelphia roster is set, Warrick said, but the team has yet to appoint a coach. “I didn’t have to sell it at all, it came to a point where I was hoping that some people would turn me down because we we’re getting too many people,” said Warrick. “It wasn’t a tough sell to go out there and play for your city. For a lot of these guys that grew up in the Philadelphia-area, basketball is a big thing, and you don’t want to get embarrassed.” Philadelphia Inquirer

July 21, 2011 Updates

John Salmons is famous for three things: being a professional basketball player, having a name that looks like it should be pronounced like a fish but isn’t, and having a terrible goatee. As far as things to be recognized for, those are pretty chill. But we’ll soon add another layer to Salmons’ fame onion, as he is set to release the first season of his men’s clothing line in spring 2012. The line is called Salmons & Brown, and from looking at the first photoshoot, it looks like John is a big fan of camo pants, which I assume he got that from his time playing with Brad Miller. There’s also a linen trenchcoat that looks like a physician’s lab coat and totally misses the point of a trenchcoat since linen absorbs water, but whatever. Other notable items include v-neck t-shirts, a navy blue button-front utility shirt and a white suede biker jacket that would get very dirty if you ever actually wore it on a motorcycle. The Score

June 25, 2011 Updates

Westphal pressed hard for the Salmons' acquisition. While I was told some members of management share my reservations about on-court chemistry and ball movement with so many dribble-heavy players projected into the starting lineup, the theory was that Westphal, entering the final year of his contract, deserved significant input on personnel. Sacramento Bee

June 23, 2011 Updates
February 26, 2011 Updates

John Salmons usually has his bags packed at the trade deadline. So it was a bit of a strange feeling for the Bucks guard on Thursday as the clock counted down to the deadline. Salmons, who signed a five- year deal with the Bucks as a free agent last summer, really was staying put this time. "I was checking," Salmons said. "I was still looking, all the way up to 3 o'clock (2 p.m. Milwaukee time). I was expecting to hear I was going somewhere. "I didn't have my bags packed. Pretty much, Sacramento and Chicago, I had my bags packed. I knew. This time I was kind of like, I don't know." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

December 4, 2010 Updates
October 21, 2010 Updates

John Salmons could be in the Milwaukee Bucks' starting lineup when they open the regular season in one week in New Orleans. That was the encouraging word from Salmons and Bucks coach Scott Skiles on Tuesday after the 6-foot-6 shooting guard practiced for the first time since the team opened camp in late September. Salmons had been sidelined with a sprained right knee suffered while playing in a pickup game in his hometown of Philadelphia before camp. "I did some running and a little bit of shooting," Salmons said of his activity Tuesday at the Cousins Center. "Not a whole lot of cutting yet. Maybe do some of that tomorrow and just go from there. "Just go day-by-day and see if the swelling goes down. It's feeling pretty good right now." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

October 8, 2010 Updates

Bucks coach Scott Skiles reported good news regarding injured players Corey Maggette and John Salmons, although neither is ready to step into the lineup yet. "Corey is getting closer and closer," Skiles said after practice Thursday, " but not ready yet. He's a guy I'd probably think next week will get some minutes." Maggette is recovering from arthroscopic surgery on his left ankle and has been able to participate in portions of practice since late last week. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

September 21, 2010 Updates

Bogut was impressed with the additions of forwards Corey Maggette (via trade) and Drew Gooden (via free agency). And he was pleasantly surprised when shooting guard John Salmons signed a five-year deal to return to the Bucks. "To be honest, I didn't think we were going to re-sign John," Bogut said Monday at the team's annual golf outing at Ozaukee Country Club. "The way he played in the playoffs and so on, I thought he was gone. "I texted John before he signed and I said, 'Come on, man, you've got to re-sign.' He was, 'You know how it is.' He was non-committal. When I heard the news (Salmons had signed) I was in Croatia and I was ecstatic. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

August 7, 2010 Updates
July 20, 2010 Updates

Here are the annual amounts of Gooden's and Maggette's contracts: Gooden: $5.76M in 2010-2011, $6.20M in 2011-2012, $6.68M in 2012-2013, $6.68M in 2013-2014 and $6.68M in 2014-2015. Salmons: $8.0M in 2010-2011, $8.5M in 2011-2012, $8.08M in 2012-2013, $7.58M in 2013-2014 and $7M in 2014-2015 although just $1M guaranteed. Racine Journal-Times

July 16, 2010 Updates

Salmons will be paid in the $8 million range in the first year of the deal, after he opted out of the final year of a contract that would have paid him $5.8 million next season. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

July 8, 2010 Updates

Drew Gooden and John Salmons signed multiyear deals with the Bucks today, after agreeing to free-agent contracts last week. And the two players said they expect the Bucks to be extremely competitive following last year's 46-victory season. Salmons chose to re-sign with Milwaukee after playing a pivotal role in its playoff push last season, while Gooden signed a five-year deal estimated at $32 million. The 29-year-old Gooden admitted he had been eyeing the Bucks for a long time and had been a subject of intense discussion by the team at last season's trade deadline. "I know it's a big table this summer and I just wanted my seat at the table, basically," Gooden said following a news conference held at the Bradley Center on Thursday morning. "I worked hard for whatever I got and Milwaukee was the organization that thought I was deserving of this deal. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

July 3, 2010 Updates
July 2, 2010 Updates

The Milwaukee Bucks have verbally agreed to a five-year, $39 million deal with free-agent guard John Salmons, according to league sources. Sources say that the last year of the deal is only partially guaranteed. Salmons exercised a player opt-out on his contract last week. The Bucks responded by making deals for Corey Maggette and Chris Douglas-Roberts on draft day. It was widely assumed that the two deals were a signal the team was moving on. ESPN.com

League sources said the Bucks and Salmons' agent, Joel Bell, were closing in on a multiyear agreement, but it was not a finished deal as of Thursday night. Salmons' return would provide a solid starter at shooting guard and give the team the luxury of having a 23-year-old backup in Chris Douglas-Roberts, acquired in a recent trade with New Jersey. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

July 1, 2010 Updates

The Bucks and Salmons have been discussing a five-year, $39 million deal both last night and today, according to league sources. However, sources stressed that a deal is not done and details still need to be worked out. At issue appears to be the fifth year. The Bucks are pushing for that fifth year to be only partially guaranteed, sources said, but both sides remain committed to getting the deal done. ESPN.com

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