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March 1, 2015 Updates

On Saturday afternoon, Beastie Boys member Ad-Rock tweeted about Mason’s death: “MASE!!! You are for surely missed. RIP.” Mason was not the only Knick of the Pat Riley era to inspire the Beasties’ rhymes. “Get It Together” contains the line “I got heart like John Starks,” while “Flute Loop” references the team’s 1993 Atlantic Division title with the somewhat hard-to-decipher lyric: “Lead my team to 60 wins like my man Pat Ewing.” New York Daily News

February 24, 2015 Updates

“He was a hard-nosed player. We came to the Knicks around the same time and he fought for everything he got in this league as well as growing up,” Starks said during the 16th Annual Knicks Bowl at Chelsea Piers. “He’s fighting right now for his life, and I believe he’s going to pull through. “I think I was at a game when I heard about it. It was a shock. He’s still a young man. Unfortunately these things do occur in life. There’s no rhyme or reason why it happens, but it’s something he continues to fight. His family continues to pray. We continue to pray. It’s just tough right now. Mase is the type of guy who’s going to fight every inch of the way. He’s going to pull through this.” New York Post

March 30, 2014 Updates

Relationships remain Lopez’s greatest currency and inspiration. In his apartment, there is a poster of former Knicks guard John Starks’ famous lefthanded dunk over Jordan and Horace Grant in the 1993 playoffs. Lopez sees Starks at community events for the Knicks. There is also a photo of Drazen Petrovic, the Croatian scorer, because his girlfriend, Kero, is Croatian. Lopez loved Petrovic’s spirit as a player, and tries to channel it on and off the court. He keeps a photo of himself with David Stern, the former NBA commissioner, on a table in his living room. It is not from draft night; rather it is from a community center with children. “I blew through a lot of money, but, for me, I knew money was never going to bring happiness,” Lopez says. “I spent on me and my family. At the end of the day, they are who is around me. I’m back where I started with more than when I began.” New York Daily News

August 5, 2013 Updates
April 24, 2013 Updates
September 17, 2011 Updates

Because of his devotion, Starks is both trusted and beloved by a significant portion of the city's metropolitan area. Given that connection, you can expect many of them to start driving Fords and Lincolns any day now. As seen in the ad above, Starks is now shilling for Ford Lincoln of Queens, aka "The Boulevard's Best." Clearly, the dealership's new owners know exactly how to attract and expand their potential client base. Yahoo! Sports

May 10, 2011 Updates

The Dallas Mavericks went from NBA pretender to contender and ousted the Lakers from the playoffs by focusing on defense. And if the Knicks hope to go from mere playoff participant to Eastern Conference force, they'll need to do the same thing. So say former Knicks John Starks and Walt Frazier. "Hopefully, the team understands that next (season) is going to be a totally different situation where the emphasis is a little bit more on defense," Starks said Monday night at the Evelyn Sachs Steiner Home for Girls Benefit Dinner in New Rochelle. "You look at Dallas. They concentrated on offense for so long and they never got over the hump. This year they became a good defensive team ... and they beat the world champions." New York Daily News

October 6, 2010 Updates

Ex-Knick superstar John Starks has unveiled a new basketball sneaker he says he wishes he had during his heyday playing against Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller. The shoe is billed as the first kind of sneaker to prevent ankle injuries, Starks told the Daily News recently. "It's 99.9% affective against ankle sprains," Starks said. The shoe is tightly secured to the foot with a strap, and the side features a protruding bumper designed to keep players from rolling their ankles. "Once I put the shoe on, and strapped it in, immediately you feel secure in the shoe, and you feel like this is the shoe that's going to protect your foot," said Starks, who now works in the New York Knicks front office. "I had many ankle injuries, some that put me out a day, some that put me out a week or two," said the 6-foot-2 former shooting guard. "I wish this shoe was out on the market at the time that I was playing." New York Daily News

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