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May 22, 2015 Updates

Who is the toughest point guard you faced during your career? Steve Nash: Good question. John Stockton. reddit

April 10, 2015 Updates

Adams has a particular vision for Curry's defense: He wants Stephen Curry to be the next John Stockton. Adams said "Stockton knew what the other team was going to do, knew how to gum up an offense. I've talked to Steph about this before. He has these natural abilities on the ball and away from the ball and in guarding catch-shoot players coming off pins. He's good at all of that stuff. Now if you can add that aspect of just understanding what every team is trying to do, and the times he does that, he breaks plays up inside of himself." ESPN.com

April 4, 2015 Updates

Stockton, the NBA Hall of Famer, inarguably king of the pick-and-roll and famous wearer of very short basketball shorts, was at the DICK’S High School Nationals as an assistant coach for the girls basketball team from Gonzaga Prep, and he was answering questions about coaching girls after sending his entire career around the men’s game. He called his time on the bench with the Gonzaga Prep girls “one of the greatest experiences of my life,” (which is saying something), and said that it was the Bullpups’ aggressive drive to learn that made the team special. “I don’t know if coaching girls is always like this, but this group has been amazing,” Stockton said. “They’ve been completely open to coaching and they all really want to learn. And they aren’t afraid to put the hard work in to get better.” High School Sports

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December 10, 2014 Updates

Tramonte is more used to seeing D.C. athletes in his store, including Nene, Stephen Strasburg and Ryan Zimmerman. Brother-in-law John Stockton has also stopped by. “I have a pretty good picture of John Stockton taking a pizza out of the oven,” said Tramonte, who met his wife, a Gonzaga alum from Fairbanks, Alaska, while she was working for the governor of Alaska’s office on Capitol Hill. “My kitchen manager is from Sicily and he said: ‘This guy would be good at making pizzas. He’s got big hands.’ ” Washington Post

May 14, 2014 Updates
March 10, 2014 Updates

Me: Do you find there's extra pressure on any point guard who plays in Utah because of the standard John Stockton set there? Trey Burke: I think so, to a certain extent. The fans do a great job, I think, of embracing anybody who comes to Utah, including myself. They've already embraced me and shown me a lot of support. I think there is some pressure with the standard Stockton set, and him being the all-time assist and steals leader in the NBA. When you've got a guy that's the all-time assist leader and steals leader, you've definitely got to come in and try to, not fill his shoes, but you've got to come in and produce. That's what they're expecting. They've seen one of the greatest point guards come through this franchise. To me, I'm going to continue to still work hard to get the most out of my game. NBA.com

January 11, 2014 Updates

Kupchak: If John Stockton were in the D-League, we would have picked up John Stockton. We are trying to win games. With that said, you have to continue to monitor your roster as the season goes on. That's the job as a general manager. You have to be more realistic. Most of the time, we start the season with a certain ratio in mind. It could be 80 percent looking at the current season, and 20 percent at the next season. If you have a chance to win a title in a given season, maybe you sacrifice the next year to a certain extent. Or, maybe that ratio changes with injuries, from 60-40 in December, to 50-50 in January or30-70 in February looking to the future. Now, the coach is 100 percent focused on winning that year, but part of the manager's job is to have the future of the organization in mind. NBA.com

January 6, 2014 Updates

"In Coach Sloan's offense, it was more inside the 3-point line, where you could get some kickouts," Hornacek said. "For the three man, actually, it was easier to get threes, because we were running the three man guy with Karl. John and I were inside the line, and in transition, obviously, we could pull up. But it's a different game now." Jackson's response: "Hornacek -- great shooter. John Stockton -- good to very good shooter. Not a great shooter. Don't get me wrong. He was an all-time great player. But John Stockton would not be considered a great shooter." NBA.com

November 16, 2013 Updates

If there’s anything mysterious or remotely controversial, it would be Stockton’s description of "a stubborn undertow of friction" during his final season of 2002-03, when his teammates — not named — included Carlos Arroyo, Mark Jackson and DeShawn Stevenson. In Friday’s news conference, Stockton said that subject was worth discussing mainly because of how he chose not to address it at the time, which played into his decision to retire at age 41. In turn, he angered his wife and Malone by making his brief announcement the day after a first-round playoff series against Sacramento, rather than telling them first. Salt Lake Tribune

November 15, 2013 Updates
November 11, 2013 Updates

Reality bites » The most surprising thing about being an NBA ball boy, Truman says, was seeing what these world-class athletes were consuming. Karl Malone would come in at 4 p.m. to watch "SportsCenter" while wolfing down popcorn, barbecue potato chips and Coke. (Truman says he would wait for the anchors to mention him and inevitably be offended at the characterization.) John Stockton usually took better care of himself, but Truman recalls an exhibition game at the Dee Events Center in Ogden where he snatched five snickerdoodle cookies from the press room. His teammates gave him grief, and he said it didn’t matter; he was only playing 10 minutes. Then he told a ball boy to go grab him some more snickerdoodles. Salt Lake Tribune

SI.com: What's a day in the life of John Stockton these days? Stockton: Well, it's kind of a mess of activities. There is not the same structure -- I don't have practice at 10, games at 7; I get to pick and choose my spots. But it's very busy. I'm in a number of businesses. I'm in a couple of construction projects. I'm doing a lot of coaching, some high school, some younger. When I first retired, I was an assistant on seven or eight teams at once. SI.com

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