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March 13, 2015 Updates

Washington Wizards guard John Wall is not following former college teammate Eric Bledsoe's lead. The Phoenix Suns guard said in November that Kentucky could "definitely" beat the Philadelphia 76ers, which became a big thing. Sixers point guard Tony Wroten said it was "crazy," and Nerlens Noel, an ex-Wildcat himself, gave Bledsoe a flagrant foul right as the game started when the two teams met. Wall, though, gave a different answer than Bledsoe (and DeMarcus Cousins) when Dan Patrick posed him the question on Friday. Could Kentucky compete with any team in the NBA this year? John Wall: Uh, no. Against the Sixers, would Kentucky made it a game? We lost to the 76ers, so no. Kentucky against the Wizards? No. CBSSports.com

The Grizzlies, playing their 12th game in 19 nights, decided it was best to not only play without point guard Mike Conley, who sprained his ankle against the Boston Celtics Wednesday, but to also sit Zach Randolph, Tony Allen, and Marc Gasol simply to rest. Wizards point guard John Wall expressed contempt for the strategy after the Wizards’ 107-87 thrashing at Verizon Center. “That’s how I see it,” Wall said when asked if the Grizzlies decision was disrespectful to Washington. “They sit them and I don’t know the reason why. I think we’re a team that’s on the rise and teams respect us now. I guess they don’t respect us and we went out there and played basketball the right way and tried to get a win no matter what.” Washington Post

March 5, 2015 Updates

Naismith Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown says Emmanuel Mudiay could be the next John Wall, and says numerous NBA teams have called him to discuss the Congolese-American point guard, including the Philadelphia 76ers. “I look at John Wall and the way he’s evolved and I feel comfortable that Emmanuel is a lot like that,” Brown told SNY.tv by phone on Wednesday. ZagsBlog.com

March 1, 2015 Updates

How much has your confidence grown since the team’s success has increased? John Wall: My success helped a lot, but my confidence increased when I was healthy. When you are dealing with injuries you can’t work out and can’t get better so it is frustrating. When I started getting healthy that is when it all got better. I knew what type of player I was early in my career. My first home game I had 29 (points), 13 (assists) and nine steals. I knew I could play in this league. It was about staying healthy and improving my jump shot and those things. HoopsHype

Your team is banged up at the moment and struggling. When healthy what do you think the Wizards' chances will be in the Eastern Conference? John Wall: We got a great chance. The East is wide open, I think. Atlanta and Cleveland are playing the best basketball right now and those two are great teams and are playing great. And you have a talented Toronto team. You still can’t count Chicago out, even though Derrick (Rose) is injured, they are still a tough competitive team. I feel the East is wide open and a seven-game series anybody can win and that is how I feel now. HoopsHype

February 28, 2015 Updates

The off-court camaraderie didn’t remedy their on-court ailments. A night later, they were dreadful in a loss to a team they dismantled by 35 points last month. The loss was the Wizards’ 11th in 13 games and 13th in their past 17 and could leave them in sixth place in the Eastern Conference depending on the Milwaukee Bucks’ fate against the Los Angeles Lakers late Friday night. “I wouldn’t say rock bottom. It’s a tough stretch,” all-star guard John Wall said. “We’re still above .500, but the main thing is we got to get back to playing the right way. Until we do that, we’re going to keep losing games. The way we’ve been playing, you can lose to anybody in this league.” Washington Post

February 18, 2015 Updates

John Wall rubs his scraggly beard and hops on the pool table in the players' lounge of the Verizon Center, his languid, 6-foot-4, frame unfolding as he leans back. "Shoot," he says. All right. Where would you be if the NBA never worked out for you -- the money, the fame, the whole package? "I'd probably be in the streets or in jail," he responds, emotionless. The 24-year-old All-Star point guard sits upright and thinks on it some more. "A lot of people in the league will say that. But this really was my escape," he explains. "Without basketball, that's where I was going. No sense lyin' about it or comin' up with somethin' that sounds good. I was going down the same road as my dad." ESPN.com

February 17, 2015 Updates

Wall was then asked if the negativity then creates distrust between player and reporter. “No, because some players don’t trust other players either,” said Wall, who scored 19 points in Sunday’s all-star game. “It’s all about you. You can build a friendship with them but still know it’s a business they have to do. So if they ever write a bad story, you can’t ever get mad at those guys because they’re doing their job.” Washington Post

February 14, 2015 Updates

Most NBA players when asked what they’d like to accomplish in an All-Star Game, give some typical stock response like, “I just want to go out there and have fun” or “I just hope we can give the fans a good show.” But not Washington Wizards guard John Wall. No, he has bigger plans for Sunday’s All-Star Game in New York: “I would love to break Magic [Johnson]’s all-time assist record,” Wall said with a grin. Basketball Insiders

John Wall's All-Star trip is officially busier. The Washington Wizards' point guard is set to take on Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry in some sort of shooting competition on Valentine's Day. Wall and Curry were selected as starters for the East and West respectively in the 2015 All-Star game on Feb. 15. CSNWashington.com

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