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March 13, 2014 Updates
March 11, 2014 Updates

Within a team meeting pushing hours, John Wall sat and listened to veterans lash out and grumble about misplaced shooting tendencies of younger players. Nene had pressed the issues of selfish play days earlier and Trevor Ariza and Al Harrington hatched a team sitdown nine games into the season, a cleansing of beliefs about distributing offensive touches and roles, about minutes and schemes. Everyone spoke, everyone provided opinions on why another season had started like so many others for the Washington Wizards: unorganized and mismanaged. Final say? The exchanges stopped upon John Wall’s words. RealGM

Essentially, teammates gave Wall the room, centered him in a classroom setting and asked: What should our roles be? You’re the heralded franchise star, the organization’s maximum salary designation. How about you tell us? “From that day forward, I knew I was the guy, the leader, and I knew that they trusted me,” Wall told RealGM. “I let everybody know what I thought about our state. I think we were passing the ball, but when you’re not playing good for a stretch, frustration sets in. So guys find a way to blame it on somebody else or something else. Nene told me to stand up in front of the whole team and told me, ‘You’re our leader, you’re our franchise guy, so tell us what you think everybody’s roles are.’ “My first few years, I didn’t have really great veteran leaders. It was tough on me trying to learn and trying to stay healthy at the same time to improve my game for the NBA. Trevor won a championship – [Marcin] Gortat, Nene, guys who have been to the playoffs – I’m trying to learn from them and be in their shoes. “These past two years, I’ve had great veterans – guys who see how hard I work and trust my talent. They want to see me progress.” RealGM

“Trevor and Gortat already know how I feel about them,” Wall told RealGM. “I talked to Trevor about when he could have opted out this past season and I wanted him to come back. I know it’s a tough situation for him because you never know when your career is over. You want to get closer to winning championships, but I feel like if we stick together, anything can happen. RealGM

“I signed five years for a reason: Yeah, I want to keep this core going. I want to keep winning and bring some excitement back to D.C.” RealGM

March 8, 2014 Updates

Miyah, who was diagnosed with Stage 3B Burkitt's lymphoma late last year, wants nothing more than to meet Nicki and wear one of her signature pink wigs. But as inspirational as Miyah has been, having endured seven chemo treatments to date and still battling with complications resulting from those grueling sessions, meeting a celebrity like Nicki can be a tall order. That's where Washington Wizards' John Wall comes in. The recent Slam Dunk champion has taken up Miyah's campaign with one of his own driven by social media with the hashtags #HelpMiyahMeetNicki and #PinkWigForMiyah. Additionally, the All-Star point guard took to Instagram to post an adorable video he filmed with Miyah to help get Nicki's attention. MTV

March 3, 2014 Updates

So I’m not passing judgment, in any way, on Kevin Seraphin for his performance playing $25,000 Pyramid with John Wall at a recent Wizards game. I just found it to be an amazing romp through the various stages of human life and desserts you’d eat with a spoon. Like, has any NBA team ever had players discussing Creme Brulee on its big screen before? I would guess not. Seraphin helped Wall get four of the clues: “Marker,” “Country,” “Credit” and “Number.” Two that stumped them: “Spoon” and “Adult.” Here’s how those went. (“Sashia” is “Sashia Jones,” the team’s terrific senior director of community relations.) Washington Post

February 28, 2014 Updates

When asked afterward if it was the best win of his career, Wall said, “Probably so.” “Feeling is great. We won the game. We’ve proven that we can beat this team,” Gortat said. “It was a tough game, but in the end we was successful and that’s the most important thing. We really build the chemistry. We really build the team spirit with this win. It gave us a lot of energy for the next games.” Washington Post

February 18, 2014 Updates

Wall also gained respect from his peers. According to Hoopshype, Wall has the fifth-highest number of Twitter followers among NBA players with 154. Behind players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant, Wall is doing his part building his brand. And other players around the league are beginning to take notice of Wall’s growth on the court, specifically opposing point guards. Celtics guard Jerrod Bayless, a journeyman in his six-year career, has seen first-hand just how much Wall has improved. Washington Times

NBA legend and Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar mistakenly congratulated John Wall on All-Star Game MVP. But Kyrie Irving was named MVP of the All-Star Game while John Wall won the Slam Dunk Contest Saturday. Congrats #JohnWall on your All Star MVP - it's gonna be a great year!" Sportando

A few hows before he hurdled G-Man for his unforgettable reverse dunk to claim the dunk contest, Wall made a peculiar bet with Bradley Beal about last Saturday’s college basketball game between his 18th-ranked Wildcats and Beal’s second-ranked Florida Gators. Wall declared that the loser would have to wear a footed pajama onesie of the opposing school to practice. “He know what’s up with me. He might not want to want to see me,” Wall said on Saturday morning. “You know how that is, you’ve got a big rivalry going on. He got to wear that Kentucky onesie if we win. I have to wear that Florida onesie if they win. He don’t know that yet. That’s what I made. I’m the big brother so I make the rules.” Washington Post

February 17, 2014 Updates

Still, the weekend represented a turnaround for Wall. He won the slam-dunk contest on Saturday in emphatic fashion which should help his popularity. Just being here for the first time as an All-Star means something. Wall readily admits that he has come a long way not only in terms of his skills but attitude. It was poor. He'd argue with coaches -- Kentucky's John Calipari said as much in a conversation we had last week when he came to Verizon Center to watch his former star -- and even in his fourth pro season Wall has had to work on his abrasiveness in addressing certain teammates. That has been a problem since a young age. "I was always good when I was little. I just never passed. I was only 5-8. I was a little guy. ... I just never really passed and had a terrible attitude," said Wall, now 6-4. "I had the worst attitude you probably could have as a basketball player. I think when I finally turned that switch off, learning how to respect my coaches and stuff like that I finally grew. It helped me out a lot." CSNWashington.com

February 16, 2014 Updates

After a series of much-hyped rule changes, the 2014 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest was a major disappointment. A disjointed new format and a series of blown dunks took away the excitement that came with the added star power this year. But Washington Wizards point guard John Wall salvaged something rare out of the night: a dunk that had never been performed in the contest’s history. The 6-foot-4 Wall jumped over the Wizards’ mascot, G-Wiz, brought the ball down to his ankles and finished a reverse jam. For The Win

Levelle Moton didn’t see a potential NBA player, let alone a future all-star when he first crossed paths with a short, skinny 11-year-old at the basketball camp he ran in Raleigh. Moton let Wall attend for free — until he became too much of a headache. If Wall got an unfavorable call, he’d toss the ball across the court or disrupt the instructional portion of camp to leave and shoot on his own. After Wall’s behavior got worse and a sit-down conversation went nowhere, Moton kicked him out. Wall admits that he was a “bad kid” but understands the reason for his outbursts back then. “It was kind of around the time that I was still trying to adjust to losing my dad,” he said. “It made me become a man faster than I wanted to. Seeing how my mom had to raise us, and working so many jobs.” Washington Post

Pulley developed a brain aneurysm during Wall’s senior year of high school, which nearly forced him to stay close to home during college. She got better and he attended Kentucky, where Coach John Calipari helped Wall become the No. 1 overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft. “Every game he comes in, he’s not just out there playing, he’s got a little chip on his shoulder,” Calipari said. “His background. What he’s been through. How some of his anger or rage was based on that, but no one really got deep enough to know. So now, he rebelled a little bit and it created this, ‘Okay, you’re not with me?’ But he’s a great kid.” Washington Post

February 15, 2014 Updates
February 14, 2014 Updates

John Wall talked with NBA TV Thursday afternoon about his pending debut in the league’s dunk contest. And while he refused to give much of anything away, he did say this: “There will be extra bodies involved.” Washington Post

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