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Jonas Jerebko: havent been using twitter alot during my stay in Sweden. But going back to the states soon so ill get better at it #NBA Twitter

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Free agent forward Jonas Jerebko has had some discussions with Biella of Italy, but he will not return to his former team at this point, Marco Atripaldi, the club’s general manager, told HoopsHype. “We talked with him, but he’s a little concerned about an injury and has decided to stay in the U.S. for now,” Atripaldi said. HoopsHype

Jerebko, who averaged 9.3 ppg and 6.0 rpg in a promising rookie year with the Pistons, missed all of the 2011-12 season due to an Achilles tendon injury. “The team has been built without him, but we would have a spot for him if he decides to come because it’s Jonas,” Atripaldi said. HoopsHype

August 11, 2011 Updates

There's a team that would open the doors to the forward. It was at Biella where he played with only 20 years and where he played two seasons before jumping to the NBA and that club will probably be the one that ends signing Jerebko. Cajasol would have wanted him, even with the risk of another Achilles tendon injury, but they said no to the opt-out clause to escape to the NBA, something which Biella has no problem with. Diario de Sevilla

July 7, 2011 Updates

Former Piston DaJuan Summers, made an unrestricted free agent when the Pistons declined to extend a qualifying offer last week, decided to sign a two-year deal over the weekend with an Italian club. Is that a possibility for promising Pistons forward Jonas Jerebko? Doug Neustadt, who represents Jerebko, said this week that an overseas assignment was not being considered. "Jonas views himself as an NBA player," Neustadt said. "We are not looking to go over there. "If something comes up we will look at it, but we are not actively looking. We are not going over there just to go over." Detroit Free Press

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Pistons forward Jonas Jerebko was at Campus Martius Park scooping ice cream for charity, and he was quite gracious as the line went pretty smoothly. But it wasn't all about folks wanting a creamy treat -- they had questions about basketball. The main question surrounding Jerebko is his status after he suffered a torn right Achilles tendon in the opening exhibition game in October at Miami. Jerebko declared himself "100%." But when asked if he is ready for a pickup game, Jerebko smiled and said: "No. That would be very not smart. I'll just put it that way." Detroit Free Press

May 3, 2011 Updates

While Jerebko's focus is on getting back on the court, his recovery also was important to him financially. As a second-round pick in 2009, Jerebko's two-year contract is up, and he's a restricted free agent, meaning the Pistons can match any offer sheet from another team. With a lockout looming, Jerebko's paying close attention to everything going on in the NFL and checking with his agent, Doug Neustadt. "My first option is to see what's out there," said Jerebko, 24, who made $762,195 this season. "My agent will talk to (Pistons president) Joe (Dumars), and hopefully they figure something out." And, he hopes it will all be figured out in time for next season. Detroit News

April 29, 2011 Updates

There is great news on the Jerebko front. The torn right Achilles tendon that forced him to miss the entire season is healed and all that’s left for Jerebko to complete rehab is to gain strength in his legs, according to Pistons strength and conditioning coach Arnie Kander. Jerebko said toward the end of the season that he could play. While Kander didn’t go that far when reached on the phone today, Kander said Jerebko attacked his rehab with vigor and if the team were more competitive he might have made a return before the end of the season. Detroit Free Press

April 12, 2011 Updates

But the injury, the potential for an NBA work stoppage with the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement on July 1 and the likelihood that Jerebko will be without a contract when the Swedish national team takes the court in August makes it doubtful he’ll be representing his national team this summer. “I don’t think he’ll end up playing with the national team,” Chris said. “The national team naturally wants him to play because he’s the main draw. But because of the injury, we’re going to take each day as it comes and each month as it comes. But the contract situation, and with everything going on around the team and with the league, I don’t think he’ll end up playing.” As for his NBA future? “The (Pistons have) taken really good care of him and he’s got a lot of contacts now,” Chris said. “He’s put some roots down and he likes Detroit a lot. He knows Detroit and I think the fans appreciate him and what he brings. It’s a preference for him. He’s looking forward to playing again and if it’s Detroit, it’s going to be a great situation for him.” NBA.com

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A year ago, Jerebko, a native Swede, was the rage at the Palace; the Pistons even passed out plastic Vikings helmets to fans. Asked a few days ago what he looks forward to most, Jerebko glanced up from his salad: "Lay-ups," he said. Jerebko is determined to return before season's end; that's the Pistons' goal, too. He has convinced himself that what he has gone through will make him a better player: "This has made me stronger mentally. All those nights not being able to do anything tests you." Detroit Free Press

As the Pistons were off playing their exhibition games last fall, Jerebko -- a second-year forward from Sweden -- was coping with the fact that it would be months until he could think about playing again. He went 10 days without taking a shower. His cousin, Paul, and friend, Chris, stayed with him to keep his spirits up. For two weeks they played "Halo," the video game, as Jerebko lay on the couch with his right leg in a cast, budging only when necessary. "The worst? It was right after surgery because my family was home (in Sweden) and I'm in the hospital," Jerebko said. "I had to stay overnight and I remember, it was like, 11 p.m. -- 5 in the morning back home -- so I couldn't call. Detroit Free Press

"So I called Arnie (Kander) and told him, 'I'm leaving here now. I can't stay overnight. I'm going home.' I was on pills and stuff and he calmed me down, got me to stay. But I was close to leaving." Jerebko said he turned to Kander, the Pistons' strength and conditioning coach, because he understood his distress. "It was the worst time for me," Jerebko recalled. Detroit Free Press

December 4, 2010 Updates

So that’s the next step in his rehab, which so far has really consisted of some upper-body work to keep his strength and muscle tone up. Once Jerebko builds up some strength simply through the weight-bearing function of walking, progress should come rapidly and give Kander a better handle on how far out a return might be. Initial estimates were five to six months, which would peg his return at somewhere between March and April. But the hope all along was that it could come sooner, perhaps by the All-Star break. “That’s all Arnie,” Jerebko said. “I just do whatever he says and do rehab every day.” NBA.com

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