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The drunk-driving case against a member of the Toronto Raptors has been dropped. On Tuesday, the Crown advised the court that there was "not a reasonable prospect of conviction" in pursing charges against Jonas Valanciunas. The 22-year-old NBA centre from Lithuania was charged by Huronia West OPP in early April after police alleged Valanciunas drove a vehicle through a drive-thru restaurant in Wasaga Beach with open beer bottles in plain view. Toronto Sun

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Jonas Valanciunas will work out with Hakeem Olajuwon this summer. Olajuwon has worked out with many of the game's big men, most notably Amar'e Stoudemire and Dwight Howard. Olajuwon is also credited with improving the mid-post game of Kobe Bryant. RealGM

When the lights shone brightest, the 21-year-old sophomore struggled, making just one basket in his 27 minutes and letting the smaller Nets do far too much damage on the boards. Valanciunas admitted that nerves got to him, that he barely slept on Saturday night, too concerned with what was to come. “I have to learn how to deal with pressure, how to be able to help a team,” said Valanciunas candidly. “I’ve got to do better job of controlling my head. So, that’s the next step, next year. I’m going to play better next time.” Toronto Sun

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Jonas Valanciunas was standing in the Toronto Raptors’ locker room after Sunday’s game, talking to reporters, when a voice was heard from behind a wall of microphones and cameras. “Shout me out, J. V.,” Kyle Lowry said. “He’s a warrior,” Valanciunas said to the group, recognizing Lowry only by sound until he finally popped into view. New York Times

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I will say this, though: I’ve seen him out for dinner a handful of times over the course of the season, the most recently being at an upscale joint in Cleveland the last time we were there and I don’t recall ever seeing him with a beer or even a glass of wine in front of him. Look, it is what it is, as they say: A young kid, for whatever reason, made a stupid mistake and will pay for him, just like lots of young kids and old men do. It is a bad thing he did, no question about it. Toronto Star

It was a serious mistake by a young kid who’s otherwise comported himself well in the couple of years we’ve known him. And I’m not sure he should be treated any differently than anyone in the same circumstances. I do think in many ways athletes need to handle themselves in a higher manner than regular folks but when they slip – and they invariably do – I think they should be handled in exactly the same way as you or I. Toronto Star

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